Decoration wedding with fresh flowers

In the happy couple is a celebration like a weddingIt happens only once, and I want to make it an incredibly vivid, unforgettable. The important role played by design in the wedding ceremony and celebration. The options are many and everyone chooses what he prefer, limited only by your imagination. However, at any wedding it is what makes it especially beautiful - the flowers.

Wedding decorations with flowers

They may be little, a lot or a great deal,individual flower buds are used in the decoration of the festive bride dress and her hairstyle, and decorations for the wedding ceremony and banquet hall luxurious composition, garlands ... From tiny boutonniere groom and the bride's bouquet to trim as much as fountains and surprisingly beautiful sculptures of flowers. Today especially popular fresh flowers with delivery in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities, although similar firms open and in small towns. Delivery of this should be as rapid. Such fragile decor loses its shape fairly quickly, and decoration of the wedding banquet should look perfect.

Decoration of wedding table flowers

Rule one

It is necessary to choose only the resistant species. If you think this condition is significantly narrows your choices, consider that in the compositions of the most delicate flowers the most effective humidification systems have been used to significantly maim "life cycle" of jewelry. Containers with nutritional compositions Floral Foam as a bouquet basis - is only part of the secret, who can offer you the master of decoration colors.

second Rule

Collaborate only with specialists. A variety of original unusual solutions, always fresh flowers - with these masters work is not just a pleasure but also joy. A further indicator of professionalism is the timely delivery of orders, which successfully addressed only to those who have accumulated many years of practical experience.

Flower arrangement on the wedding table

Rule Three

Be creative, but do not forget about the sense of measures. "Million scarlet roses" - it is beautiful and very romantic, but the scale of the area, but not humble banquet hall. When making a wedding is to try to find an interesting creative solutions, and the number here is not in the foreground. Do not be afraid of bright colors, if it allows the style of your celebration: warm orange gerbera, sunny yellow roses, blue iris ... Pastel colors is a classic, delicate and refined, but because love is the bright feeling, so why not give free rein to their imagination.

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