How to make flowers out of tissue

It is difficult to imagine a wedding ceremony anda celebration without flowers: they are essential components of the bride's bouquet and groom's boutonniere, with their help, decorate cars and space for a banquet. But sometimes live plants are not able to make a very hot or cold weather, and temperature changes have a negative impact on their appearance. In this article you will find out what the alternative is, how to make flowers out of tissue with their own hands, so that they look beautiful on your wedding day, and preserved in the memory of the joyous day without losing its original appearance.

Master class on making artificial flowers organza

Fascinating look artificial flowers, inproduction of which has been used organza. This is due to the frequency of use of the material for sewing a wedding dress, and thus, the accessory will go perfectly with the dress of the bride. In addition, the fabric is very comfortable and pliable to work to facilitate the process of creating a masterpiece, and a variety of colors provides the opportunity to choose the color that best suited to the design of the celebration.

Textile flowers organza

Necessary materials

In order to make the flowers of organza need:

  • Organza. The color of the fabric depends on the bride and subject preferences, the wedding style. To create an interesting composition of materials can be used in different shades. If you find impossible organza, chiffon or satin suit.
  • Sewing accessories - needle, thread, wire.
  • Beads, beads for jewelry.
  • Candles, matches.
  • Paper required for drawing patterns and designs.

Materials for creating colors organza

Stages of Development

Detailed workshop will learn how to make flowers out of tissue with their own hands:

  • Prepare the pattern for future buds. To draw this paper several circles of different diameters. To get the most circles straight, you should use glasses of different sizes or other objects round shape. Drawn, cut out the elements and drag on the fabric. Using templates, cut out for a few laps each diameter of organza - petals turned blank.

Making patterns and cut out petals blank
  • Light a candle. Raise each petal, slightly oplavte edge. In order to determine at what distance from the fire to keep the fabric, practice on unnecessary segments. Small details should singe, holding them with tweezers, so as not to burn your hands.

Prepare their petals opalivaya
  • Getting to the assembly. Starting from the bottom rather large petals, gradually adding the remaining. Midway to decorate with beads or beads, sew them or strung on a wire. Peony organza ready.

Putting the product of tissue
  • To create organza roses needed duringthe first stage to the final circle of fabric to make five shallow cuts. During the machining of parts with fire it is important to make sure that all the petals curled to one side, then the bud will look neat and beautiful.

Manufacture of organza roses

Simple decorative flowers from ribbons

Many of the bride before the wedding, think about howsew, make flowers out of tissue, to make it look beautiful, complement the existing accessories and jewelry, harmoniously combined with them. Often the problem is the lack of necessary materials, skills and experience in the creative business. But in order to create amazing exclusive colors of the tapes do not need special equipment or a lot of skill. The main thing - a little patience and imagination, and a detailed master class will help to realize all this, to create a true masterpiece with his own hands.

Textile flowers of satin ribbons

Necessary materials

In order to make the buds of tapes required:

  • Satin ribbon in two colors (primary and leaves). Particular attention should be paid to the width of the tape - the wider and longer than it is, the more and bigger will be the product.
  • Threads, a needle.
  • At the request of the beads or crystals can be used for decoration.

Materials for creating a flower of satin ribbons

Stages of Development

Consider two options, how to make beautiful flowers out of tissue, both are simple, but the result is sure to please, and ready to serve as an excellent decoration accessories. Master-class №1:

  • Cut the satin ribbon necessary width 50 cm long. Wrap one end to a triangle.

Cut off and turn over the tape
  • A small area is turned off and anchoring needle and thread.

Fix the corner thread tape
  • Putting tape on the thread, adding it to get a nice "accordion". How to do it right, look at the photos.

Putting tape on the thread
  • Gathering the tape, it is necessary to wrap around the base, forming a beautiful rosette. Fasten all thread, the composition is dissolved.

Form the bud
  • To create a leaf cut the tape length 10centimeters, folding in the middle of a round trip, forming a triangle. Sew and tightens at the base of the triangle. Leaf is ready. To create a beautiful composition, a single flower must be at least two leaves.

Do the leaves of the tape
  • Putting flower with leaves - masterpiece is ready.

Collect flower

Master-class №2:

  • Cut the satin ribbon length of 35 centimeters. Fold the edge of themselves and begin to turn the flower. Fix the base of the thread before reaching the fold line.

Cut the ribbon and fasten thread
  • Fold the tape on itself, forming a petal. We continue to twist rosette, wrapping tape to itself.
  • The end of the tape from the inside sew, bonding all the layers of thread, so that they have not broken up.

Collect rosettes and anchoring layers
  • By analogy, we do the required number of flowers, of which will be an accessory or decoration. Such textile accessories are perfect for creating a wedding topiary.

Ready rosettes of satin ribbons

Large flowers from tissue engineering kanzashi

Original and beautiful colors are obtained fromfabrics made kanzashi in the art. These accessories can be small in size and used for decoration of the wedding dress, the rim of hair of the bride or buttonholes guests. If desired, this way you can make a big flower that will decorate the wedding convoy, banquet hall. The advantage of this technique is the ability to make a flower absolutely any color, size, and without spending a lot of effort and finance.

Flowers in the art kanzashi own hands

Necessary materials

For the production of the flower in the art kanzashi need:

  • Satin ribbon. For a large flower needs a broad ribbon. In order to obtain multicolored masterpiece worth to buy material of different colors, golden look good elements in the product.
  • Glue gun, glue "Moment-crystal".
  • Thread, needles, scissors.
  • For the decorations - beads, beads, crystals, small decorative ornaments in the form of insects (butterflies, ladybirds).
  • Cardboard or ball, a plastic bag.

Stages of Development

two methods can be used to create more color in kanzashi style, look at both, so that everyone can choose the most suitable and easy option for themselves. Master class number 1:

  • Satin ribbon cut a length of 7 cm. Fold in half and cut off at an angle with the help of a soldering iron.

We cut the tape and cut off the corner
  • On the other hand the tape wrap in the oppositeside, singe edge, whereby the two ends of the belt are connected. Make the required number of billets petals, which depends on the desired size of the flower.

Making the petals of blank
  • Take the cardboard and draw a circle in which we glue the petals. The large-diameter - the larger will result in the enhancement. Glue the petals all around.

Collect flower kanzashi

The second option is the creation of kanzashi involves the creation of a large, round, convex flower:

  • Ball tight fitting plastic bag. From the diameter of the ball depends on the size of the finished product.
  • Making the petals, which will serve as the basis for the product.
  • Seven finished the petals using a needle and thread to join the circle, we fix. So a small flower, which is attached to our ball in the center.
  • Further, sticking petals, placing them between the elements of the previous row.
  • For the first row of petals sticking one more element, and the details of the third - two on each side.
  • By analogy, the remaining sticking petals until you get the desired size of the flower.
  • Remove the bowl and a plastic bag, our masterpiece is ready.

Flower Production in kanzashi Technology

Step by step video tutorial for creating your own hands lily

The wedding florist lily used veryoften because this flower symbolizes innocence, gentleness and purity. But if the living verdure of season or you want them to remain after the celebration, a great option - to make them out of cloth. To produce such an accessory can even girls who first decided to plunge into the world of creativity and have not been dealt with by sewing or other crafts. To understand how to make a flower lily of the fabric, watch the video with a detailed guide to action: