Funny and unusual gifts to newlyweds with their hands

At the wedding the newlyweds to give presents: often it is money, appliances, dishes, bedding. Yes, they will be a great help in setting up a home, but they lack originality, romance. It solves the problem of outstanding and memorable wedding gift made with their own hands. He will bring a lot of positive emotions of a young couple, will be remembered for years to come. There is a huge variety of options for gifts for a wedding, made with his own hands. With some we have met.

Ideas for a wedding gift with their own hands

Will delight the young couple "Lovers birdies." An interesting format of this gift will allow him to take his place in the interior of an apartment or a country house, and become a symbol of love.

Original gifts to newlyweds

Special instructions for its production there, but you will need:

  • two bright igrushechki-birds,
  • transparent glass container (Bank)
  • twig,
  • glue,
  • threads of different colors,
  • pieces of tissue.

Gift "is going to" just to your taste andwill. Objects placed inside the vessel, after gluing to the composition. If the finished work will not pass through the neck, it takes a little more time and assembly within the banks.

Another gift option that can be quickly and easily perform their own hands - a small pillow for good luck.

Homemade cushions

For it is required:

  • small cushion divan room ready, you can decorate in its sole discretion,
  • beads,
  • colored threads,
  • needle,
  • glue,
  • satin ribbons.

As the basic idea can be Felt applique or embroidery threads, beads, satin ribbons. The décor will serve as symbols of family happiness: horseshoes, money.

A perfect wedding gift willvideo presentation, assembled from personal family archives, or popular flash mob to your favorite song pairs. Close friends can tell the story of young love in the form of a film or a collage of photos.

Creative gift of money

The monetary gift for a wedding

Original gifts will cash Topiary. For its production need:

  • Planters.
  • The wooden stick about 25 cm.
  • Paper money.
  • Gypsum.
  • Sewing pins.
  • Glue.
  • Twine.
  • Propeneny ball.

Getting to assemble wedding Topiary:

  1. Fasten the ball on a stick. To do this, we pierce his wand, fixed with glue.
  2. Twine wrapped rod acting as a topiary trunk. Twine fix with glue.
  3. Fill the pots with a mixture of gypsum. Stick a piece. Subject to freeze.
  4. We do kulechki of bills. It will take 160 pieces. provided that kulechki will have a diameter of 8 cm.

To make kulechek, bill folded in half are bent lower rim. Then turn over, put in a bag. Fasten a safety pin.

  1. Putting a tree. Fasten kulechki to the ball with the help of pins. Fill the bowl around.
  2. Decorate pots coins.
  3. To fasten the trunk of a wedding card with the wishes of happiness.

Surprise gift Young "Money umbrella." The idea of ​​the original wedding gift will help bring an ordinary umbrella: it is attached to the spokes paper notes. It will please young guests and the musical accompaniment to the present - present "a monetary umbrella" under the song Alegrovoy "Weather in the house."

The composition of sweets

Candy bouquet on wedding

will need to present:

  • Candy ( "Korkunoff", "Lindor", "Raffaello").
  • Long wooden skewers for kebabs.
  • Crepe paper (green, white, pink, yellow).
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Food film.
  • Green electrical tape.
  • Scotch.
  • Wicker basket.


  1. Cut from corrugated paper boxes, rounding them to the top edge - this will be blank for the rose petals.
  2. With the help of a wooden stick pull the paper, twisting the upper rounded edge in the opposite storonu.Na creation of a single rose petals are needed 10.
  3. Cut leaves. On a flower leaf 3.
  4. Sweets in wrappers spread on skewers. With the help of the food film strapped it to skewer tape.
  5. Take the first petal is applied to the candy and the stem, bend outward. Commit. With the rest of the petals do likewise.
  6. Green petals are glued to the skewer so that they go beyond the pitch.
  7. Starting from the place of attachment of leaves, are wrapped skewers green tape.
  8. the number of "roses" is going to plan.
  9. Make out a bouquet of using wrapping paper or using a basket.
  10. To secure the flowers in the basket, fill it with foam. After plugging it pour flowers.

"Long ruble"

With wishes of infinite wealth, love,Happiness can give the bride and groom "long ruble". Such a gift can not be bought in a store, for its production, you will need 30 small pieces of paper notes and Scotch tape. To make a long ruble, should turn to glue on the edges of the bill. The resulting tape can pull up on a roll.

Video: How to make an original gift with their own hands

As a gift to suit homemade chandelier.

Gift newlyweds - homemade chandelier

Prepare materials:

  • Capacity.
  • The yarn of white color.
  • Balloons.
  • Petrolatum.
  • PVA glue.
  • Scissors.
  • An electric wire or string.

Step-by-step instruction:

Balls for wedding
  1. Inflate balloons desired size.
  2. Prepare the adhesive mixture to dilute it with water PVA. PVA Glue successfully replace the paste or sugar syrup.
  3. Unwind yarn put into a container with adhesive for 5 minutes.
  4. Balls obmazhte Vaseline.
  5. Wrap the yarn balls so that they become like a cocoon.
  6. The end of the filament paste to the bowl.
  7. Dry the balls during the day.
  8. Blow balls clean.
  9. With the help of an electric wire, mount lamp, hanging balls haphazardly on wooden base.

Cake of money with his own hands, photo guide

Cash Wedding Cake

The original bright wedding gift - money cake. To create required:

  • hundred bills of any value (rubles, dollars, euros)
  • cardboard (thin, thick)
  • two meters of satin ribbon about two centimeters wide,
  • big, beautiful bow,
  • double sided tape,
  • paperclips.

Step by step instruction is clearly visible in the photo master class:

How to make a cake out of the money

Step by step instructions for creating the cake out of the money
  • Using thick cardboard, cut a circle for three tiers of reasons. Diameter choose at its discretion. On the specified number of cuts necessary diameter of the lower base of about 30 centimeters.
  • Thin cardboard strips for use, performing the role of denominations support. , Measure the height of the strip in accordance with the height of banknotes.
  • Glue strips vertically to the base (2).
  • Fold the bill in each tube, fixingclip. The same clip secure notes on a cardboard okruzhnosti.Pri using dollar bill do not turn to the end of the image to remain open (4-5).
  • Every next bill mount slightly to the left, taking the tail of the previous (9-10). So attach the remaining notes in a circle (11-12).
  • After the bills are stuck, "collect" cake. Use a double scotch.
  • The top of the cake can decorate the bow.

An unusual gift for a wedding is ready!

The options for a wedding gift - a great many, among which you will find one that will be enjoyed by your newlyweds. The choice is yours.