Ornaments of wedding machines with their own hands

Many couples are beginning to prepare for the weddingin advance, because you need so much time to: apply for, find a place for a celebratory banquet, plan a wedding photo shoot, create a guest list. An important part of preparation for the celebration - order motorcade, which will bring the newlyweds with invited people to their destinations. Traditionally, wedding car decorated with generously to all passers-by know - young people celebrating the wedding. tuple decor can be prepared salon transport rental or make your own.

The decorated wedding car and the young guests?

Decorating wedding car largely depends onits brand, appearance, color model. Vintage cars barely decorated: as a rule, they are only slightly decorated with items that give insight on their membership of a wedding train. It can be natural or artificial flowers placed on the grille, or large rings on the hood. Limousines, as well as other "status" cars models are not recommended to decorate many details - suffice multiple contrasting ribbons, small flower arrangement or figures of the bride and groom.

Exquisite décor car during the wedding

If the wedding procession is made up of ordinarycars, heroes of the occasion can use the flower garlands, balloons, bright ribbons, creating a unique design. Often this motor support the bride and groom made up of friends of cars, parents, friends, so they are all different colors and patterns. To all the cortege looked beautiful and harmonious, the couple must follow a few rules:

  1. Ahead going car as much as possible similar in shades, preferably not very bright (black, white, gray, silver).
  2. Rounding column cars most saturated colors - red, yellow, green, blue.
  3. All machines should be decorated in the same style. Newlyweds will have to choose calm classical décor colors to be combined with all the cars wedding convoy.

But all rules have exceptions. In some cases, the bride and groom can be put at the top wedding escort vehicles of bright colors - it all depends on the wedding style, taste of the future spouses. Well, if the car color and its decoration will blend in with the outfits heroes of the occasion. As a wedding photographer can make some beautiful shots from the outside, while the couple are inside the car. Making a car, you need to make sure that the decor did not look too gaudy - Use a maximum of two or three colors.

The elegant decoration of the wedding car

To look elegant decor, to decoratewedding cars need to choose dark colors are bright, calm tones, and on cars white, milk, sand shades, use bright contrasting details. When ordering tuple agency should specify in advance the question of decoration. The rules of some companies banned wedding decoration accompanying machines with their own hands. On cars, road surface paint is not recommended to glue or attach anything. To avoid an unpleasant situation, all you need to discuss when you contact the agency.

Decor elements in any case should not interfereDriver Review. Lush flower garlands in front of the windshield looks great, but increase the risk of an emergency situation - do not jeopardize their health. You also need to take care of the secure mounting of ornaments that while driving with the hood flew not ring, not disheveled ribbons and balls did not fly away on the road. For self-decoration wedding car decoration use the following elements:

  • satin, plastic, floral tape;
  • fabric (satin, organza, chiffon, silk);
  • fresh flowers or artificial plants (which are often used in the winter);
  • floristic net, balloons;
  • figurines or dolls groom with the bride, rings, figurines, hearts, doves and other birds and animals;
  • paper applications, posters, pompons;
  • rooms with comic graffiti: gang groom, a mafia bride.

Beautiful decor items for the wedding car

If the celebration is themed (newtrend), decoration for the wedding car should be associated with the style of the holiday. For example, if the wedding in a nautical theme - the future spouses can decorate the car shells, starfish. Ideas for the design of the car with their hands under the thematic activities a great many, the main thing - stick to the chosen direction for harmonious appearance.

Wedding decor bonnet with ribbons and butterflies

There are several options for an independent wedding car decoration butterflies and ribbons:

  • In the first case fastened artificial insectusing a special suction cup, which prevent them from slipping while driving. Ribbons should adorn themselves butterflies or fix them on the radiator grille, on the door handles.
  • Your second option envisages the creation of wedding car stretched "web" on the front of the hood of paper or nylon belts, which are sewn artificial insects.

