Wedding posters with their own hands

There are many options for holiday decorationsthe room where the couple will spend time with the guests: it balloons, all kinds of garlands, fresh flowers, ribbons, fabrics. One of the room decor elements - colorful, original posters. They may be congratulatory, fun, playful. Make Wedding posters with their own hands is simple - it will bring a lot of fun during manufacture, will be a wonderful decoration of the hall for the celebration.

Wedding posters, painted with his own hands

In this type of decoration spaces are fewsignificant advantages: a poster can hide flaws walls - cracks, dents, will create additional festive mood will attract the attention of visitors. From this poster you can make a collage with pictures of the bride and groom from the funny inscriptions painted bright paint or printed, various designs, reflecting the future family life wallpapers. Creative imagination, coming up with interesting content posters.

Photo: Ideas for wedding posters

With the names of newlyweds

Concise text poster, which will be writtenOnly the names of the spouses becomes an excellent option decorating the hall for the celebration. Take a rectangular piece of paper, a pencil, draw a thin line outline of the letters, flowers, hearts, rings - all that you want to portray. After - paint the work in gouache or watercolor. If you are not confident in their artistic abilities, use stencils, which are easily found online.

On redemption of the bride

Wedding posters to buy their own hands createadditional atmosphere. There may be depicted girlfriend, demanding money from the groom, as well as a variety of fun tasks written for the groom during a foreclosure, poems, jokes that are appropriate to the occasion. What could be themed posters for ransom, look at the photo below.

Photo: Poster for the bride price

For the wedding photo shoot

You can make posters for weddingphoto shoot with his own hands. They should reflect the event, and the main thing - to decorate pictures. Make a garland, which will hang in the background, or unusual details of thick paper - arrows, signs: they will keep the couple. To the photos looked good, go to the original, because this wedding props engraved camera forever.

Props for photo shoot

To wish young

Posters for the wishes - a classical decoration. You can simply write all kinds of greetings happiness and love - they will not only please the eye, but also help visitors who do not speak toast master, quickly navigate by looking at the poster. There is another option: to hang a blank sheet of paper, next to a nail to hang by a thread marker - let guests themselves will draw his congratulations, and the couple will be picked up the poster as a souvenir after the holiday.

Layout for the wishes

On their wedding anniversary

Wedding anniversary posters on their handsThey may be made in the form of a collage of photos of a married couple joint. It will be a wonderful surprise, prepared by the family, friends, and can also be an independent work of the spouses: the poster certainly pull together a couple more.

Funny, humorous options with photo

Wedding posters need to make fun,fun using classical undying jokes about mother in law, mother-in-law, the severity of lawful marriage, the future brood - this topic is sure to amuse guests, dilute the solemn mood of a healthy share of humor. Colored funny posters will decorate the room of the restaurant ensure a pleasant relaxed holiday atmosphere.

Cool options for printing

Funny wedding phrases, captions, slogans

Funny sayings and inscriptions can bewonderful decoration of the banquet hall. You can come up with something on their own, using their talents and apply good old jokes that will find on the net. Expressions, which will decorate the wedding poster during a gala dinner with the guests:

  • "Beauty to the crown, the mind - to the end!"
  • "Love is blind, but marriage - stunning optometrist"
  • "This is bitter, but we - sweet!"

Beautiful design ideas posters. Where to download the templates?

Classic wedding poster, wishingnewlyweds Council yes love - beautiful decoration idea. Ready-made layouts this simple version decoration you can find niche sites. For example, on However, Tilly-dough. com, Kemerovo
Below you can see examples of the finished posters and download them.

Template "Council and love"

Template "Our Wedding"

Template "Happy Wedding"

It is also necessary to follow the concept of marriage,if it is. In celebration of the sea will be interesting to look at the posters showing the ships, the sea, the couple, who are at the helm and go together on a long voyage. If it is a wedding in the eastern style - draw cherry blossoms, rose petals and a couple that is beneath them.

Original ideas shown in the video below will help you create a beautiful wedding poster with your own hands:

How to make a bright, catchy poster

Give the couple a poster thatreflect their future life: Draw a child, a beautiful house, a car, suitcase, symbolizing the journey. This is a clear decision touches a husband and wife, they are likely to retain it. Do wedding poster from the heart, then he will always be remembered heroes of the occasion.

Poster created wedding, willpleasant highlight of the holiday. You can use ready-made ideas for decorations or to come up with their own, the main thing - refer to your taste.

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