Wedding bolero

In the coming season will be indispensable boleropiece dress the bride. Its relevance it has acquired after the wedding, Kate Middleton, who was dressed in a dress with a lace top in the wedding day. Then, thousands of girls wanted to adopt the style of celebrities and purchase wedding bolero. Therefore, many fashion designers have started offering future brides are different variations of this accessory.

Features wedding boleros

Bolero is a shorter jacket,which covers only the arms, shoulders and back (usually below the shoulder blades, he does not reach). And décolleté remains open. However, the current models can be implemented in different ways. Designers sometimes sew nonclassical products that reveal the shoulders and arms, or cover the chest and neck. Wedding Bolero - not only fashionable bride's attribute, but also practical, beautiful thing. What is the use of this accessory?

  • Bolero saves in cool weather. Even if the wedding will take place in the summer, there is a possibility of heavy rain. The bride should protect themselves from unpredictable weather conditions. Cropped jackets will not warm you adequately, but with it you will be much more comfortable.
  • The bride should wear a bolero for the official part of the wedding, which will take place in a registry office or church. So she will create a more austere and modest way.
  • Using this accessory it is possiblehide figure flaws. For example, if nature endowed bride broad shoulders, making them visually already help bolero. So silhouette of a girl will look more symmetrical. However, do not choose the model, decorated with lace and ruffles - it will create the opposite effect and shoulders will seem even wider.
  • Wear it and you will be able to after the wedding. Lace, satin, or fur, it will perfectly blend in with other things such as the color gamut.

What does the bride's bolero

What bolero wedding dress to choose?

A fashion accessory is versatile, so greatIt will be combined with a lush and direct wedding dress. However, more successful in all he looks when sewn from the same fabric as the dress itself. The second option - a bolero and dress should be the same color or have a similar decorative elements. Before buying, you should pay attention to such a fundamentally important points:

  1. Neckline dress. The bride should not supplement its image jacket if her dress has a V-shaped neckline. Best of all accessory looks with a wedding dress with thin spaghetti straps or no.
  2. The color of the dress. Note that the color of the jacket and the dress should be the same. You can play on the contrast, but it is worth so choose colors that combined bouquet and shoes with them.
  3. Decor. If the dress is decorated with beads and sequins, the bolero is necessary to choose "light" that is free of such items. Otherwise, if the bride's modest - you can put on a luxurious accessory, richly decorated with ornaments.
  4. Features figure of the bride. Pick up the bolero is necessary in view of the constitution the girl's body. The owner of a slim figure can be put on any model, but the lush ladies recommended to prefer jackets with long sleeves free.
  5. Season and weather. For a summer wedding would be an excellent option bolero made of silk, lace, organza. The cooler weather is to stop the election on the models of dense tissue, such as satin. In winter, the ideal solution would be a fur cape made of natural or artificial material.
  6. Relevance. When planning a wedding ceremony, consider whether your outfit match the location (church REGISTRAR'S OFFICE). Since the church with uncovered shoulders go is not accepted, and the appropriate registrar for more discreet versions of dresses, choose the appropriate wedding bolero.

Model selection of wedding bolero

Lace short-sleeved

Choosing a wedding bolero increasingly dependent onof what style is satisfied bride. If this is a classic outfit, you note the model of taffeta and lace. Dress in the style of boho-chic or concise narrow garments can be perfectly complemented by a lace jacket. As decoration on it can be beads, sequins or even boutonnieres. Conversely, for an ornate attire more suitable modest, no-frills in the form of embroidery or rhinestones.

Lace bolero for bride

Fur long-sleeved

Wedding fur boleros usually wear in autumn orspring. It is perfectly combined with the classic dresses. The image of the bride who prefers a combination of both will be refined and sexy. If a long sleeve bolero, you should refrain from any decoration, except for a large necklace or earrings. If possible, it is best to choose a natural high quality fur. Then, the bride can wear for a long time and accessory after the wedding ceremony.

Fur cape wedding

satin bolero

Stylish model will never lose itsrelevance and popularity. Such a thing has a compact and easy-cut, so it can be decorated with any decorative elements: artificial flower, beads, rhinestones. Atlas perfectly combined with guipure. If the wedding dress is made of this material, satin bolero would be the best solution.

Satin Bridal jacket

Features bolero choice for complete brides

Universal accessory fits absolutely anybride. However, it enjoys great popularity among brides curvaceous. If you want to hide the stout arm or broad shoulders, the addition of the image as a bolero with long sleeves would be the ideal solution. With this piece the bride will feel comfortable even in a bold dress open bustier.

If your choice fell on a wedding dress with an openriding by Bolero, you can hide the shoulders and narrow shape visually. However, to avoid the narrow sleeves, otherwise you will achieve exactly the opposite effect, and disadvantages will be highlighted. It is advisable to focus on models with flared sleeves or loose. Choose the right size, because excessively tight bolero fits the figure, focusing on its shortcomings.

Photo beautiful bolero for wedding dress

Wedding fashion is not in vain as a favoritefashion catwalks chose bolero, this universal thing fit girls with any type of figure. Hudyshek properly tailored jacket can make visually larger, emphasizing the line of the chest. Full of girls boleros helps to hide his broad shoulders and solid hands. An important advantage of this wedding accessory - it goes well with almost any outfit.

Beautiful wedding bolero