Wedding t-shirt for newlyweds

Among the accessories, which perfectly fit intowedding, occupy a prominent place t-shirts with funny or relevant texts on this subject. Wedding T-shirts can be a wonderful gift to the newlyweds, and decor element, bought by the bride and groom for a bachelorette party or bachelor party, for the wedding ceremony in a joking style, or the second day of the wedding. They can become actual decoration of the first days of married life. Fun prints create a wonderful mood, the atmosphere light and happy family life.

Newlyweds in celebratory T-shirts

T-shirts for the bridesmaids at a bachelorette party

T-shirts with funny slogans - a great option for a bachelorette party organization. Wedding T-shirts for the groomsmen, the bride can be:

  1. The same way: with a slight difference in color or lettering on the instance of the bride (for example, a set of copies with the words "bride", "best man");
  2. Miscellaneous: funny contain texts that are unique for each of the bridesmaids ( "Married - help a friend", "Advise oligarchs", "We have the best bride," "We, the princess - women simple", "spoiled the life of the beloved," etc. ).

Hen T-shirts with slogans




If the first version of the T-shirts will look goodat a wedding ceremony in a humorous style, the second will be an excellent fit in itself a bachelorette party. In this type of attire would be appropriate to have some fun, to show the uniqueness of the bride, as opposed to each of the bridesmaids, to stand out from the rest. Using the T-shirts to wedding bachelorette party will forget about the behavior patterns, allow yourself to be a little more relaxed, immediate; decorate the event the original, funky elements, excellent photo shoot to get to the end of the day.

Paired t-shirt for newlyweds

Paired t-shirts wedding - just a necessary accessory for the young family. It would be appropriate to use:

  • during the ceremony, turning it into an interesting,cheerful, symbolic action. (Use the T-shirts with the words "Bride" - "Bride", "Game Over" - "I won," "soon will marry her" - "Soon marry him", "Before the change of names left ... 3 ... 2 ... 1" - "To change the status of left ... 3 ... 2 ... 1");

As originally used paired t-shirts at a wedding, look at this video:

  • after the ceremony or on the second day of the wedding, whenthe situation may be less formal, and the couple became full wives (use the T-shirts with images of "This is my wife," "This is my husband," "Here you are caught", "My forever", "Just Married" and similar);
  • in the early days of family life, while honeymonth (suitable prints "favorite wife" - "Beloved husband," "Not with anyone not acquainted, I have a wife" - "Not with anyone not acquainted, I have a husband," "Reserved wife" - "I do not have a boyfriend - my husband does not allow the "image / photo lovers, etc.).

Wedding T-shirts with slogans for the newlyweds



The use of these t-shirts will help to identify the moment of transition from one status to another couple, do it with humor, lightness, love.

T-shirts for the bride and groom on wedding anniversary

Paired accessories - is a simple, effectivea means of maintaining the desired climate in a marriage. They taught a couple appreciate each other, to love, to be faithful, to see the best in the spouse, not to lose a sense of humor. That is why it is desirable to use the wedding T-shirts throughout the life together, at least periodically. If, during the celebration pair wedding shirts lovers were not purchased, then they get a wife may at first joint anniversary - wedding anniversary. Then, these accessories will somehow never appropriate.

Invited guests can take the initiative andorder these attributes alone, giving them to young couples - Gift Get original and remember. A large number of companies in the production of souvenirs are offering their services in drawing prints on clothes than the guest can take advantage of buying ready-made products and ordering without drawing text, design your own.

Paired dresses on wedding anniversary

Suit inscription "ideal wife" and "The Perfecthusband "," Together ... "and" ... forever "," Dating is not to offer - I love my wife "and" Meet not offer - love my husband "picture with a list of rights and obligations of each spouse ..

Wedding T-shirts photo