How to decorate a wedding dress

To a wedding celebration was memorable,dress the bride and groom must be perfect and unusual. Recently, a very popular use of accessories with bright shade or small additions to the images of the same suite. Let us analyze how best to decorate the wedding dress with beads, sequins, sashes, lace or jewelry. See a master class on sewing a satin belt dress for the bride with his own hands.

The ideas of the original decoration of wedding dresses

If the bride has chosen a classic one-colordress for the wedding, but it would be desirable to supplement something unusual, then this may suit both cohorts, have not used accessories, and unusual items purchased. If the acquisition of large brooches with stones is not planned, it is allowed to decorate the wedding dress satin sash, belt, beading or lace. Consider the most spectacular options.


Wedding dresses, beaded

Small beads can complement a corset, soand a skirt. Very popular options for wedding dresses that are fully embroidered with beads, they look elegant and expensive. In this work spent a lot of time is much easier just to decorate the outline of the board, some sections of the skirt or top. Originally look beaded gloves and veil. Bright beads can easily freshen up, beautify the image of the bride, but they should be connected in any accessories groom.

Belt or strap

Wedding dress with belt

Wedding dress with a satin sash steelpopular in 2013, when many designers in their collections presented similar outfits. This belt can be both small and very large, it all depends on the bride desires. According to ancient accept, in a wedding dress the bride must not be other colors other than white. If the bride follows these rules, you should sew a belt of a satin ribbon or pastel shade cloth.

lace inserts

Wedding dresses with lace

If the dress does not look very rich, it is easy todecorate with lace inserts that will add elegance and glamor. Such additions may be on both the front (in the neck, shoulders, arms) and rear (on the back). Lace insertion rarely made in the skirt of the dress, except that this outfit is not lush and gently hugs the waist (if this supplement is to emphasize the inflections figure). Lace on the sides, too, is rarely used, since in these parts, it will be covered with hands body.


Wedding dress decorated with flowers

If some part of the dress I want to dofocus, it is possible to sew or buy interesting flower. This can be a large white cloth roses, alstroemeria ribbons or even natural options chrysanthemums, violets, lilies. If the decor used real flowers, they are trying to fix one end of the tube with a special nutrient fluid that allows the plant did not wither. . Hue roses, lilies and others should be repeated in other wedding elements: hall decoration, invitations, bonbonniere.

inserts jeweler

Along with jewelry inserts

Products jeweler work always look verygentle and refined. For decorative white wedding dress suit silver jewelry or variants in a bright gold. Products yellow color well combined with beige, peach tones. If such an addition, a similar decor can be and the groom (to tie, bow tie, jacket pocket) will be implemented in a dress. At the wedding ceremony the more there are similar characters in honeymoon, the pair looks more organic.

Brooches and jewelry

Models decorated with brooches and jewelry

Small brooches can be the perfect complementcorset. They are placed in the center at the waist or on the side of the bust (if strong corset is used). Heavy brooch better not to take for decoration, as in the dance they can easily fall off, or will hinder the movement of the bride. Costume jewelery, costume, it is desirable to combine with earrings, necklaces and hair clips. Ideally, such additions are from the same collection.

Master-class on making belt for wedding dress

If it was decided to establish a zone ina decoration for a wedding dress, then this issue should be approached with the utmost seriousness. Material must be chosen the highest quality: satin, silk, poplin. This dense fleece lining adhesive or other tissue may be used for the thickening of tissue. Consider a step by step wizard class creating the perfect belt for wedding dress.

  1. To use is necessary to prepare: 2-3 meters high quality fabric (width 0.5 m), the adhesive backing interlining, sharp scissors, automatic or manual sewing machine, thread the appropriate color and size, needles, iron steam, a small piece of gauze or a transparent material, stones or crystals.
  2. Cut the piece of fabric 40 cm wide in the middle andabout 60 cm along the edges. The length of the cut to be 2.3 meter, if desired. The belt is very long, because it is allowed to form a bow, the ends of which come down to the floor.
  3. Sizing adhesive interlining the inside of theprepared iron cut through the transparent gauze. It's worth noting that the belt edge is better to make an angle, so that it looked beautiful. And for that, the fabric should be folded in half, face to face and cut on the bias (at an angle of 45 degrees). Similar actions are necessary to produce and on the other hand.
  4. Fold belt prepared to face and sewn around the edge, leaving a small hole in the center, so it was easy to turn out the product.
  5. Iron belt in the seam to press them apart it. To turn out the product on the face, hand stitches to sew up the hole that is left.
  6. The resulting iron to iron belt with transparent cloth, leaving a seam on one side of the article (it will be part of Wrong).
  7. Try on the belt of the dress and look, perfectly suited if it is the product. To correct any inaccuracies and errors.
  8. Along the edges of the belt, which are decorated on the bias, paving glue rhinestones and iron them with gauze glue.
  9. In place of the belt, which is a bow, you must attach a brooch, which will be the center of future decoration.
  10. The belt is permitted to sew the dress a few stitches, so it does not slide or leave so that the ends fluttering in the wind.

Photo decorated wedding dresses 2016

To be aware of all new products in 2016a year and choose the perfect jewelry for your wedding dress, you need to consider the interesting photos of famous designers who conquered the world with their products. The new season of popular trains decorated with lace, thin straps of stone, delicate gloves with small stones, belts with gold buckles. There is a very colorful shades, which are used to emphasize the waist and broad hips isolation.

Photo decorated wedding dresses 2016