Setting the first dance

What could be more beautiful lovers whocircling in the dance! Language movement expressive, fine, he will be able to tell a partner about your feelings much more than all the words in the world! Dance Suite adds wedding notes of tenderness and sensuality, turning the wedding into a holiday of love.

We'll tell you about the most popular dances,young who choose to perform at the wedding. Which one is suitable for your couple? Production of the first professional dance choreographer, is included in the list of services that offer wedding salons. What a dance I choose?

Ah, the waltz!

Most other dancing couple choose a waltz. Tenderness, exquisite romanticism lies in this dance! The smooth, coordinated movement partners, bewitch, force to monitor the slightest changes in the figures. Partner is a very delicate lady in dance. A pair of graceful, elegant, easy.

Production of the first dance, of course, will requiresome effort, therefore, should be based on the level of their training. If you have no experience - choose slow waltz. You will be able to master all the moves, because for a slow waltz requires less training. Viennese Waltz can choose partners who cope with more severe stress.

Viennese waltz tempo faster music - dynamic. If you - experienced dancers, the whole room will swim in the waves of youth, beauty and light that will radiate your pair.

Sensual tango.

When setting the first dance you chooseTango, you can test yourself and pass all present the whole range of emotions experienced by a man and a woman. Partners are close to each other, but their relationship is full of passion and drama.

Tango selected couples in which both partners - a dynamic, self-confident people.

Cheerful foxtrot.

Funny fox - it is a nice chargemood. Joyful couple togetherness in this dance symbolizes the happiness of communicating with each other. Perhaps a bit frivolous, flirtatious, but he can "revive" the pompous ceremonial event sparks youth and mischief.

Catching up with the teacher of the first staging of dance,You can by combining different elements to create a dance that is suitable for your pair. Choreographers recommend watching and 2-3 times a week, and only as necessary employment, it depends on your training and abilities.

Create a fairy tale of love! Keep it soft, quivering, exciting, like

Your first wedding dance!

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