Wedding garter of the bride

According to an old tradition, every bride shouldputting the garter on the leg. This rule exists for a long time, he still adhere. The reason for that - a beautiful rite and his desire to fulfill the part of both the newlyweds. The task of the wedding bride's garter - be nice and bright decoration, which will be pleasing to the eye. Accessory can be used not only for the holiday, but also during the wedding night.

What is the bride Garter on the leg?

The story goes that before the advent of tights, trousers andcurrent clothes, the women were forced to wear leather "stockings". They protect your feet from the cold, wind and weather, and above them tied up to heavy and sturdy clothing is not subsided. Later, with the advent of nylon or knitted stockings, garter this also remained functional accessory elastic band, which did not allow clothes to slide down. After the tights, the need for tying went about such an important accessory forgotten.

At the wedding ceremony garter performs noonly a functional role, but also aesthetic. It is beautiful, sexy and necessary for the implementation of the old traditions. The groom has to remove the bride's feet and throw a beautiful accessory to their unmarried friends. Those lucky decoration in whose hands falls, it is not only the owner, but in the next year to marry, find his lovely family. And on the wedding ceremony the young man is obliged to dance a romantic song with the girl who catches the bride's bouquet.

"And what about the wedding night" - you might say. Yes, you can also prepare the bride jewelry because this accessory symbolizes the beginning of a joint stay in bed. Often brides choose for this moment another kind of garters, which will hide secluded high on the leg. The newly made husband at the beginning of the wedding night would remove the second accessory that will remain in the memory of a young family.

How should wear garters bride

Based on the fact that the accessory for delicate feetIt will be used on wedding event, and at the beginning of the wedding night, you need two garters. If some of the things you do not like, and you want them to be neglected - can take to wear one, it depends on the willingness of the bride and groom. But it is important to remember that even such a symbolic accessory can add an attractive woman and she will feel more confident.

If the bride chooses a few garter on leg- To choose dissimilar. Suppose for intimate caresses will be the accessory that suits your underwear. And for the grand wedding event will be prepared in the style of the garter dress. Remember that this accessory is not allowed to be worn all day, and allowed to be worn in front of the correct torque.

Possible wedding garters

There are many types of accessoriesbride's legs. To select exactly what will be remembered for a lifetime and will be like always, is to see the different options that come up in your head the desired image. Within a few days, it can change, but eventually postponed the perfect idea that can be translated into an interesting bridal accessories for brides. Independently make wedding garter is very easy, it does not need to be a great seamstress with great experience. The process steps are as follows:

  • buy satin ribbon, rhinestones or little stones, gum otrez delicate, lace;
  • elasticized sew selected tape from one side stitch in the ring;
  • decorate the necessary accessories and additions (garter looks elegant, if appropriate under a common wedding dress the bride, the groom).

Wedding garter lace

Wide lace wedding garter

If you like massive accessories - then suchan option for you. A wide strip of tape or lace at the base of jewelry - one of the most popular options. This accessory can be called a classic. It is easily attached to the foot does not slip due to sewn inside the gum is easily combined with any kind of lingerie and bridal wear. Wide lace garter can be used for the ceremony and for the wedding night.

Independently make such a garter,especially when you consider that in stores selling lace ribbon with an elastic band finished, they need to sew and decorate. But if most do not want an accessory - the store has a large selection of women's garters lace. Right there is to try on a few options, but still better to buy an accessory, together with the dress, only then you are exactly right, connect these items of clothing.

Set in the same style garters

Dual suspenders in the same style

If you decide to buy two accessories for the feet,it makes sense to select these at the same time in the same style. In this case, one of them takes a little wider (for a wedding), and the other - is (for the wedding night). Wear a garter on one leg, lower - for the event, the top - for an intimate time. Therefore, when choosing note the accessories are tight - they should not peredavlivat vessels, but crawl are not eligible.

