Bonbonniere boxes with their own hands

Bonbonniere boxes - small, cutesurprises that decided to give each wedding invitation. They express their gratitude, the location of the bride and groom, and are filled with a variety of souvenirs and sweets. Translated from the French bonbonniere is an elegant box for candy. Tradition invited to do a surprise born in France in bonbonnieres there put five chocolates, which meant the most important desires - wealth, fertility, health, longevity and happiness.

How do bonbonniere-box: step by step instructions

Capsule bonbonniere a house

In modern times the little things, made theirhands, very appreciated. Therefore, bonbonniere, showing gratitude for what a guest shared with the newlyweds happiness wedding day, it is better to do it yourself. The invitation will be pleased to know that the bride and groom with their hands have made a gift. This process is time-consuming, and for the manufacture of boxes can be used different materials: for example, corrugated paper, cardboard, transparent fabrics, beads, crystals, lace and others.

When bonbonniere is ready, you need todecide what its filling. According to the European tradition, is placed inside the almonds in chocolate. But you can not dwell on this. Here are some other ideas that you can beat at its own discretion:

  • a great gift for the guests will be small candles in different shapes;
  • appropriate all kinds of biscuits;
  • for sweets in a box bonbonniere can add flavored tea;
  • Summer Treat offers fragrant fruit;
  • original idea - handmade soap, bath bombs for, flavored salt;
  • if the wedding themed, think of gifts that would ideally fit into the style of celebration.

Necessary materials

For manufacturing need the following:

  • thick double-sided sheet of scrap paper;
  • line;
  • knife for cutting paper;
  • Folding stick;
  • Double-sided tape;
  • tape;
  • accessories for decoration boxes.

Driving and stages of development

  • From two strips of paper sheet scrap cut off, one must be wider, since it is required to lay the value of SEAM.

  • Folding stick must perform 4 fold to between them were equal distances.
  • On the one band making cuts to box bonbonniere developed. The band, which is wider cut out as shown in the photo.

  • Two lanes add up crosswise glued with double-sided tape.
  • Top tying ribbon, decorate to your liking.

Bonbonnière-box with paper cover

Bonbonnière with lid

candy boxes Boxes with lids are available insale. You can save time and buy ready-made, but it is better to do with your hands, because such gifts will not be similar to the standard. Boxes can be placed on tables with name cards, give each guest at the end of the celebration, or folded into the basket, where guests will get your surprise yourself. According to the following master class you can easily make an original gift.

Necessary materials

For the manufacture of such materials needed:

  • beautiful paper;
  • items for decoration;
  • scissors.

Template and stages of development

  • Take the size of 21,5h21,5 see the paper, draw a two diagonals that intersect at the center.

  • Bend one corner so that he was looking to the center, after making another fold to the edge was flush with the strip in the middle.

  • With all the angles do the same thing. On both sides of an incision, as shown in the photo.

  • Fold in stages.

  • Ready cap. Likewise, making the bottom of the paper size 21,2h21,2 see. Then the foundation boxes candy boxes decorate.

Ready-made templates for boxes, candy boxes

Presented boxes templates easilyused to produce surprises with his hands. You have to transfer the scheme in compliance with the proportions on paper or cardboard to size. After the preform is cut, folded along the indicated lines in the diagram. You may need extra glue to join parts. When the box is assembled, it is required to decorate various elements. You can decorate it in decoupage technique. Inside bonbonnieres put nuts, candies, fruits in chocolate or other sweets.

Templates paper candy boxes

Photos candy boxes, boxes

There are many variantsboxes candy boxes. Bags, boxes, cylinders, tubes - these elegant, stylish versions of surprises will make a positive impression on guests. On bonbonnieres you can print your initials, date of wedding, decorate them with artificial flowers, ribbons, lace, braid.

Ideas boxes candy boxes