Butterflies - Decoration for wedding car

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Touching butterflies become remarkablea symbol of a wedding celebration. The future spouses may cut their own insects of cardboard, paper, or buy them at stores that sell items for needlework. Fine, delicate butterflies of all colors you can find in the floristic salons - they are often decorated with festive bouquets.

How to decorate a wedding car with flowers and tulle

Flower arrangements perfect forornaments car during the wedding. Sometimes missing a small bouquet of live plants to give the car a festive look. It looks nice when decorated with a tuple both colors and fabrics. For example, use a combination of floral arrangements with tulle. Fabric painting is fixed on the hood or the trunk, pulling away from the glass to the bottom, where the tulle is fixed under the lid. As a rule, such an asymmetrical design. Options jewelry styles:

  • The composition on the radiator.
  • Flowers in the narrowest cluster tulle fabric around the windshield.
  • Both fastening.

Decorating wedding car with flowers tulle

The decor of the wedding car door handles

Decor door handles

Handles are usually decorated wedding carlaconically. It can be a pretty bow with satin, tulle, lace ribbons, small flower boutonniere, artificial plants made of silk fabric. Perpetrators of celebration can show originality and garnish handle vehicles with beads, sequins, lace fabric sheathing them. To this part of the car look elegant, do not overload it with decorative elements. For beautiful decoration bright enough for a flower and a few flowing ribbons. Options See the video:

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roof decoration on wedding car rings

Big engagement rings to weddingCar symbolize the newlyweds marriage, so will be the ideal option for car decoration celebration. The accessory can be mounted on the radiator, hood, but he still looks harmoniously on the car roof. Often article further decorate bells. Typically, the rings are "sitting" on the cushion of live or artificial flowers. Another version of the original decorations - use instead of rings two golden hearts.

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Rings on the roof of car during the wedding

Master-class on making wedding rings

Big wedding ring, used asdecorating the newlyweds car, you can make yourself. To create them need raw materials: water hoses (about 2 meters), three penlight batteries, golden floral tape, two wooden rulers, artificial flowers, tape, superglue, scissors. Walkthrough for the production of wedding rings:

  • Cut the tube into three parts. All of them should be of different sizes, from the largest to the smallest. Small and middle part - a future wedding accessories, and most will be the basis of the whole structure. The largest ring should not be larger in diameter prepared lines!
  • Insert in each tube on the one handpenlight batteries, so she stuck by half, and then connect to the free side of the pipe. Check if the ring is held firmly. If there are doubts about the reliability of attachment, further secure place joint tape or superglue.

Photo-guide manufacturing wedding rings on a car
  • Golden floral ribbon wrap got the ring and the two lines.
  • Using superglue, attach the middle ring to the smallest, as shown in the photo.
  • Glue or tape the ring superglue to the rulers, and then fasten them to the biggest round pipe.

  • It remains to steam the artificial flowers, smooth out irregularities to decorate their base-holder ring (see photo below).

  • The accessory is ready to mount on the hood or roof of the wedding car.

Ready to decorate the car rings

How to make the heart of the balls on the machine with their own hands

Decoration balls machine looks solemn andfestive. The couple can simply hang them on the web tulle, nylon or satin ribbons, or create original compositions. An interesting idea for the decoration of the wedding car balloons - heart, created with the help of balloons. This character will be a wonderful decoration of the ceremonial cortege. Watch the video, which will help you to independently create such an original wedding accessories:

Video: step by step decoration of cars with their hands

Joint production of rings for the roofcar, creating a huge heart with the help of balloons, drawing a flower arrangement with artificial plants - all this will help to heroes of the occasion to save money, have fun and leisure, to show imagination, working on a common cause. Interesting activity further unite the bride and groom before the wedding day, will leave a good impression.

When it made basic cooking remainsonly to consolidate all elements of decoration on wedding car. The couple can do it yourself or to connect friends, who are happy to help them. See hilarious video where young people decorate a wedding car.