The buttonhole of peony

An indispensable element in the form of a groomFlower Arrangement - boutonniere. History attribute its roots in ancient history dating back to ancient Greece, the Middle Ages. The name of the accessory was in France and translated literally - "a flower in his buttonhole." A beautiful tradition of decorating with fresh flowers suit men came up to the present day, except that this is relevant only in the accessory wedding day. At the wedding grooms wish to look decent, so pay special attention to the suit, shoes, fine attributes - cuff links, tie clips, boutonnieres.

boutonniere of peonies suitable for any wedding style

To create a boutonniere groom canused absolutely all colors, all depends on the subject matter, style wedding, the newlyweds desires, but the main thing that all the accessories looked harmoniously, combined with each other. Arrangement of peonies - a beautiful, delicate decoration for the future spouse, which is in demand, popular in the summer.

If the pion is not the season, and I'd like to have an accessory, it is possible to make these flowers yourself. Watch a video with a detailed master class to create compositions of satin ribbons:

Accessory, which included a central place is occupied by a large peony flower, suitable for almost any wedding theme:

  • For a classic celebration should give preference to undisclosed buds, which symbolize the seriousness of the groom responsibilities, creating a low-key image.

Flower Arrangement of closed buds pions
  • For the wedding in an unusual, original style will suit the composition of the pion and other elements of the decor, which will give buttonhole thematic mood.
  • Blooming flowers look soft, so perfect for a romantic wedding, the groom will give the image of ease.

Wedding groom accessory with blossoming buds
  • With a wide range of shades, floristcan pick up a flower for the basic colors, which is decorated wedding celebration or other accessories. Especially popular are white, pink, red peonies in a combination of green leaves.

The adorn boutonniere

For decorative floral arrangements usethe various elements that make decoration becomes a true work of art. Are used as decorative elements: satin ribbons, beads, beads, floral wire, feathers. All accessories that are hand florist, it can be included in the composition, creating an original masterpiece. other colors are often used sprigs of greenery that make attribute brighter.

Flower Arrangement of peonies

These elements not only serve as a decoration, but alsoThey play an important role - camouflage hairpin with which the attribute is attached to the jacket. Usually used as a fastening pin, which is parallel to the stem and hides the atlas, which it is wrapped, decorative wire and then decorated with small bows different shapes, sequins.

How to combine buttonhole:

Boutonniere, consisting of lush colors, shouldnice look, combined with the groom's suit, complementing its image, overlap with the bouquet of the bride and her ornaments, and be maintained in the general style, which organized a wedding celebration. Do not wrestle with choosing the colors, the composition, it is necessary to entrust this business specialist - an experienced florist will be able to easily create a unique piece of jewelry that will flow harmoniously into the overall style, just need to talk about the wedding theme and its color scheme.

C suit or tie groom

Boutonniere - a wedding decoration Groom,so it must be in harmony with his outfit. It is important that the accessory fit in color, was an additional attribute, a decoration, not a central element in the image. For example, do not need to choose red peonies for a bright costume, where they would look too provocative, and possibly aggressive. Looks nice when the accessory and tie are designed in one color, it gives the image of style, harmony, especially since it is shades of color contribute to this.

The combination of boutonniere and tie

From the bride's dress

The bride and groom in wedding day is alwaysIt is close by, so it is important to make them look beautiful, that their images, costumes were not disharmony. So, it would seem, so far things as future husband's boutonniere and bride's unlikely to have something in common, but in fact they are closely linked. To ensure that all looked gorgeous, you need to use decorative elements or tissues that have been used for decoration, making the wedding dress when drawing up a flower arrangement.

The combination of a peony with a boutonniere of the bride dress

With a wedding bouquet

Bridal bouquet and boutonniere - two accessories,which are closely interrelated. If the selected bouquet of pink peonies, then a flower must occupy a central place in the composition of the groom. It is important that not only echoed varieties of flowers, and their colors, decor, style of performance. An experienced florist will make sure that the newlywed accessory is a logical continuation of the bouquet, and everything will look stylish and beautiful. Therefore ordered these two important attribute you need to have one specialist.

The combination of boutonnieres and wedding bouquet

With a decoration for the bride hairstyles

Beautiful, stylish decoration looks hairstylesBride with fresh flowers. As a rule, use the same varieties, species of plants, of which formed the bridal bouquet and boutonniere. The charming, delicate peonies that are part of the floral composition of the groom and the bride adorn the hair, creating a stylish tandem. It looks delicious, is a sign that the couple carefully approached the creation of their own, the choice of accessories, preparing for the wedding.

Bride Hair Ornament peonies

With the overall theme of the wedding celebration

To the day of the wedding everything wentat the highest level, you need to pay a lot of time organizing the celebration. Do not unimportant role played by matching accessories common theme wedding. This also applies to the groom's boutonniere, which is a jewel of a man, and must be designed so as all the attributes. Peonies - a unique flower, they are good for the bridal bouquet, boutonniere groom and guests, wedding decoration. The main thing that all the accessories were the general trend, consistent with the style of holiday.

The combination of flower arrangement and wedding theme

Should different boutonniere groom and guests

The main culprits celebrations at the weddingare the bride and groom, they stand out against the rest of the guests with beautiful dresses, bright accessories. Often guests as ornaments offered boutonnieres, which usually adorn the dress of unmarried boys and girls are mounted on the left side. Flower arrangements, designed for guests should be more modest. For example, ornaments may be invited without additional decorative elements, smaller, or different shade created from small buds.

Boutonnieres witnesses should be modest,than the groom, but more original than the other guests. It is worth noting, such floral arrangements best friends are heroes of the occasion to hand as a bracelet (Bridesmaid) or fastened to the lapel on the left side (Friends future husband). To create can be used by small buds and one open, but the size is smaller than in the accessory of the groom.

Flower arrangements for witnesses

Photo Wedding boutonnieres of pions

Extraordinarily beautiful, delicious peonies alloften used in wedding floral design, the charm of these flowers enchants look. Florists, experimenting with these flowers, create new masterpieces, including buttonholes. Creating an original flower arrangement for the bride of the pion - a creative process in which the master puts his soul, so that the wedding day, the man looked charmingly and boutonniere to please the eye and the beloved guests.

Flower arrangements of peonies for invited guests