Original wedding bouquets - advice on choosing, unusual patterns, materials and forms, photos

Bouquet for the bride is one of the most importantitems including wedding paraphernalia, so each girl marries tends to excel even in this matter. Modern floristic studio creates original wedding bouquets so that their unusual shape will delight even the most demanding bride. All that is needed - is to choose for themselves the best option composition.

How to choose a wedding bouquet for the bride

A thorough approach to color selection process forbride, it is important to take into consideration a lot of things. For example, think about what they should be in size, shape. It happens that the bride wants to replace live flowers chocolates. Sometimes use unusual materials to create bouquets: beads, cones, buttons, balloons. It all depends on the personal preferences of the bride, her imagination and taste.

The original form of wedding bouquets

Now the choice of wedding songs for the brideis huge, it is possible to realize any, even the most daring ideas. Often, however, the process of selection of the compulsory wedding accessory is not easy. To facilitate this procedure, check with all possible options, what would be your unique wedding bouquet. Consider the traditional exquisite compositions and extraordinary, memorable, and his form filling floral bouquets.


It is a beautiful compact bouquet flower trimform, which is made using the petals in different colors and resembles a blossoming bud, such as roses. Its name owes glameliya origin. When I first came up with this unusual flower bouquet, florists his collected exclusively from the petals of gladioli and camellias. Parts of their names and formed the basis for the word "glameliya".

Wedding bouquet for the bride glameliya

balloon Bouquet

If you like the correct form, bouquet-ballIt is the perfect embodiment of your desires. This form - a symbol of wealth, harmony and perfection. The song will not only decorate your image, but also serve as a wedding talisman to protect against the evil eye and the words. Basket-ball is made using a small circular base on which colors are assigned short legs.

Bouquet in the form of a ball for wedding

Bouquet clutch

In the cold winter indispensable accessory forthe bride will be lovely floral clutch. At its creation used this technique, the flowers form in the void, which the bride can be used as a muff. But the form of the composition is not very comfortable for the hands. To the bride did not feel discomfort, the hem of her dress sewn loop on which is mounted the accessory.

Original floral sleeve for the bride

In a fan

If you - the person creative, you'll likebouquet in the form of a fan. This wonderful thing gracefully complement your gentle way and give a special aristocratic style. Secret accessory such that the flowers are fixed by means of a fan-shaped frame and the wire. Then the buds are decorated with various ornaments: lace, feathers, butterflies.

Wedding accessories in the form of a fan

Edible bouquet

For brides who are not indifferent to sweets,candy bouquet will be a real temptation. In this case, instead of real flowers used pastries, which are mounted in the green branches with leaves, simulating buds. Such a composition throughout the evening did not lose its "fresh" look and perfect shape. But do not use it in a very hot day. Chocolates, forming the basis of the composition, can melt in the most "midst" of the holiday.

Sweet edible bouquet for the bride

teardrop bouquet

The girls, who prefer the beauty in everything,like composition, its form resembles a drop. This accessory creates by combining two types of skeletons: the circle and the triangle. They firmly fixed cascading flowers, which are decorated with all kinds of herbs. This accessory is suitable for undersized brides, visually it will make them higher.

Teardrop shape for the wedding flowers bride

Bouquet in the form of icicles

The composition in the form of icicles - beautifulAlternative purse. From the outside it looks very extravagant, brightly. To implement this idea florists use special floristic pillow, which has an elongated shape. The design creates a solid foundation and retains freshness fresh flowers throughout the wedding day.

Bouquet in the form of icicles Suite

Bouquet in the form of heart

More recently become popularwedding bouquets in the form of heart. They are small, and are used to create them very few colors are usually selected exotic plants. In order to give the composition the outlines of the heart, its flowers are attached to the frame in a certain way by which a bunch of heart-shaped form becomes necessary.

The original bouquet for a wedding in the form of heart

Bracelet of flowers

Another floral arrangement for the bride,which will be accepted with delight the invited guests - is a bracelet of flowers. This accessory will be a great alternative to traditional wedding colors and will surprise you with its practicality. All that is needed for its completion - is beautiful flowers with long stems and satin ribbons.

Original flowers for the bride in the form of a bracelet

Bouquet in the form of a wand or scepter

If the future spouse has a high growth,it will suit the refined and aristocratic bouquet in the form of a wand or scepter. This simple composition is formulated using the original colors that have long stems. Decorated with a non-standard accessory bride different ribbons, all kinds of beads, decorative spider veins or thin translucent cloth.

Floral bouquet of the bride in the form of a wand

The original bouquet in the shape of a crescent

The original form of wedding flowers for the bride -composition in the form of a crescent (or hemisphere). To compile its experts use portbuketnitse with floral pillow. However, put the flowers in such a way that when people look at this wedding accessory side, you see the crescent, and when viewed from above it resembles an ordinary circle.

The form of flower arrangement for a bride: a crescent

The original bridal bouquet of unusual materials

Many modern brides want to excelextravagant items at his own wedding, is increasingly giving preference to original ideas. Therefore bouquets popularity with unusual materials among the fair sex is increasing day by day. In the manufacture of such accessories are used various materials: from bright ripe berries, to sea shells, fruit, buttons, cones.

From beads

If you - a lover of weaving with beads, creatingunusual bride's bouquet with the help of this material is a pleasure. The form for this bouquet you can choose from the ball to the droplet composition. It all depends on the amount of time and patience. It is a fashionable thing of its own production, which you can wear with pride in his hands throughout the solemn day.

Original bride flowers made using beads

From brooches or buttons

Another idea is the implementation of hand-Maid with bouquetextraordinary components - a composition, made by means of brooches or buttons. Use floristic portbuketnitse to create a round shape for your wedding attribute. On top of him firmly attach the cloth green that it is visually reminiscent of the leaves. Top nasheyte or glue buttons of different sizes, beautiful brooch with rhinestones. This bouquet absolutely cause a lot of excitement and emotion.

Materials for the bouquet the bride: brooches and buttons

Bouquet of cones

For girls who prefer naturalmaterials, creating a wedding bouquet using cones will find. Such a composition will have a pleasant pine scent encouraging newlyweds among the heady atmosphere of love. Decorate accessory bright red berries (such as rowan or wild rose), lush greenery, and you get the perfect bouquet for a wedding in the style of country music.

The original bunch of cones for the bride

Wedding bouquet of balloons

Brides who prefer a general atmospherepositive, and unique features of the holiday, will appeal to wedding bouquet composed of balls. To implement such an idea you can use as little balls, allowing to create any shape (including flower) and a bunch of large, helium-filled balloons. It all depends on Honeymoon preferences and taste.

Balloons in the bridal bouquet

Photo original wedding bouquets Bride

To implement unconventional ideas in the field ofcreating a wedding bouquet, there are many possibilities. The main thing - a clear idea of ​​the festival format and its subjects. Additionally, you need to harmoniously combine the composition with a wedding dress of the girl and the rest of the floral decorations at the wedding. If you still difficult to determine what kind of bouquet to choose, check the below photo of the original wedding songs.

Original flower arrangements for the bride

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