Wedding hats

Before the wedding, the bride to think carefully about yourimage, because she wants to look irresistible at the ceremony. Many women follow tradition by choosing a white dress, a veil and then to him. But wedding fashion dictates new rules, according to which the ladies, it is recommended to depart from customs. So, hats successfully replace the usual veil for us, but that looked appropriate headgear with the dress, you need to pay due attention to his choice. What wedding hats will suit you?

The story of the cap

Homeland wedding hats on the rightconsidered France - a country of high fashion. The 18th century brought a hat-cylinder that French bride wore a wedding, attaching to them beforehand elegant veil or coquettish. But when it became fashionable to sophisticated updo, wear a hat on her head with a veil and without it has become almost impossible, so the women held their hands. Over time, the diversity of hats and decorations made it possible for brides to choose this accessory to taste.

Hat bridal fashion in the 18th century

Pros and cons of the choice in favor of wedding hats

To doubt about the choice of wedding fashion hats left, we suggest to familiarize with the advantages and disadvantages of this accessory. Please list the pluses:

  1. Successfully matched model will emphasize the refined, delicate taste girl.
  2. A wide range of varieties of festive accessories allows you to choose the best option for a wedding for a high hairstyles, other packings.
  3. The cap will be an extraordinary decoration of the charming head of the bride.

But in addition to the advantages there are also disadvantages:

  1. This accessory is not suitable for every face shape.
  2. If the main role is played by a hat, then the choice of attire can be difficult.
  3. Be sure to need a competent reliable fasteners, otherwise all the hair disintegrate.

Before you finalize the dataaccessory to the wedding dress, carefully weigh all the pros and cons of it. If the choice is still fell in his favor, proceed to the selection of beautiful wedding hats.

How to choose a hat

To create the right image, you should take into account not only the wishes of the bride, but also the shape of her face, height, body type. The following tips will help you look tempting at the wedding:

Hats for high and miniature brides
  1. Focus on growth. If you - a tall girl, you'll like headdress with a wide brim. Petite lady will be to face a small accessory, possibly with her short veil.
  2. If you are overweight, the small hat - a taboo for you.
  3. Chubby girl fit model with curved margins. For owners of an oval and a square face will be the ideal choice headgear with straight margins.
  4. The woman who tends to hide someskin defects (pimples, scars, scars), it is necessary to pay attention to hats, complemented by a veil. In addition, such an unusual wedding hat will give a mystery bride.
  5. The whole image should be kept in the same style. For example, if the wedding dress of simple cut, then the headdress must be a minimum of decorating items - pens, rhinestones, flowers. If you plan to lush image, then allowed to experiment with its design, but the color of the accessory must clearly match the shade of the dress.

The headpiece with veil for the wedding

Remember that hat - whimsical accessory, so thebefore you buy it, you need to arrange a fitting. Also, before you buy a hat, match his style with the dress, so that all looked harmoniously together.

How to fix the hat on his head

Method of attachment of the cap depends on the weddinglength hair and a girl on a festive hairstyle. So, if you plan on laying high, headdress can be fixed with special pins. On the loose hair hat splendidly using the rim. If your hair is long, it is allowed to fix the comb. Do not forget to sprinkle styling - high or not, all the same - nail fixation before fixing the wedding fashion hats.

Fashion model photo wedding hats

To a wedding image has turned fashionable, but at the same time thoughtful, you must know which hats are considered popular models:

You do not have to buy an expensive hat,it is possible to make it by yourself. To do this, look at the video, from which you will gather a lot of recommendations for the creation of trendy hats:

  • Option with a veil combines the features of traditionsand fashion. The ideal would be a wedding accessory veil decorated, medium length. headdress size can be as large or miniature - it all depends on your preferences.

A hat with a veil for the wedding
  • "Tablet" will suit you if you organize a retro wedding. Her shift on its side or on his forehead, is allowed to add veil to create a mysterious image.

Cap-tablet for the wedding
  • "Flower" - the feminine version of the stylish weddingcap. It is not difficult to guess that it is made in the shape of a flower. It is a core (which is attached to the hair) and petals, loose around the head of the ladies.

Hat-flower wedding performance
  • A miniature hat usually decorated with some large decorative element - a flower, a pen leaves. It is a "pancake" of tissue. It will create an ironic and elegant image.

Miniature bridal headdress
  • Characterized by an elongated cylinder shape. Suitable extravagant ladies who are not afraid to engage the views. Size varies from a high to a small headdress with extended base.

Female version of the cylinder to the wedding

Watch the video, which shows a lot of hats for the bride - hats, veils, cylinders, mini cylinders and silk flowers:

Hat - is the actual wedding accessory,which has been successfully used to create wedding and festive images. The image of the bride, complete them, will be individual and unique. Be sure to make a great photo from the celebration, so you can brush up on your wedding extraordinary way at any time!