Tree of wishes with their hands on the wedding

The process of preparing for the wedding accompanied bysearch for memorable gifts for newlyweds. So, how to choose the bride and groom a surprise depends on your imagination. It is advisable to make souvenirs with their own hands, because such surprise nice to receive. Wood is considered the best wishes for the wedding gift. It serves to ensure that all guests were able to leave your wishes perpetrators wedding. Tree of wishes with their hands on the wedding is easy. How to do this souvenir yourself?

How to make the wedding wish tree with his hands?

To create a souvenir for yourselfnewlyweds to the wedding, you need to stock up on improvised materials and to include fantasy. Think about all the details of your crafts, consider a number of possible options for souvenirs and only then proceed to create it. There are several types of products: paper, wire, created with the help of live branches. Consider ways to create each species, as well as the necessary materials.

Cards for souvenir

Wood, paper wishes

Memorabilia - the best option forwedding. It easily fit on a banquet table, where all the guests can leave their wishes to the newlyweds. Moreover, to make this priceless gift, do not need to exert much effort.

What materials are needed

To make paper crafts, you mustbuy high-quality paper and frame, which will be inserted into the template. frame size depends on the sheet size. It should say that now commercially available ready-made paper patterns of wood. Also in the future we will need bright plug pillows, a pen and a napkin.

Paper gift option

Stages of Development

Follow the step by step instructions that will help to make wonderful paper product:

  1. Draw the trunk and branches. The plant symbolizes Suite, which create a young family. Sketches, it is desirable to perform a black pencil or felt-tip pen. In addition, it allows you to buy or print out your favorite plant patterns.
  2. Insert the template into the frame. The finished crafts should decorate with beads, artificial flowers, ribbons.
  3. In turn the celebrations guests write theirwishes on the branch, and then leave a fingerprint using plug pillows. Do not forget to put a number of tissues, through which guests will be able to wipe your fingers paint residues from the plug pillows.

If you experience problems while creating a paper tree, watching a video workshop, which is available is described step by step instructions creating a wish tree with his own hands:

To this solemn moment stayed in the memoryHoneymoon of a lifetime, take a photo or video in the process of leaving the guests wishes. View wedding photos and videos - it's a great way to refresh impressions.

Templates tree made of paper

Template - is the foundation of crafts. As mentioned above, the templates are allowed to draw their own, or print ready. If you draw bad, or you do not have time to manually create a template, use these operating patterns. Thanks to them you will be able to create beautiful crafts newlyweds. Decorate colorless templates to issue them with stylish décor, and you have an unusual artifact!

A template to create requests using fingerprints

Guests leave their wishes with prints

Tree from the wire?

This tree is the same as simple as paper. To create it you need a minimum of materials that exist in every home. In addition, the product creation process does not take much time.

Articles made of wire

Necessary materials

To make such a tree, you will need a smallglass or vase, which subsequently put the tree structure. The composition is created by the beam line and a thin gold wire pieces. Also buy a corrugated cardboard, double sided tape, artificial glass flowers / birds for decoration. Additional materials are scissors, rice, stapler, colored paper. These materials will help you to translate ideas into action.

Harvesting of the wire for a souvenir with the wishes

Stages of Development

Step by step guide will help you make crafts with the help of the wire to the wedding on their own:

  1. Fill the vase or glass of rice. Wrap the container with a piece of rectangular corrugated board, secure it with tape or a stapler.
  2. Next, create the leaves, which are present at the wedding would write their dreams come true. Cut the cardboard and paper hearts, the amount of which shall be equal to the number of guests at the wedding.
  3. Secure the cardboard and paper hearts betweenusing an adhesive. In the upper part of the heart, do a small hole where you want to pass a piece of wire. Through her heart will be fixed in the tree structure.
  4. In the long pieces of wire Push decorative ornaments, whether birds or flowers. Attach the wire should be by means of adhesive tape or glue.
  5. The vase insert a beam of golden fishing line, whichIt will serve as a basis for decoration and composition. Next, insert the wire with decorations at the end. Hearts wishes to need to hang on the line or wire.

As we can see, the tree of the wishes of the wire with his hands on the wedding is done easily, you need to acquire the necessary materials and a lot of patience.

Tree branches from living

The original and special souvenirs, created withhelp the living branches complement the solemn wedding ceremony, surprise guests. Fashion on a tree came to us recently. More and more newlyweds prefer to decorate their wedding this forgery, which is made from natural materials. Its creation will need the materials at hand, you will get in any stationery store. Let us consider what to buy for the wishes of the tree.

Live branches for crafts

Necessary materials

The main item that you will need -a few live branches. Their length should be about 1 m. Clean them from the build-up of solid crust, if any. To paint the branches buy an ordinary spray paint gold or silver color. Also need a vase, decorative pebbles, solid colored sheets of paper, ribbons, punch.

Stages of Development

Consider how to make the wishes of the branches of a tree with their hands on the wedding. Follow the detailed step by step instructions:

Option souvenir of the live branches
  1. Paint peeled branches spray, leave them to dry;
  2. Fill the vase with decorative pebbles. Insert it dried up branches. Make sure that they are consistently stood in a vase.
  3. Cut out paper hearts or cards, where guests write wishes for the newlyweds.
  4. Using the hole punch, do the holes in the leaves. Thread the pieces of ribbons and tie them.
  5. Hang the leaves to wish.
  6. Next to the tree is desirable to make the wishes of the corresponding plate. Do not forget to put the vase next to the handle, the guests were able to leave feedback.

Pictures trees

To get a nice fake, reviewPictures ready souvenirs. In addition, the image will become a source of fresh, original ideas, if you are not able to come up with a design on their own wish tree.

Gift Options for the wedding

The way to create a souvenir to the wishes

Souvenir tree leaves happy memoriesabout the wedding. Reviewing cards with the wishes of the guests, the bride and groom will be charged with positive energy for action and put their dreams into reality. You have already created a tree by yourself? Leave a few lines about your experience in the comments to the article!