How to make money for the wedding chest with his hands

Newlywed couple decided to give weddinggifts, this tradition goes back to ancient times. Popular Prezent considered ennaya amount of money to the newly formed family itself has decided that they need to purchase. However, the bill should be presented neatly folded, so that nothing is lost. For such purposes were invented beautiful wedding chests with a slotted hole in which is easy to put envelopes with money. It is not necessary to acquire a trunk if you have a minimum of creativity.

Chest for handmade money

What is needed for the manufacture of trunk

Many couples use wedding usualtrays, where guests are left envelopes with money, but this option is considered unsafe and not the original, because the money can easily fall out and get lost. A hidden banknotes in his pocket quite uncomfortable - then the groom or the witness look presentable, because the pockets protruded, and the overall gloss broken. Therefore, chest handmade - the best solution for a wedding celebration.

A trunk is a boxrectangular bag or in the form of a casket. It is beautifully decorated with all kinds of decorative materials, colors chosen in the color theme celebration or preference to the classical white, black, brown. To add a touch of originality, should draw the chest in a non-standard form and with your hands, adding symbolism to this attribute wedding.

Skins wedding chest for money

Even more complex and unusual forms do not requireworks of masters, everything can be done at home with their own hands. For example, an original and unusual solution will manufacture the wedding boxes for money in the form of birthday cake, boxes or house, which will symbolize the family hearth. To perform this task you will definitely need:

  • Quality glue (PVA, stationery, glue gun is better).
  • Cardboard box (medium size).
  • Knife stationery.
  • Scotch.
  • Various dekor elements: beads, ribbons, pictures, stones, shells.
  • Colored paper for the exterior and interior.

Making a wedding cake in the form of trunk

Tools and materials

In order to really makehigh-quality and visually beautiful chest for money with their hands, you need to use the right materials and to acquire the necessary tools. All materials can be easily found at home - in the pantry or in my parents' garage, and decorative items should be found in the shops of handicrafts. Of the tools you will need:

  • Scissors.
  • Stationery knife.
  • Figured punch that can do a variety of colorful shapes for finishing the trunk.
  • Good glue.
  • Gun for gluing small details.
  • Scotch (ideally double sided).
  • Ruler.

Props for the manufacture of a wedding chest for money

From the quality of the glue will depend on how tightlywill hold decorative items, decorative paper and whether the box debonding at the end of the celebration. To make the chest with his hands neat, with no visible seams, use double-sided tape and glue gun that accurately distribute the adhesive composition to all the little details. If we talk about the necessary materials, the ideal for the production and decoration of this attribute:

  • The box of the desired size or A4-size thick cardboard.
  • The fabric for the draperies. This can be silk, satin, velvet and others.
  • Tapes, cords.
  • Delicate lace fabric.
  • Beads, stones, crystals, beads, shells, leather, cutouts, photo.

After all materials and toolscollected, should proceed to the next stage of manufacturing attribute for money. Search for diagrams, drawings and patterns should be on the internet, but there is another way: buy a few magazines, which describes all aspects of the preparation of wedding. If you are not sure you can make it yourself, you should use the services of artists, or to attach to the mother, the grandmother.

The scheme or pattern

In order to proceed with the production of the trunk, you need to prepare the soil, or rather, to make a pattern or scheme. Pattern can be done using a large cardboard box.

  • The back of the chest need to make higher than the front.
  • Length in this situation should be equal to the sum of the height and width of the front of the box.
  • The upper lid may be made by the hands, a shaped, as shown in the diagram.

The scheme for the manufacture of a wedding chest for money

If you plan to make your chesthands not of a standard box, and use the cardboard sheets of A4, then the task becomes more complicated. Do not worry, our goal is achievable, but will have to make a little more effort for its implementation:

  • The lower ledge should be about seventy millimeters with a slot on top of all the patterns that the bottom did not fall out.
  • The desired slot under the cash envelopesmake a right on the pattern, because after the trunk is ready to cut the hole becomes a bit problematic. Below is this pattern.

Pattern for wedding money chest

Chest for money for the wedding of a shoe box with a master class photo

To easily make a beautiful weddingchest, you need to take the help of: see detailed master class, which describes all the points in detail, step by step. The easiest way to make a product using a conventional cardboard box from under the shoe. To do this you need accessories, decor, fabric, glue, scissors, tape, and she certainly cardboard shoebox.

  1. First, cut out the lid of a shoe box, as shown in the picture.

  1. After the first step has been made, it is necessaryMake sure the dome, which is made from the lid of a shoe box. To do this, we can stick to the cardboard box, we cut out earlier. The whole composition should be similar to the arch, on the side you want to add a piece of cardboard, and fasten it tight with tape. If you think that one will be a little scotch, you should also use a stapler and staples.

  1. The third step is the lining of the chest. From the start, measure the parameters of the lid and the box itself. After that, it is necessary to cut we need a piece of cloth to the top. Then begin gently sheathing. Next, the box itself is sheathed in the same way. Everything is done carefully, slowly, then get a flawless and beautiful result.

  1. The fourth step is considered to be one of the easiest, butat the same time critical stages. We cut through the right hole for the money or the best for the whole of the envelope, and then check to see whether there vlezut bills. To on the fabric was not the arrows, lines, and it does not roll up, be sure to carry out in the zone of burning match. Be careful not to burn all finished box.

  1. The last and most interesting step in the manufacture ofwedding money box with your hands is considered the original and colorful decoration. Here you can show all their imagination. The contours and side panels can be decorated with beautiful lace or satin ribbons. Do not feel sorry for beads, rhinestones and beautiful ribbons as decorations, they are ideally emphasize the festive look of the box. Side panels can be decorated with stylish photographs of the newlyweds.

Ready wedding chest for money with their own hands

To simplify your task, it is necessary to adopt a moreeasy and fast ways to make money for the wedding chest. To this end, regular shoe box can be used. There is nothing to cut out, cut, glue. The main thing - nice and neat draw outside of the box, buy a beautiful ribbon. Also, the original decision will cover decorating with fresh flowers, grass, a composition of dried berries, plants. Surprise everyone with his handiwork!

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