Wedding Scrapbook Album

Wedding Scrapbook Album - a place where you do nottime will look for the portion of the pleasant memories of the happy day. In preparation for the ceremony, each couple is a lot of small things: a piece of fabric from a suit or dress, receipts from shopping, business cards, brochures flower shops, layouts invitations, ribbons and other tinsel. All this you can save in your wedding album, hand-made in the scrapbooking technique. To this thing is nice to come back time and again, to refresh your memory.

Wedding Scrapbook Album in different styles:

With styles in scrapbooking, you canexperiment endlessly. Retro page attracted his touching, a touch of old and colorful. For this scrapbook album for wedding photos, it is desirable to artificially age the. And, for example, the style of the media mix is ​​suitable for bright, young, full of energy honeymooners, because it involves non-trivial and emotional page. To finish the wedding scrapbook album is very suitable style Shabby chic with lots of lace, pearl, pearls, pastel colors, which perfectly supports the romantic mood.


For the wedding album of retro style is characterized byIt looked as if it was made many years ago. Artificially aged photograph surrounded by suitable parts: the old ribbon, lace, paper, Keys, buttons. In addition, they can use old envelopes, letters, stamps, tickets. To make a wedding album retro type zhurnaling on an old typewriter, an inscription fountain pen, ink seasoned.

Retro Scrapbook album for wedding

chic Chebbi

To understand what kind of style, it should besubmit vintage: something much hackneyed, worn, cracked, but very favorite, dear heart. At the same time we should not forget about comfort. Chebbi chic - comfortable, warm, attractive method of scrap. Typical colors for it are muted green, pale pink, pale blue, pale gray, beige, white, pale lilac.

Chebbi chic very easy to recreate, as heIt enables you to mix colors, things, patterns, textures. The style is based on the search for combinations of favorite things to make them work together harmoniously. Honeymoon scrapbook album paper, page elements were aged to give them a vintage look. This style is appropriate for black-and-white photos of the aged, sepia. Scrap paper can be with vintage ornaments in a delicate strip with floral patterns. These colors should be combined together.

Shabby chic is typical for active usetissue. Excellent fit in the idea of ​​stitching machine, which can be decorated or cover page wedding album. One should add lace, ribbons. Since Shabby chic is unthinkable without the touch of romance, it is often used by birds, butterflies, angels. Scrap album should have a variety of accessories and parts: suitable pendants, glass beads.

Shabby Chic Wedding Album

Mixed media

Mixed media - is an art scrapimplying a mixture of a variety of techniques and materials. Pages of this wedding album cause a smile, shocked. The colors used contrast, bright, can be blots and stains. To recreate the style of the scrap used stamps, transfer pictures, photos discoloration, sticking vintage images and more. Mixed media allows all but the most important thing - not to overload the landscape page style abundant.

Scrap wedding album to mix media style


Vintage - artificial recreation of the atmosphereof the past. It lozhnostarinnom albums in a style that gives things to portray a particular era. The colors used in black-and-white, opaque, dark. The more yellow, aged, worn, the better, but the sense of proportion has not been canceled. At the time of the wedding scrapbook albums using ancient letters, postcards, photographs, items of vintage clothing, jewelery, watches, key, locks.

Good fit into the concept of vintage ribbons,bows, lace, tickets, stamps. Important part of rebuilding the scrap style considered scuffs, scratches, imitation burnt, ragged edges, rust. Suitable floral motifs and flowers, newspaper clippings, newspapers, which reflect the transmitted era. When working with this scrapbook style used in black and white, neutral colors.

Vintage scrapbook album Suite

American style

American style is considered one of the main inscrap. This is a classic because it is very common, simple to perform. There are many decorations can be used to create a wedding album - brads, buttons, flowers, pendants, pins, stickers, ribbons. The pages are allowed to post a few photos, or put emphasis on only one. Headers, small notes, stories will help you relive all the details that are captured in a photograph.

In scrapbooking American style useddetails of which are filled with emotions and memories, such as the brand, programs, labels, tickets. The main thing - to learn to feel the line materials and photos. Since this style of free, unlimited, you can add decorations, but remember that the most important part of this album - wedding pictures.

American style allows the use ofzhurnaling: tell us about the events depicted in the photo, specify the date, time, name the image of heroes. Decorating page wedding album may ribbons, buttons, flowers, pottery, unusual patches of fabric, seashells, knitted items, cardboard figures. You can for a wedding scrapbook albums use shtamping paint.

Wedding album American style

European style

For the European scrap style characteristicrestraint and rigor, lightness. When registering pages wedding album using a lot of pictures of different forms, such as squares, diamonds, circles. It uses a minimum of decoration, but in the course are markers curly scissors, stamps, crayons, punchers. This gives the place the photo the same method, but in different combinations. The pictures are arranged in a certain pattern on the page. The background should be white or colored, but monotonous.

