Pointers to the wedding

Each pair is getting ready for a wedding celebration,It is trying to create a unique atmosphere of the event. It is achieved due to the original style, embodied in the details. When choosing accessories for a festive day, the future spouses are trying to find interesting ideas and unusual solutions. Recently, when you make a couple of celebrations from around the world began to use pointers for a wedding, combining functionality and decor. Two detailed master class will help the groom with the bride to make these beautiful attributes yourself.

What area is a pointer?

Typically, indexes are used to fieldingwedding, especially if the couple rented a large area with multiple rooms, part of the natural area, given over to the park or the woods. The creation of such labels does not mean that they should be used only for spaces where guests will be difficult to navigate the terrain. First of all, a pointer to a wedding - it's a decorative element that emphasizes the triumph of style. This attribute is involved in creating an atmosphere pleases present original design.

So what areas should be designated pointers? First release is the place where the wedding ceremony will be held. Even at the entrance to the site of the future spouses can accommodate several pointers wedding guests to see them from the windows of cars. When guests Park your vehicles in their field of vision must fall arrow signs directing guests to the place of registration of marriage. It will be the first celebration enjoyable piece, just ask the right mood. What other areas need to indicate the arrow pointer:

  • Wedding photo zone. There guests will leave after the wedding ceremony. Photo zone on an away triumph should be decorated in a special way, according to the style of the holiday to visit at any time could come and take beautiful shots among the original decorations.
  • Banquet or buffet table at a wedding. Here guests will after a short walk.
  • Dance band at the wedding. There the couple can set the dance floor, put a musical instrument.
  • Locality. If on the territory of the leased space for a wedding is a lake, an interesting sculpture or a beach, the couple should be sure to write it in the index.

Optionally, follow the rules, processingplates for the wedding to be labeled with arrows. The couple can replace the boring word for something more original, place the signs, which is written "Love", "Kisses", "Miracles". To come up with an unusual name for tablets, newlyweds can imagine that the area for their wedding - a city full of attractions. All emerging ideas, unusual solutions need to record, and then select the best. See photos pointers with unusual inscriptions:

The original inscription on the signposts for the wedding

The methods and the fixing points

Fixing the pointers for the wedding - ita separate issue that requires careful approach. Newlyweds need to start to explore the area, where the celebration will take place, because in some cases the owners of the territory may prohibit installing bars in the ground. Instead, the future spouses can benefit from at least an interesting option - nice to hang on the ropes and signs with slogans painted arrow or use chalk pillars (passing) on ​​a celebration, if you can not fix the pointers otherwise.

The original method of fixing indicators forwedding, which is particularly suitable for large areas - a huge column with arrow signs. This landmark is best to install in the place where the guests will come, so they immediately knew where to go to the ceremony. If the place where the wedding takes place, stretching for hundreds of meters, should make additional mini-pointers.

Poles with pointers for wedding

Making signs with his hands-pointers - step by step lessons

At Suite there are several ways to get the original indexes for the wedding:

  • First - to buy them from the masters involved in the manufacture of tablets.
  • Second - rented by wedding agency or person from the manufacturer.
  • Third - create the indexes yourself.

The manufacture of such tablets for their weddinghands has many benefits: savings funds, pastime, the ability to do creative work and get away from the hassle of pre-wedding, festive attribute uniqueness. Pointers for a wedding, made independently, can be kept at home as a family heirloom, they are easy to decorate the living room or the garden in the country. Below are the master classes with step by step photos, which will enable future spouses easily made wooden or cardboard signs.

Master-class on the creation of wooden signs

Wood - a beautiful, noble material,often used in the decoration of weddings, it in itself creates a pleasant mood. As a rule, wooden signs do not need to further decorate or paint (although it remains at the discretion of the newlyweds) - beautiful oak, pine, spruce, aspen planks look succinctly and elegantly unadorned. The final result will depend on the style of the wedding and the personal preferences of the intending spouses.

Pointer from a tree for wedding

Woodworking for a wedding in the PointerIt depends on the style of wedding: Rustic, Shabby-chic or eco-triumph did not require a transparent varnishing, polishing or shpatlevanija board than its natural view - the better. For subjects Provence future spouses may choose the indicators with the effect oblezshey bright paint. In the case of more formal events, we recommend thoroughness and moderation in all things, and because labels carefully handled. It is important that these details were combined in form with the rest of the wooden decorations event.

