Wedding treasury with their hands

It took time as congratulations daywedding gifts among the 3 detected kettle or 5 chandeliers. Giving money is becoming a tradition, so many young cook treasury to the wedding with his hands. It is practical and aesthetically pleasing. Understand how to make the original attribute of the house, spending a little time.

How to make the treasury to the wedding with his own hands

Preparations for the wedding - troublesome, excitingevent. With all the hustle and bustle, brides often prefer to think of some little things on their own, such as the treasury for the wedding day. The options depend on the production of crafts:

  • shape;
  • style;
  • technology;
  • materials;
  • sizes.

Wedding money box

Treasury - a modern attribute of the wedding party. In fact, this one-time thing, but after the event it is used under the memorable stuff, so this hack is necessary to make high-quality (of cardboard or old boxes). If long-term storage does not matter, it is possible to take a design cardboard lower density (200-250 g / m2). The shape and size of the treasury for money depends on the ability, imagination and the availability of free time. Such a product might look like:

  • heart;
  • house;
  • chest;
  • box;
  • box;
  • box.

gala - style products. Treasury decorated with ribbons, lace, lace or beads, crystals, the remaining items of beautiful bagatelles patch and stickers. Flowers can be made of paper tapes and independently. The treasury need not be elaborate, over-stressed parts. Wondered the product so that it will fit into the overall style and the concept of the festival. By product design attract friends and relatives. Learn workshops below to create an original attribute for their wedding.

Wedding treasury in the form of heart

Money Box

Family Bank for the wedding to be reliable. To prepare this material are:

  • old packaging from under the glasses or glasses;
  • beautiful wallpaper;
  • ornaments, ribbons, bows.

You will need tools:

  • scissors, stationery knife;
  • Construction scotch tape or glue PVA;
  • thermal adhesive gun;
  • pencil;
  • line.

Box for money for the wedding

The main stages of the manufacture of the wedding coffers:

  1. Box raschertite scheme, rounding sides, cut.
  2. The front of the cut off for the end points of the side edges, do not touch the rear.
  3. Glue the lid on the slices with tape, too much cut off from the top cover.
  4. On the lid, cut a hole along the length of the envelope of money.
  5. Paste over the outer and inner side of the wallpaper. Stitches try to leave on the back and bottom of the trunk.
  6. Pattern the pasted box available at hand ornaments, colored cloth and silk ribbons using a glue gun.

Chest for money

Wedding treasury with their hands can take the form of trunk. To cut out the chest for money, use the tools from the last master-class. By acquiring the materials for decorating:

  • beautiful sheet of cardboard (white, glossy, pearl, colored) size of 70x100 cm;
  • Glue "Moment" (it is easier to glue glossy paper).

Step Master Class:

  1. The selected diagram move first on paper or special paper.
  2. Transfer the pattern to the base sheet (end side) with allowances for bonding. Do not forget about the hole for the money.
  3. Cut and bend on the main lines and glue the product.
  4. Decorate treasury lace, flowers, rhinestones delicate tone.
  5. decor options can spy on the Internet or use your imagination.

Wedding chest

Casket for money for the wedding

Less than a chest or box, the treasury for moneywedding with his hands has the form box. This product differs from the trunk lid and a removable cubic form. Harder made caskets, hearts, round, cylindrical or oval. Here are detailed instructions to manufacture bridal treasury-box:

  1. Prepare the base. Well suited box from under the shoe with a removable lid.
  2. The inside of the box okleyte white paper.
  3. Take the silk fabric. Size must match the bottom and side parts with the allowances for the inside of the bend.
  4. Con ends of the fabric, making the gun characteristic folds, as if obvorachivaya box.
  5. Hide the slices for decorative tape, as well prokleivaya gun.
  6. On the cover of the slot as do the piggy bank, papered the product of self-adhesive paper in tissue tone or contrasting color.
  7. Decorate the resulting wedding box.

Casket for money for the wedding

Box of money to the wedding with his own hands

How do wedding coffers with his hands in the form of a box? Pull model is slightly more complicated, but no less interesting. The main stages of manufacture:

  1. Make a pattern of the desired size on a "matchbox". To do this, lay out boxes and in proportion to the increase in the size of the pattern.
  2. Move items on thick cardboard.
  3. Glue the sides of stationery tape.
  4. Before decorating paste over the box of self-adhesive paper and attach a pretty ribbon as a handle (for the convenience of pulling out).

Box of money on a wedding

Wedding treasury-house

If you do not like the treasury in the form of an ordinary box or boxes, try to make a house for the money for the wedding with their own hands. For the manufacture of the product, use this statement:

  1. Find the right or create a pattern of its own.
  2. Glue all the details. The roof is made folding. With paper cellophane tape, attach it to the body of the house, retreating 2 mm for flexibility.
  3. To the roof is not fully recline, stick to the edge of the tape-limiter.
  4. Cut out the detail of the house of a beautiful paper: windows, doors. In the window you can insert a photo of the intending spouses.
  5. Adorn article cute little things, repeating the exterior of the house, wedding ribbons, beads or fabric pieces.

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