Bonbonniere with their hands

Wedding candy boxes with their own hands area souvenir bags or tiny boxes of different shapes, which put candy, sweets, small gifts for the guests. The tradition to give small sweet surprises arose a very long time. With their help the bride and groom would like to thank friends and family for the fact that this is an important day, they were side by side, shared with them the joy, helped make the celebration memorable and fun.

How do bonbonniere paper: step by step instructions

Paper wedding bonbonniere

If in the near future you have plannedthe organization's own wedding, we invite you to be creative and make their own hands candy boxes for the wedding. So you kill two birds with one stone can pokreativit and save. Below is a master-class manufacturing interesting paper boxes in the shape of the envelope within which the addition of sweet gift awaits guests love poslanie.Krome beautiful appearance, a gift and should be suitable to be filled. Here are some ideas:

  • tea;
  • biscuit;
  • fruit;
  • seeds;
  • berries;
  • nuts;
  • chocolate;
  • chewing gum;
  • popcorn;
  • dried fruits;
  • candies;
  • soap;
  • coffee.

In addition, you must decide whether, when the surprise guests. You can do this at any time you see fit:

  • You can ask the waiters to decompose boxes for clean dishes offered at a time when all depart from the table, for example, dance.
  • Special design surprises gives them to use as a nursery card, then it will be not only a gift but also a way to find his guest his place.
  • Gifts you can give, when invited to be ready to go home.
  • Boxes easily folded into a large basket or bag, and the guests themselves will come and pick up their surprise.
  • When receiving gifts from the guests themselves.
  • Give you at the entrance to the place where the banquet will be held.

Necessary materials

To create your own hands bonbonnieres need the following:

Materials for creating boxes
  • adhesive tape or glue;
  • A4 sheets of thick paper;
  • ribbon;
  • template.

Driving and stages of development

  • Srisuyte or print the reduced envelope diagram.
  • On a blank sheet of thick paper, write a lovemessage: This may be the words of a favorite song, an excerpt of romantic works. After otkserokopiruyte him the right amount of time, or you can print a message in a text editor, a beautiful font.
  • Contours of the contour of the template to the message, cut out.
  • Bend in the places where the dashed line is applied. Inside put candy and tape bandages envelope.

Bonbonniere for the wedding of tulle and ribbons

The easiest way to make yourselfbonbonniere - build a pouch. In the above step by step guide shows how to create surprise guests at a wedding with the help of ribbons and tulle. Bag is done in a matter of minutes, and looks very festive and fun. Inside it is recommended to put candy or nuts, covered with icing.

Necessary materials

The following materials are required to create their own hands bonbonnieres:

  • tulle;
  • satin ribbon;
  • scissors;
  • candies;
  • small card with gratitude.

Plans and stages of development

  • Fold tulle in three or two times, cut out a circle of diameter 23 cm.
  • The resulting circles put on each other, in the center spread candy.
    Bonbonnière made using tulle
  • By hiding candy postcard with gratitude.
  • Form the bag wrapped around the tape, tying at the bow. Pull the ends of the tulle in different directions, to fluff up the bag and give it a flower.

Bonbonnière-bag fabric

Bonbonnière in a bag with your hands

Earlier bonbonnieres wereboxes, in the modern age fantasy wedding decorators and bridal moved far forward, and presents guests can take the form of bottles, cans, bag. This master class will be manufactured bag with a very simple and affordable material called burlap. It is suitable for a wedding in rustic style. Decorate it, you can what your heart desires: acrylic paints, lace, ribbons, wooden beads or dyed.

Necessary materials

To create with their own hands the bag will need:

Materials for bonbonnieres burlap
  • otrez burlap;
  • line;
  • acrylic paint on fabric;
  • ribbon;
  • brush;
  • scissors, thread, needles;
  • candies.

Template and stages of development

  • Cut the burlap rectangle measuring 10h15sm.
  • Sew bag and wrenched it to the seams were on the wrong side.
  • Acrylic paint on paint pouch heart, pre outlining its contours in pencil.
  • We fill bonbonniere candy, ribbon tying.

Ready-made candy boxes templates

Ready-made templates are easy to use to createGift boxes with their own hands. You only need to transfer the scheme to the beautiful paper or paperboard required size, keeping all proportions. During the manufacture of the box with their hands should be cut on the left over blank board, give it a shape, bending detail for the said fold lines in the diagram. Adhesive may be required for the connection. After assembly will only have to decorate a gift with their own hands: write the initials, glue decorations, tie ribbons, decorate with decoupage, paint.

Templates candy boxes for wedding

Video tutorial on making bonbonnieres

At first glance seem a trifle candy boxes,but they allow you to make a special mood of the wedding ceremony, as the couple put on the soul in such tiny signs of attention. Lovely gifts can successfully complement a single wedding style, provided that they are made in the same design and color scheme with a nursery and invitation cards. To create your own hands, you can use the boxes given a master class in the video, which clearly demonstrates the build process bonbonnieres pastel colors with butterflies decoration.

Photo sweet dishes made with their own hands

Design and size made with their own handsbonbonnieres can be absolutely anything, as long as it is perfectly fit into the overall stylistic wedding decision. It offers many of the present embodiments to guests in the form of tubes, boxes, chests, cylinders, sacks. All of these options look very elegant and stylish. Original accessory with beautiful design will make an excellent impression on the guests.

Ideas Wedding candy boxes for the manufacture of their own hands