Necessary materials

  • Wooden plank.
  • A hammer.
  • Drill (if necessary).
  • Matt acrylic paint for the background (it is better to choose lighter shades or colors for your wedding style).
  • Black acrylic paint for the lettering.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Brushes for painting (thin and thick).
  • Sponge.
  • Pencil pen).
  • Paper.
  • Printer.
  • Rope or pole for mounting.

Stages of Development

  1. If you decide to engage in manufacturing indexfor the wedding at home, you should choose a spacious place to lay his newspapers (unnecessary papers). Take sandpaper, start carefully handle the surface of the wood to make it as smooth as possible. In this case, the smoother will be the wooden board, the better.
  2. Thick brush you need to take bright dyebackground (in a master class used gray). If you create an accessory for a wedding in Provence or rustic style, apply a thin layer of paint. This method of staining will underline the natural look of wood, its natural texture. First, paint the one side, wait until completely dry, only then turn and continue on the other side of the pointer.
    Processing and staining boards for future indicator
  3. The third step is to draw the inscription onthe surface of the dried boards. This can be done by yourself, but if you are not sure that the write words accurately, you must use the printer. Select a computer font that you like, use the fill. Note that the message should be mirrored, or do not turn the pointer. For printing, use inkjet printers. Attach a sheet with the printed label to the board, just moisten the top surface of the paper with a sponge. It is important that the material is not too razmok.
  4. Pick up a pen or pencil, start reversetool side gradually dent each letter writing in the board. In no case do not need to rub the surface of the paper - it will turn the sheet in rags, and translate a sentence or a word will not work. When the procedure is completed, the letters run out on a plate. Carefully remove the wet paper with a wooden pointer.
  5. Thin brush take some black paint,carefully draw around it all the letters that the inscription has turned more contrast, use a different shade if desired. Draw an arrow pointer. Use a drill to drill two holes on the sides of the top and pull the rope through them, if you are going to hang a sign. For terrestrial pointer will need a wooden pole with a hammer and nails for fixing.

Create labels on the plate-pointer for a wedding

A pointer to the wedding of cardboard

Cardboard signs easily make theirhands, this material will allow the couple to realize all the fantasies associated with the style of the holiday. Perpetrators of celebration can make their own drawings, decorate thick cardboard, or print labels in the printing agencies. If you want to use wooden boards, but there is no possibility, cardboard and then comes to the rescue - the bride and groom will need to order the signs, stylized tree. The master class will help the newlyweds to create original labels in the form of a board with chalk inscriptions.

Necessary materials

  • Cardboard large size.
  • The wooden beam or column.
  • Double-sided tape.
  • Black matte adhesive tape (suitable ORACAL film company).
  • Scissors.
  • Multicolored crayons (white, blue, yellow, pink, etc.).
  • Pencil.
  • Template.
  • Copy paper.
  • Printer.

Stages of Development

  1. Find the arrow image network, whichlike in shape, print on your printer (it is important that the size was appropriate). Place a copy paper under the pattern, move on cardboard contours of arrows, using a pencil, pen or any object with a thin tip.
  2. Carefully cut the arrow.
  3. Begin to remove the protective sheet from the self-adhesivefilm, put on the spot where the sheet has moved away, the beginning of the cut direction. Continue to gently pull protection, simultaneously pinning pointer to the adhesive surface of the film.
  4. When everything is ready, carefully cut along the contour of the arrow - the dark side of the film will face.
  5. Take your favorite crayons, write the words on the arrows pointers.
  6. By the top of a wooden beam or column, attach double-sided tape. Secure the cardboard sign on it. The original pointer for a wedding is ready!

Master class: creating cardboard information signs

Photo of a beautiful wedding signs

Pointers to the wedding are gainingpopular among honeymooners thanks to a simple and beautiful way to coordination of guests, as well as exceptional photogenic. These attributes will be lovely celebration beautiful holiday photo shoot part, moreover, in the beautifully designed, unusual pointers necessarily pay attention all present holiday. Sometimes these signs are for decoration event, not for the distribution of the celebration of the zones, but they still get a nice piece of wedding jewelry.

Newlyweds can feel free to showfantasy, decorating pointers for the wedding, as long as they match the style category of the event. The original is a form of tablets and inscriptions themselves: classical notation places the couple can be replaced by their synonyms that are will like ( "Dancing" to "tusim!", "Banquet" to "Holiday Feast"). Decorated with flowers, decoupage, beads or necklaces made in the style of "Alice in Wonderland" - a lot of design ideas tablets. See a selection of photos of beautiful pointers for the wedding and get inspired!

Ideas for original information signs for wedding