Harmony in the decoration of wedding flowers

wedding flowers Decoration help createunique atmosphere in the hall, who had looked ordinary. Bridal bouquet, flowers on the car, on the table in her hair - everywhere. And all this must be combined in harmony. Sometimes, it is very difficult to make the right choice.

Bouquet for the bride

The most common option - drawingbouquet in portbuketnitse. This device is made of plastic, which is very comfortable to hold the handle. Portbuketnitse makes it possible to collect the flowers on the oasis and thus maintain their freshness for a long time. Flowers started by this technique are mainly of two types: round and cascading. General decoration wedding flowers should be done in the same style, and bridal bouquet - is no exception. Just choose a bouquet for the bride variants affect her outfit. There may be provided portbuketnitse decoration ribbons, tulle cuff that supports colors, or use organza, voile - grid, depending on the fabric, which is made of the bride dress or their components. Color, just easy to pick at will, coupled with the overall wedding dress and adorned with flowers.

There is still a very relevant bouquets with stems of flowers open. They are formed by means of greenery, which is located on the edges and supports the flowers. Legs bandaged with ribbons, flowers bonding.

A relatively new technique of manufacture -teypirovannye wedding bouquets. It consists in that the buds are fixed with wire and teip feeds. Here form of bouquets may be limited only by your imagination. Another remarkable feature - at drying teypirovannye bouquets retain their shape and beauty.

Flowers in her hair and dress of the bride

One bright flower or a scattering of small - choicewill depend on the wedding hairstyles. Perhaps the use of small roses, baby's breath, carnations, especially if the same plants used in other wedding decorations flowers.


It is a miniature bouquet composed of flowers anda few sprigs of greenery with small buds. Boutonniere used to decorate lapel jacket groom. Attach it to a magnet or pin. Also it can be used as an element of decorating the bride's dress or the dress of other guests.

Decorations for wedding car

Fully supports the style of the rest of the wedding decoration. In winter, the flowers, it is better to be replaced by artificial. latest Quality Nastola high that they are difficult to distinguish.

Flower arrangements on the tables

Specialist, examined the place of the banquet, will offer you style wedding decoration flowers, architecture suitable premises. Tables will be decorated accordingly.

What a bunch to come to the wedding guests?

If you are invited to the wedding, it should bebe light colored flowers, diluted tender greens. Flowers of different shapes or compositions with a basket of flowers and symbols of the elements of the wedding - it does not matter. But bouquet that you present, should not have to remind the bride's bouquet. Very comfortable one-sided bouquet types of forms, they can be kept, put on a hand. It is an indispensable outlet for the witness which everywhere follows the newlyweds on their wedding day.

For information about the salons, where you can order a service decoration wedding flowers is easy to find on the pages of our wedding portal.

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