How to make an envelope for a wedding with his own hands?

Difficult choice stands before the wedding guests,you never know how to please the newlyweds. Traditional utensils, appliances and a variety of home furnishings are not always necessary, and both want to do the right gift. In this case, the money will be win-win option. All, without exception, the couple love to receive them as a gift for the wedding. But the money present in a normal envelope too corny. It is better to invest in a bit of a gift of love and warmth, making the original envelope to the wedding with his hands. Good gifts need good packaging!

What are the materials and tools needed

The materials that you will use todecor, will depend only on your imagination. Decorate envelopes for money with their own hands can be feathers, lace, lace, trinkets and other items. The main thing - to pick up a beautiful color base that will set the tone throughout the craft. To produce beautiful envelope with your hands, use:

Tools and materials for the envelope
  • Dense plain white paper (A4);
  • color double-sided sheet of paper for skapbukinga;
  • Glue gun or glue "Moment-crystal";
  • Scissors and stationery knife;
  • Simple pencil;
  • ruler;
  • Adhesive paper;
  • Punch for figure framing the edges;
  • Stamps with ready inscriptions wishes;
  • Acrylic paints, inks;
  • For decorative optional choose beads, ribbons, artificial flowers, stickers.

How to make an envelope for money: step by step instructions

Prepare all the materials youWe need to make the envelope of money to the wedding with his hands. Beforehand think of what will make the design should look like ready to hack. This will determine the number and choice of materials for creativity. Further, following the step by step instructions and checking the photo, start harvesting.

  1. Use a beautiful two-sided sheet. Decide what kind of party will face, and what will be visible only within.
  2. Fold the sheet along the diagonal line to get three trim angle. Line folding hand press.

  1. Scissors, cut the sheet into two along a fold line so that the left triangle with two right angles. First, you'll use in only one of them, the other set aside.
  2. The preform bend in two acute angles to eachother. So, on the wide side you will fold the middle of the line. Straighten back side of the sheet. The sharp corners of the rectangle bend toward each other so that they are converged on the designated middle of the broad side.

  1. Right angle and connect the other two angles.
  2. At this stage, we will need a secondrectangle, which is still on the sidelines. We are applying it to the workpiece and measure off the required size with a ruler. It will substrate, which should be on all sides by a few millimeters smaller than the base of the craft. Cut.

  1. Merge hand, brushing glue all the marginalia.
  2. Getting to the decor. Use the hole punch to make small figure borders. Glue them to the side of the substrate from the wrong side.

  1. The front side make out flower arrangement.
  2. To glue the ribbon hand-made article of this length to the ends of it tied in a bow.

  1. Double-sided tape or glue gun glue the substrate to the base product.
  2. Tie a bow on the ribbon. Make envelopes at a wedding with your own hands is not difficult, just need to show imagination and a bit of skill.


How to make a paper envelope

Most envelopes for wedding make paper. Some prefer to adapt to this board, but thick paper does not bend as convenient as it is required to create a beautiful and smooth lines. Therefore, preference should always be given to the paper as a basis for handicrafts. If you are for this purpose to use colored paper, then you run into the problem of its subtleties. To seal the color paper, pre-mount it on a sheet of white bond paper. Next to continue creating the envelope.

Envelope Template for wedding diamond

Original templates envelopes for weddingcan help you make exquisite crafts for all occasions. Choose your favorite shape and fold the envelope, according to the photo-instructions. In this paper artefacts inside is enough space to place a monetary gift, but also to the inner wall to write their congratulations.

Make your own paper envelope

Gift envelope in style scrapbooking

Envelope for scrapbooking is just money. We offer you another technique of self-create a beautiful gift. Use the ready-colored envelope, on which the center is necessary to stick a thin lace.

Envelope for a wedding with his own hands: scrapbooking
  1. The corners on the diagonal "planted" on the fabric glue flowers next to them - small fabric petals. The color of the fabric is selected according to the main background.
  2. Then, apply a strip of lace fabric, stylistically appropriate color.
  3. A small piece of paper with musical notation, tear off his fingers, trying to leave irregular edges. Crumpled it and stick to the fabric strip.
  4. Next, use a different color fabric. Cut a small heart to him sew on buttons.
  5. Finished parts glue to sheet music notation.
  6. After cutting a thin strip of paper, fold it in the form of an accordion and glue on top of crafts decorative elements.
  7. Decorate with crystals or beads.

To better understand the technique of selfmanufacture of envelopes, see the thematic video where everything is available to tell and show. After listening to the story of the wizard, you will learn about the subtleties and nuances of the manufacture of such products in the home.