Scrap album in European style for a wedding

How to make an album in scrapbooking techniques

The first is to select the photos for thewedding scrapbook album. Remember that all images should not try to post, choose only the best, successful photographs. Put aside those obtained with the cut faces, bad camera angle, the same postures. Digital photos can first be processed and fit under the overall style of your wedding scrapbook album: cut too much, change the size, make accents, blur the background, add saturation, brightness, discolor, wear out, etc. Pretreatment gives take pictures suitable for the album.

Is not limited to portraits, becauselandscape pictures can describe the weather on your wedding day, photo space - location of the event, pictures of parts - certain emotions. This approach will help you in the future clearly remember the celebration. Do not use a static photo, add emotion, action, movement. So your wedding album will be more alive, interesnee.Esli not know how to post a photo, use ready-made templates in master classes on scrapbooking.

The next step is to determine thelocation shots. Particular attention should be given to the first page, because it sets the theme, the tone of the wedding album. The pictures on the same page should be linked, for example, they can display one event from different angles, a sequence of actions, one moment, or be made in one color. Select the main photo, make her accent by highlighting colors or by increasing the size, add it to others who are associated with it.

Example of pages wedding album scrapbook style

do not forget to leave room on the page forcomments, notes. Arrange the pictures by page in chronological order, or by highlighting the detail, the moment the participants. For example, a wedding album may begin with honeymooners cathedrals and end with a banquet, or each page will be devoted to a particular hero: parents, bride, groom, guests, witnesses.

Next is to consider commemorative notes, headings: this greatly enliven your wedding album, so be sure to use them. You may limit short signatures with the place, date, convey emotion, to write a story with detailed items, which we would like to remember to share with others. Memorable notes can be applied in different ways: using archival pens, markers, stencils, stamps, ready-made letters, clippings, magazines and books, embroidery, machine stitching, appliqué.

The important value has the correctcomposition. Ideally, there are small, large, medium items on the page. Together they create a harmonious picture, which is pleasant to look at. Place the first images on the page, the different elements that try to move them until the result does not satisfy you. Use horizontal, vertical layout, an angle around the circle, and spiral etc., to add motion. The main colors of the composition must be repeated in the decorative elements.

Scrap is known for a wide range of details that create a mood. Such elements will tell more than words. In the wedding album, you can use these details:

Swallow - positive change, success, hope;
butterflies couple - marital happiness;
Rose - earthly passion, heavenly perfection, the mystery of life, the beauty, the grace, sensuality, passion;
pearls - the symbol of innocence, purity, and the inclination to solitude;
a pair of doves - a symbol of eternal love and fidelity;
heart - spiritual wisdom, judgment of reason, love, understanding, charity.

Ideas for Your Wedding Album

For the production of the album is to stock up on scrapmany instruments, materials. First, think about it, how it should look. Make a sketch, sketch, design every detail. Each page should be a story, convey the mood, emotions, feelings newlyweds. Ideas can visit you in the creative process. Use a memorable favors that are left of the marriage.

cover Decoration

Cover - face scrapbook album, which createsfirst impression, so it's worth it to work this well over. For the base can be used several layers of fabric, thick paper. Standard cover issued photo Suite, frame signatures. It is interesting to look like paper or fabric flowers, ribbons, tape wicker heart.

Example decorations cover the wedding scrapbook album

Thematic page layout

For the themed pages areused all sorts of little things that symbolize love, unity, for example, Cupid, the key to the heart, a pair of birds. Also, interesting is the use of parts left over from the wedding day - a veil, wreath, matters of wedding dresses newlyweds, pressed bouquet bud, rings, etc.

Making scrapbook pages wedding album

Sekretiki between pages

Between some pages wedding album youYou can place nice cute little things that remind us of the happiest moments of the wedding ceremony. For example, it can be lace, ribbons or other accessories of the bride image fragment pad for wedding rings, a few dried buds of the bridal bouquet.

Sekretiki between the pages of a wedding scrapbook album

Video: wedding album in the style of scrapbooking

Scrapbooking - beautiful view of the manual work thatIt is to design greeting cards, albums. Making wedding albums in this style carries many of Photographers from around the world. This technique involves the use of pictures, clippings, photographs and other details that are reminiscent of the pictures displayed on the bottom. In the video below demonstrates visually nice scrapbook album dedicated wedding day, decorated with many interesting elements that symbolize romance, love.

Photo wedding albums in scrapbooking techniques

Wedding album may be the mostdiverse, but the main thing - that every piece is unique and unrepeatable. In one bottle connected postcards, photographs, commemorative recording, lovely heart trifles. The most common gizmos allow you to create a completely unique masterpiece that draws on a short journey on the memory page. See a selection of photos from interesting albums and choose the idea that would become the foundation of your.

Scrapbook Ideas album, dedicated to the wedding