Master-class wedding glasses with their hands

Wedding - one of the most beautiful and specialmoments in the life of two people. To fully reflect the uniqueness of the pair is not enough luxury dresses and the bride's bouquet, groom stylish suit. We need to take care of a thousand little things. Master Class: Wedding glasses with their hands will help you to express your individuality in decorating these essential attributes of the celebration.

Decorating wedding glasses:


Quickly and easily give a festive look to the glass helps elegant lace. We offer you two step-process.

you need to first variant:

  • lace, ribbon;
  • glue gun or super-transparent adhesive based on cyanoacrylate (it is water resistant and hardens well).

Note: prior to applying adhesive on the surface of the glass or crystal, they must be wiped with an alcohol wipe.

To attach the beads, rhinestones, crystals, ribbons and so on. The glass is also suitable silicone adhesive, adhesive for ceramics, adhesive gel time and even ordinary PVA.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. To decorate the top of the glass, wrap the lace around it and measure the desired length, taking the extra few millimeters on the stock.
  2. Carefully glue the lace. Try to keep the glue to be seen.
  3. To decorate the glasses leg, prisoberite fabric needle, as in the photo. Tighten the thread on the glass.
  4. Gently tie a ribbon on the stem.
    Making lace

you will need for the second option:

  • lace
  • purple satin ribbon or other bright colors
  • glue
  • beads, rhinestones

How to make:

  1. Glue satin ribbon to the top of the legs.
  2. Wrap spiral stem glass, gluing each turn.
  3. Cut a piece of lace. It should be wider than the base of the glass.
  4. Glue it prisobiraya. Glue the ends.
  5. With the help of glue attach the bow on the foot.
  6. Add rhinestones on lace and bead on the bow.

Tip: gluing small parts, apply glue stick or toothpick.

Design with ribbons

Decorating wedding glasses ribbons

Options for decorating glass set of ribbons: elegant bow attached to the leg or wrap tape around her neat spiral (as in the last photo session). Interestingly will look flowers of satin ribbons. To understand the technique will help you a simple video tutorial to create them:

Decorating wedding glasses flowers

Beautiful artificial flowers, gathered infantasy composition are perfect to decorate wine glass. Securely fasten them to each other and stick to the glass. The absolute identity of glasses - is not important, but the elements must be in harmony with each other.

Flowers in the decoration attribute

Fresh flowers - a difficult material to work. They require patience in the labor-intensive process of training, but the result is worth the effort. To understand it, master class: Wedding glasses with their hands offers step by step instructions on preparation and securing fresh flowers:

  1. Each selected flower short crop, drop into the water and hold there for a few hours. The plants must absorb sufficient moisture.
  2. The stems of large flowers, like roses, lilies, shorten as much as possible.
  3. Attach the glass special teip feed to the place of the stalk cut attach cotton wool soaked in water, wrap a thin wire and put under the tape. This process is called taping.
  4. Using stones, beads, mesh, hide sloppy job sites and wait until the glue has hardened.
  5. Sprinkle with flowers, hide beneath a package ready glasses and put in the refrigerator before the celebration, the plants have kept the form and beauty.

Note: fresh flowers should be the same as those used in the bouquet the bride and groom boutonniere.

Beautiful design with rhinestones and flowers

Flowers for decoration, you can not only buy orcut, but also make their own. A small workshop wedding glasses with their hands using the colors of polymer clay (cold porcelain) in a video guide:

Some types of polymer clay requireheat treatment. To the clay in the oven does not lose color, boil it in water for about 5 minutes. White patina formed when cooking, sunflower oil is removed.

Decorating wedding glasses petals

To make the glass celebratory kind offer another simple master class: Wedding glasses with their hands decorated with flower petals artificial.

Instructions: obkleyte petals gently around the base of the glass. Beneath them secure satin ribbon.

Decoration petals

If desired, add a variety of decorations on the petals - beads, pearls, rhinestones, beads.

Decorating wedding glasses feathers

Air and light pens are an excellentaddition to any composition formed. They come in all colors of the rainbow, so each needlewoman find suitable her creation. Make feathers accent or use them to make the composition of tenderness.

A few ideas to create your own exclusive jewelry:

Variants with feathers

Decorating wedding glasses stained glass paints

There are several simple ways to decorate wine glass stained glass paints. For the first method, you will need:

  • contour stickers stencils on wedding glasses
  • stained paint
  • brush
  • silk ribbon
  • glue

How to do:

  1. Separate contour sticker from the base (do not forget to wipe the surface of the wine glass).
  2. Glue them on the glasses.
  3. Carefully fill in the blank areas of stained glass paints.
  4. The final touch for a festive look - silk ribbon at the top of the wine glass legs.
    Painting stained glass paints

The second method is suitable for those handy people who can draw good.

Required tools:

  • stencil
  • Scotch
  • brush

How to do:

  1. Come up with a stencil or use ready-made (easy to find on the Internet), with tape glue it to the inside of the goblet.
  2. Carefully paint over the outlines first, then fill in the blank areas.
  3. To avoid smearing, wait until the paint is dry, then remove the drawing.
  4. If you are confident in their abilities, draw, relying only on your imagination. The main thing is to reflect your unique creative vision and the concept of celebration.


  • to accelerate the drying of paint, use a hair dryer;
  • to give a haze glass or part thereof - spray white acrylic paint using a conventional brush;
  • use gold, silver or white paint to decorate the glass edge.
    delicate painting

Decorating wedding glasses with rhinestones

Rhinestones have great popularity indecoration celebration attribute - it is an excellent option to make fast and beautiful views of the holiday stemware. Suit elements of small size - they will be better shine and sparkle in the light. With rhinestones lay figure rings, hearts, patterns, make labels. Elegantly decorated with rhinestones will look stem glasses.

Ideas for design rhinestones
Skins rhinestones

Decorating wedding glasses beads

Beads, beads - a universal remedy forWine glasses give richness and solemnity. As a rule, they are not the main element of the decor, and are mounted on the petals, flowers, lace for additions. Good will look beads, separated in half and glued to the glass, laid out a certain pattern or arranged in any order.

The beads and polymer clay

Engraved on glasses

Engraved on the glasses and looks elegant withoutfrills. At home, the classic version is difficult to implement, but it's fun and easy to make using decoupage. The video master classes: Wedding glasses with their hands is shown in detail:

Glasses that you decorate yourself -the best gift for you and your significant other. Their decoration - a good way to show imagination, emphasize the uniqueness of your pair, add to the celebration even more beauty. If you have other interesting and unusual ideas for decorating wedding glasses, share them in the comments.