How to create a wedding center with their own hands

Long-awaited wedding day, whichThey dreamed not only the couple, but also their parents. Children create a new young family. What it will be, will be whether to carry his love through the years? These issues are extremely concerned moms and dads. Creating a wedding center with their hands, the parents put in it, and then pass the newlyweds particles of life experiences, love, tenderness. Made parent hands family home is a kind of talisman for a young family on a difficult path of life.

What is the family home and its importance?

In Russia, there is an ancient rite - in the finalwedding, after removal from the bride's wedding veil lit hearth. It consists of two tall thin candles, symbolizing the mothers of the bride and groom. They are lit one - lower, more dense. Extremely kind and touching ritual suggests that parents warmth of their hearts give rise to a new family. Connecting two different lights candles connection of two genera in one big family.

The ritual of lighting the hearth

How to make a family home: a master class

For making the wedding chamber with his handsYou will need a candle. They can be bought ready-made at the store and arrange to your liking, and you can make yourself at home. To do this, carefully chop the wax, paraffin or candle mass, melt, fill it selected shape. The dye slurry and add the flavor oil.

Decorating candles a variety of material: lace, ribbons, flowers and leaves made of polymer clay, beads, beads, paper, cloth tape. The process of decorating candles a long, time-consuming, so the work is not carried out spontaneously. Think carefully about how to look each candle, scribble sketch of the whole product, then get to work patiently.

How the pros do it, see our video.

What we need

We offer you a simple master class inproduction of the family hearth, which will cope anyone to try their hand in this matter. Before you begin, make sure that the desktop had everything we needed:

  • Two tall candles and a larger low;
  • Scissors;
  • Super glue or glue "Moment", can use the glue gun in the presence of certain skills;
  • Satin ribbons;
  • Lacy strips;
  • Artificial flowers, foliage.

The manufacturing process

Step 1: Pick up small beautiful composition of the existing artificial flowers, foliage, try on it to spark. Measure out a length of lace and ribbons and then cut the required amount.


Step 2. Following the mid candles glue band of satin ribbon. To lay the fabric is beautiful, the adhesive is applied only to it.


Step 3: On top of the belt, stepping back a bit down, glue a strip of lace so that part of the tape remained visible. How to do it beautifully, it is shown in the photo.


Step 4: Take the artificial white flowers, cut off their stems to the ground to the rear side of the flower became quite flat.


Step 5: Pick up the flowers suitable leaves, stems, glue compositions.


Step 6. Gently fasten bouquets ready with an adhesive to the lace wraps. The work is finished!


In this case, all three decoration technologycandle is the same. They differ only by the size and richness of flower arrangements. There are many styles and a huge number of ways to perform an important attribute of the wedding. It argued that the richer you decorate candles, the happier family life will be newlyweds. All the same, choose a wedding center according to your taste, relying only on their own opinions.

Photos of the wedding chamber