When choosing a garter on a bride's leg oftenthink about color. Should you buy an accessory with the use of bright colors, unusual accessories. The unequivocal answer is - yes, you can, if it is combined with the general attire. But even if you go to buy jewelry with skulls in black and white dress and you have no other character on it is not - do not worry, everything is possible. The solemn wedding day the bride should be comfortable not only in appearance but also in the soul, it is better to buy the accessory that you want most.

The decoration on the leg for the wedding night

Thin Wedding Garter

The thin, unobtrusive accessories are perfectlyapproach is very lush painted dress. If the emphasis already placed on the costume, the other wedding symbols of dress should not burden the image. Garter in this case is no exception. Although it is an invisible point, but photographers and more men are very fond of her. Therefore, all the rules of style must be considered when choosing a garter on a bride's leg.

If you have chosen an unusual short dresswedding ceremony and all the celebration, then a thin bandage is the ideal option. Note that in this dress, it is desirable to wear only one accessory, because the two will look tasteless. Slim fit garter as those brides who do not want to wear an accessory, but obliges the bridegroom or tradition. Do not worry, little accessory will not spoil your celebration.

Brooches and stones in a festive garter

Embellished or brooches with stones

Wedding event was always intendedshow the wealth, success and reliability of the two families. So always choose the most beautiful dresses, pick up a special style, location, and more Accessory for brides legs is also a confirmation of the well-being and can be decorated with precious stones or vintage brooches. Wishing to such decorations only one thing - they should not interfere with walking in the most beautiful holiday of the family.

If you bought garter does not contain verygreat decorations, and you want those, do not worry. You are free to attach any decoration to accessories for legs. This is easily accomplished using a glue, or by using a thread. It is important that such a decoration for the garter was not too heavy and did not allow it to fall. After all, so I do not feel like taking a walk in nature, lose important photo shoot wedding accessory.

Flowers in jewelry for the feet

Decorations for legs with flowers

decorated with flowers

In recent years there the most unexpectedversions of traditional jewelery for the feet. They even use flowers, and not only artificial but also live. Big roses in blindfold not stick (not comfortable to walk in them), but the small field - very will look good. Such decorations suited for outfits in which there is a ring. They help to keep the dress itself, and the feet are not touching the fabric. Therefore, the flowers on the garter will be safe and sound.

Attribute bride with vivid colors canselect and then, if you put it right in front of the rite of removal. In this case, jewelery will not interfere with walking, it will not slide or fall apart. Even when throwing for single groomsmen it will be the same. In this embodiment, a single bandage allowed to decorate the bride's bouquet of flowers. It will be perfectly in harmony with the whole way.

Video: Review of the bride's garter

Every bride should have a perfectaccessory, and what - she just chooses. Even the groom's opinion in this matter can not be taken into account, as it should be a surprise for him. Make an overview of the different accessories made of organza, satin, chiffon and openwork. Consider options like double and single, stylized, classic. To be aware of all the interesting options garter leg - see video.

Photo of wedding garter for the bride on leg

Some photos of stylish accessoriesThey deserve special attention. And it is worth to pay tribute to the designers, who go to incredible solutions. An unusual accessory is able to show the soul of the bride, to reveal its essence, which is hidden behind a beautiful white dress. And only you can decide - to open his soul or not. But still give some beautiful and amazing ideas for wedding garter:

Garter on the wedding with skulls
  1. Accessory feet in the Gothic style of skulls and bones. Black Garter with the same bows can reveal a daring touch of the bride.
    Flag on a garter as a symbol wedding
  2. The symbol of the country. If you put the garter with the flag of powers in which you live - that show your commitment and nationalism.
    Bows in jewelry for the bride legs
  3. Garter with bows. Many girls like satin bows. If the dress does not have the jewelry, the garter can be simply paved with these charms.
    Tiger coloring Podvyazochki for wedding
  4. The decoration on the foot with a tiger print. Very good choice for the wedding night, especially if you pick and underwear in these colors.

Types garters for brides