How to decorate your own hands wedding champagne

Wedding - a welcome, a grand event,so this day should be all perfect, from the smallest accessories, pumping decorated banquet. The newlyweds spent much time on the choice of attributes, paying attention to their decor, combining with each other. Mandatory accessory on the wedding party is champagne, which the couple leave themselves before the first anniversary and the birth of first child. Design of the bottle this kind of bride pay particular attention to alcohol, trying to make it unique.

Master class on decor wedding champagne bottles

In order to decorate a bottle of their own,as a rule, does not require special knowledge and skills. What is important is the presence of desire, imagination and a few hours of free time. To make a wedding champagne can be used a variety of techniques, materials and decorative elements - it depends on the celebration theme, its color schemes, honeymooners fantasy. Workshops presented in this article will help you to decorate your own hands a bottle of alcohol on holiday, making it in a special ceremony, unique.

Wedding champagne decorated in different techniques

How to decorate the bottle with satin ribbons

Beautifully arrange the bottles when the couple canhelp satin ribbons: it is an easy, affordable way that does not require special material costs and experience. But despite the simplicity of the materials, equipment, the result will exceed all your expectations, as decorate the champagne will look bright, impressive, amazing. The advantage of technology is what to do in such a design may even people far from creativity, because there are no complications, and all possible defects are easily masked by using decorative elements.

Examples of drawing champagne wedding bands

Necessary materials

All the necessary materials should be prepared in advance, having thought over composition and layout. Necessary accessories will be found in stores with sewing accessories. For decorative ribbons will need:

  • Satin blue brocade and golden ribbons.
  • "Moment-crystal" glue gun or glue.
  • Bulylka with champagne.
  • Scissors.
  • Decor elements: beads, polubusiny lace.

Stages of Development

We begin to decorate the champagne:

  • Try on a satin ribbon to the neck, and cut off the necessary length. Smeared with glue, glue the ribbon, wrapping it around the bottle, applying the right end to the left.
  • For the second layer is metered tape again, but thistime it will be longer due to the expansion of the bottle. Apply glue and crepe. To the front of the looked carefully, you must make sure that the right edge has always been on top. Similarly fasten two more layers.

Measure out and fasten the first four layers of tapes
  • In order to give the champagne a festive look, brocade ribbon used in parallel, and which is pasted on the fifth and sixth layers.
  • The top of the bottle is ready, proceed to the decoration of the lowerparts, starting with the bottom glue one layer of brocade ribbon. The remaining space decorate a blue satin ribbon, connecting the ends of the h reverse side of champagne.

Fasten brocade ribbon and decorate the container bottom
  • It is unlikely that the joint location will perfectly flat,beautiful, so it should cover. Cut the strip about 10 cm in length, dropping some glue, slips it under the bottom layer and is attached to the product. Stretching the tape, masking the joint, glue it to the bottle. Fasten the last layer of brocade ribbon.

Hide the seam tapes
  • To add sophistication, add decorative elements: beads, bows, feathers. Original champagne ready for the wedding.

Decor bottles wedding bands

Jewellery groom and bride velvet bottles

Rich and spectacular look of the bottle, decoratedvelvet. This material is capable of a simple capacity to turn into a work of art that will delight the newlyweds in the wedding day, and in addition they will be immensely proud of their work. The advantage of this design is the simplicity in execution, a small amount of material, accessories and the ability to create a wedding attribute their hands to people who are not engaged in needlework before.

Necessary materials

For decorative velvet need:

  • Stretch Velvet black and white colors.
  • Threads of the respective colors.
  • Simple pencil.
  • Paper.
  • Two bottles of champagne.
  • Decor: tulle, organza, beads, lace, ribbons.

Materials for bottles with velvet decor

Stages of Development

Getting decoration:

  • Draw and cut out the pattern on the paper, follow the contours of the bottle.
  • We transfer the pattern on the velvet using a simple pencil. For Bottles- "groom" take black and for the "bride" white stretch velvet.
  • Cut workpiece fabric and sew so as to obtain a "cover" on the bottle.
  • We put "suit" on the bottle, proceed to the decor: to decorate the "bride" is necessary to make a veil, decorate with lace, ribbons, beads to make beaded. For registration of "groom" required satin ribbons and polubusiny.
  • Wedding champagne decorated with velvet, ready!

Decoration of wedding champagne velvet

Ideas Your wedding champagne with his own hands

To decorate the bottles of champagne for the weddingThey use a variety of techniques and materials. It can be painted, engraved decoration, costumes groom and bride on alcohol and many more. The original design of the attribute will be remembered for all the guests for a long time, and learned that the decor was done newlyweds hands, they will be doubly admire. What technique, the future spouses choose an idea for a design - depending on their personal preferences and ideas about what should be bridal accessories.

Ideas for wedding decoration champagne with his own hands

The colors of polymer clay

Refined and extraordinary look beautiful bottlealcoholic beverages, decorated with a floral composition based on polymer clay. This will require quite a bit of champagne, white spray, loop on glass, glue, beads, and finished polubusiny artificial flowers made of polymer clay (they can be different colors - white, pink, blue, depending on the design theme).

Decoration of champagne colors of polymer clay

For the decorations you need to wash the bottle, removelabel, dry and covered with paint from spray, allow to dry. Use the pencil to make a drawing, in which the flowers will be placed. Sticking accessories from polymer clay. The remaining space decorate circuit, beads, sequins, polubusinami. Decorated champagne ready.

Master class decoration polymer clay bottle

photo of a young

Originally look wedding bottledecorated with photographs of the newlyweds. Photos can be placed on the labels, which will also indicate the date of the wedding celebration, or printed on thin paper images can be applied to a bottle in decoupage technique. Make a bottle of the couple can independently, only need to help the printing company to print labels or images on the thin material.

Champagne decorated with pictures of the newlyweds


A special way of decoration wedding bottles isengraving on glass. Decorated in a style accessory look festive, original, and the advantage of this technology is the ability to choose absolutely any pattern, lettering, the image that is applied to the bottle by skillful hands of the master. For the decoration of this kind is to turn to professionals who know the subtleties of working with glass and have experience in the engraving. Only a true professional will make a unique masterpiece that clearly and as accurately as possible prorisovyvaya all lines strokes.

Decor champagne bottle wedding engraving

Video: Decoupage bottles of champagne for the wedding

It is becoming increasingly popular in the decoupagedesign and decoration of wedding accessories. The essence of the technique is gluing of paper napkins or pieces on the surface treated with acrylic paint and further coating it with lacquer. Decoupage advantage is the ability to create a unique bright attribute their own hands. In order to understand the basic principles of decoupage wedding champagne, watch the video with a detailed master class: