Wedding doves

What could be more romantic than a wedding ceremonypigeons? Each wedding - is its modern history, the creation of a new family. All newlyweds want their solemn day was special, and the invited guests to the wedding for a long time remembered warmly interesting contests, fun meal, unusual traditions and rites. Running white birds as well as possible will give festive atmosphere of love, peace, family nest, and will be a moment that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Where better to start the pigeons at the wedding?

Special recommendations, where it is better to release the birds,no. The snow-white doves can run twice or even several times: before and after the painting, after leaving the church, during the wedding walk in the park or before the wedding banquet. Main - Choose the area, which will be good to watch the flight of birds you invited and fotooperatoru. Then the memory of the photo frame, and in the film of the wedding will last a lifetime.

Bride releasing doves

Before the registry office

As a rule, the wedding day releasing doves onwill after the release of Suite the Wedding Palace, which is a symbol of a lasting marriage, because a pair of doves live their entire lives. Sometimes white beauties release before the official process that symbolizes marriage for both newlyweds farewell to the idle-free life.

In the park

Alternatively, you can run in a beautiful pigeonspark - so will be able to achieve the maximum effect on the wedding photographs when romantic rite is a chic frame natural background. But then, should choose open terrain, for example, on the lawn or on the shore of the lake park. In short, you should not surround the trees, bushes and tall buildings. Otherwise, you will come to watch the magnificent flight of birds, they quickly disappear behind trees or buildings.

Newlyweds with pigeons

How to keep the bird?

Dove - a small and fragile bird, so many future couples are wondering how to keep them. It is a natural question, given the number of potential trouble:

  • The ability to accidentally injure the birds, "gently" hugging. To guard against such a force majeure event, keep white handsome hard, but gently.
  • Probability release doves ahead of time. birds Paws place between his fingers, gently holding the wings to the calf. Releasing a dove, gently push it up or just unclench her fingers.
  • The risk to miss a precious moment, so do not hold the right of pigeons, allow the photographer to make some exclusive shots.

Bride holding pigeons

How is the ritual letting the pigeons?

Starting in the sky white bird at the wedding - itvery beautiful, touching wedding custom, the newlyweds known in ancient times. But it is worth noting that this tradition start pigeons in our time has undergone some amendments, and expressed the two options:

  • A pair of newlyweds simultaneously releasing two doves as a sign of mutual love and loyalty to each other.
  • In honor of the marriage celebrations launch several young white birds as a living firework.

With this tradition at a wedding involve some beliefs:

  • Birds rise up to the clouds with ease - then family life Suite will proceed in harmony, unanimity.
  • Pigeons fly up quickly - so soon all to make a wish come true of a young couple.
  • If just released from the hands of young birds not scattered and fluttering around, and then the couple will be together forever.
  • If a pair of long winged hovering in the sky, it means that family ties are strong and eternal.
  • If soiled dove wedding dress the bride, the girl will live in love and prosperity.

Bride and groom with birds

It is believed that, in certain movementssnow-white couples in flight, it is possible to guess the sex of the baby and determine who will be the chief of the family. Before the pigeons flock up to the legs of their tie colorful ribbons (pink - the color of the bride, blue - the groom).

  • If the bird is new husband over a long period of time in front of a dove flies the wife, then the family will be the main man.
  • If a pigeon flew first to the bridegroom and of the bride overtaken dove - hence, the first-born will be a boy, if the opposite - a girl.

How much are the doves at a wedding?

Given the joy, the excitement of the time spent, the purchase of wedding pigeons will be inexpensive. Depending on your birds vary their price category. Order pigeons can:

  • In the professional pigeon. In this case you will have to go for the birds, which may lead to additional travel expenses. The price varies from 1,500 to 1,700 rubles per pair.
  • Some registrar. This option is the least expensive (from 700 to 1,000 rubles), but it is worth considering that, before the birds can feed and during the flight they may stain wedding dresses.
  • In a special agency or company to organize and conduct weddings. Then the pigeons at the right time will give you the agency employee. Cost of services from 1700 to 2000 rubles.

Video: Launch of wedding pigeons

The white doves at a wedding - a spectacleincredibly beautiful and fascinating. It symbolizes marital happiness, pure love newlyweds. Custom run into heaven of birds per day marriage became widespread in any wedding season, but it is especially popular in the summer ordered its celebration of wedding doves, couple, usually do not know how to handle them. If you also do not know how to run the pigeons, see a short video:

Wedding photo shoot with white pigeons

In the life of a loving couple wedding - itthe long-awaited and important event, so it is important to make it a memorable day of celebration. Add a ceremony originality and keep touching moments for centuries to help the original wedding photo shoot with doves. professional photographer just a few minutes of time to do a bit of staged photo: Young tenderly pressed against each other, carefully keeping the birds in their hands, or a couple admires beautiful doves, lowering his eyes and gently bowed head.

Newlyweds are holding doves

Rite letting the pigeons

Pigeons on the wedding ceremony