How to sew a pillow for rings on wedding

Wedding - an exciting event in the life of everygirl, so you should carefully consider all the details, which form a harmonious, charming celebration. Decor glasses, room, equipment - everything has to be in the same style that meets the theme of the ceremony. Do not forget details such as cushion for the rings. We'll tell you how to sew a pillow for the wedding rings. On such a thing made by the hands, will be pleased to take a picture of the ring, it will run an eye on the ceremony.

Master class: Pillow for wedding rings wedding with their own hands

Wedding accessories in the form of heart

Every bride has their own idea ofwhat should be her wedding ceremony. No lady would not let the entire organization on the course and will not give up completely the wrong hands. Some may think that the pillow for wedding rings - a little thing that is not worth attention, because at the wedding of her witness would be a matter of minutes. But this is not so, because this cute little thing will be captured on photo and enter into a single image of the whole celebration, so it should be stylish, beautiful and unique.

The pad of burlap

To sew accessory for wedding ringsfirst you need to decide on its form. Made own accessory is unique, with a twist, as opposed to purchased. It is better to sketch all the ideas that come to mind, in the minutest detail. Creative imagination, uses their creativity and create an original thing. Options decor pillows for rings can be many:

  • Embroidery own name in the place where lie the ring. To do this, choose a thread for embroidery, pearls, beads, ribbons, fabric.
  • The pads are not forbidden to decorate your photo. To do this in the cabin it is necessary to print on the fabric, and then finish.
  • Decoration buttonholes, appliqué.
  • frilly decor on the edge of the product - choose the braid, lace, ribbons, make assembly.
  • Stitch along the edge of a flower ornament. In this case, interesting to combine several types of embroidery, for example, glass beads and thread.
  • It looks bright cushion in the form of heart from red satin or velvet. It does not require additional decor as it looks spectacular in itself.
  • Cushion for the rings can be embroidered with the words of the oath of love.
  • Not forbidden to sew a pillow in the form of shoes, toys, birds, etc.
  • Very interesting look pads rings, which are decorated with artificial flowers, vintage lace.
  • Lodge for rings is not forbidden to make a stand in the shape of a flower.
  • An interesting technique - put on a pad calendar date of your celebration.
  • The pads are not forbidden to give the appearance of nests, baskets, shells, heart, flower beds.
  • Ring Pillows can be put into a book with a cut inside the cache.

This item should be combined with the overall style of the wedding:

  • Classical - selected fabric that fits the tone of the main colors of the wedding. As decorations used fresh flowers, lace, ribbons.

Cushion with flower
  • Glamorous - characterized by expensive fabrics, with large flowers, sequins, rhinestones, large brooches, feathers, beads.

  • Rustic Style - is typical for him burlap or other coarse cloth, lace, ribbons, flowers, knitted fabric, the use of wooden details for decoration.

  • Retro - fabric muted shades, lace, vintage brooches, beads, fabric with polka dots.

Retro accessory for rings
  • Theme wedding - if the subject is given the sea, it is necessary to decorate the accessory in the same spirit, or use the striped fabric.

Materials and tools

Ring Pillows date

When you have decided on the design of accessories forwedding rings, it's time to take up the shopping. Choose fabrics and accessories that you will need in the process. Most pillows sewn from white material, in tone dress. Prefer velvet, satin, calico, silk, satin. Better stock up on cut-large in size than required for one product, because the first attempt can go lumpy. In addition, you will need these materials:

  • the cloth;
  • scissors:
  • thread;
  • needles;
  • sintepon, hollofayber or wool;
  • glue;
  • thread for embroidery;
  • items for decoration: lace, rhinestones, sequins, beads, ribbons, etc.

The size of the pads

The pads with flowers

If you want to perform a wedding accessoryrings in the classic version in the form of a square, is traditionally its size is 10x10 or 15x15 cm, not more. It is important not to exceed the given size, otherwise rings may be lost in the decor, and yet they play a major role. Paw other forms, too, must not go beyond. Large accessory does not look pathetic and tender.

We give you the step by step instructions creating a stylish accessory for wedding rings. For its production need:

White Stylish cushion for the rings
  • cardboard;
  • pencil;
  • white satin;
  • pink satin ribbon 0,5h30 cm;
  • White satin ribbon 1h50 cm and 0,5h30 cm;
  • sintepon;
  • white thread;
  • white lace;
  • scissors;
  • needle;
  • line;
  • candle;
  • pins with ears.

Workshop stepping through:

  • Cut a cardboard template 10x10 cm. Fold the fabric in half inside face, draws the outline of the pattern, cut the workpiece, departing from the path 1 cm allowance.

  • Prepare lace size 5x12 cm. Placed on the front side of one square satin lace on two sides very close to the edge, is attached to the fabric with pins. In the middle of the strip remains in the fabric of space, which will host the tape.
  • Top put face down second square satin. The fastening pins.

  • Sew along the contour of two satin cloth, leaving a portion nezashitoy.
  • Corners cut off.

  • Wrenched the workpiece.
  • Tamp pad for synthetic padding rings.

  • Make a seam on the ball until the end.
  • Searing ends of a thick white satin ribbon encircling her pad in the middle.

  • Tie a knot. Bandaging his other white ribbon, thinner, twice. By the end of the tape will be attached rings.
  • The ends of the wide white ribbon tying a bow.
  • A top node is passed bow pink ribbon and tying a bow.


Original Wedding Ring Pillows photo