The first wedding dance - rumba

The first dance at your wedding party should,without any doubt, generate all invited friends and relatives the most lasting impression. With such a responsible mission selection of wedding dance can become a very serious problem. However, so long to think it is not worth it, because one of the most sexy, passionate and exciting dance, which can safely be included in the program of your wedding celebration is the dance the rumba.

First dance and vivid emotions

Why is the rumba?

Rumba is more than a classic ballroomdance, which at the first melodic chords will take you and your guests on a hot and exciting world of passion and then quickly swallow a young couple in the whirlwind of the most sweet and intoxicating emotions. Among all kinds of rumba dance called the most emotional and sensual body expression. It should also be recalled that the rumba is still a long time called the dance of love. And this characteristic as well as possible, by the way, for the newlyweds first dance, which symbolizes the deep and vivid sense of the newlyweds.

Rumba - a real dance of love

Many readers www.svadebka wedding can confirm that when choosing this type of dance the bride and groom's eyes shine with happiness and pleasure. In addition, it should be noted that the distinctive feature of the dance rumba threads are smooth and graceful movements with a dash of hot and erotic feelings. They demonstrate the assembled audience the power of men and the grace and tenderness of woman dancing with him. Like before them a perfect match, which attracts the eye and admiration!

Preparing for your first wedding dance

Almost all visitors to the wedding assure you that the preparation of the first wedding dance should take a very long time. After all, for the immediate execution of this complex and dynamic dance it requires that newly minted couple were just in excellent physical shape.

All at a wedding party and have to wonderadmire, when the bride and bridegroom had to learn to dance well. Here is what you need a reaction. And so that's the reaction you have to spend more than one day. That is why the statement of wedding dance by a professional choreographer should take a minimum of three and a half months prior to the upcoming wedding event. Otherwise, a positive result, you are unlikely to get anywhere.

Preparation - the most important part of the wedding dance

What else is important?

If the movement and the music rumba touched your chordsoul, and you are fully prepared to merge with your partner in a whirlwind dance of emotions, it is necessary to talk about choosing an appropriate wedding dress. It should again be recalled that the rumba is sexy, fiery and outspoken over the dance composition. It is for this reason that his dance in a long and magnificent dress would be practically impossible. In this case, select a shorter and form-fitting wedding dress in which you will be able to move easily and quickly. And the groom will not be afraid to spoil your wedding dress, accidentally stepped on him.

Short wedding dress is perfect for rumba

If you go to such concessions are simply notwant, then you need to think about what the dress you change clothes for their first wedding dance. I think this situation will suit absolutely everyone. All the more so for such a case, you can even choose the most vivid colors attire.

At the end I would like to add that the rumba isone of the best options for a wedding dance. Therefore, selecting it, you will not regret it and will leave in your memory and your invited guests a lasting impression.

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