Pearls for the wedding

Classics all women's clothes and accessories underThey always considered pearls. With it, women create a unique image of any dress, trouser suit, ordinary ordinary blouse. Even if under the inconspicuous strict dress you wear a string of pearls around the neck and decorate your wrist - is an exquisite evening dress. This accessory is suitable for any type of event, event. However, there is such a contentious issue, is it possible to wear pearls to a wedding brides? And there are several answers.

Jewelry and jewelry for the bride of pearls

The decision always rests with the bride: how to choose an accessory as ornaments on her dress. If you are not afraid of no will, your choice is not limited in the variety of precious pearls. But in the case of negative signs, it is possible to use an alternative: artificial pearl jewelry. Today's opportunity is allowed to make products jewelry so that it looks no worse than natural stone. It is available and has a great variety, such as:

Pearl Jewelry for the bride to the wedding
  • Simply thread white pearls;
  • The original five-layer bracelet with pearl beads;
  • Laconic earrings (one large pearls on each).

If you are a supporter of natural jewelsbuying a special pearl set for the wedding, be careful in the choice: there is a risk to buy a fake. Therefore, use a simple way to check the quality - hover pearl bead on the ultraviolet light rays and, if the color casts a yellowish shade, do not doubt the originality of the decoration. To be safe, watch a video on how to choose pearls:

Use pearl wedding

There are lots of ideas that usethe use of pearl jewelery in the wedding theme, starting from the beautiful bridesmaid dresses with accompanying accessories, finishing with fine detail in the hair, the bouquet on wedding glasses and the like. Below are more detailed version of the successful application of pearl beads at the wedding.

Wedding dress with pearls Photo

bride - the main attribute of a weddingcelebration, so each girl comes to this issue is very sensitive, exciting, with the utmost care. Everyone has their own individual style and taste, so the styles may find infinite set. Pearls are traditionally used as a decor wedding dress, embroider their corsets, gloves, veil. Beads used in different sizes: from the smallest to the largest. Look below in the photo interesting options of wedding dresses in which the decorating pearls present.

Dress for a wedding with pearl

Wedding glasses

Wedding glasses - is a symbol of unitymarriage. A glass of champagne Young celebrate the first second of the association. Therefore it is very important that the spell from which you drink the drink of love was beautiful. Many manufacturers are now decorated with pearls and crystal glasses in bulk of any stones, it looks very beautiful and spectacular. Here are some examples of original ideas wedding decorations with pearls of dishes:

  1. Engrave on glasses using small pearl beads first letters of their names.
  2. Beads may pasted glasses legs.
  3. Beautiful patterns in large quantities of stones, or to taste, but modestly.

Glasses young for a wedding with pearl

Wedding hairstyle with pearls

Technology modern craftsmanship hairdressersallow to invent the most interesting hairstyle for the bride at the wedding, which is decorated with pearl thread, large beads. The bride looks very elegant, solemn and is the most beautiful girl at the wedding. And here are a few ideas of female wedding hairstyle with pearls:

  1. "Babette". The hair gathered in a bun on top. It retained a small strand that gently frames the face. Around the resulting muffins tie beautiful pearl beads, securing them from all sides invisible or hairpins.
  2. Gather hair in a conventional shell and rear seam attach beautiful hairstyles hairpins with pearl heads.
  3. Beautifully her hair down, having wound their large waves, and the top tiara secure.

Hairstyles for a wedding with pearls for the bride

Bridal bouquet with pearls

Bouquet - is the subject of compulsorywedding attribute, which she then has to pass his still unmarried girlfriend, as a symbol of the rolling mascot in the acquisition of the second half and a happy love. He is considered as a decoration of wedding image, which the groom solemnly presents his lover and immediately leads her down the aisle. There are a large number of variations of wedding decor colors, for example:

  • Bouquet, which is made on the principle of flowingcolors of the bride's hands down. He performed with the help of beautiful orchids with long stalks - paste beads of different colors on the petals and leaves;
  • Bouquet shaped letter "A" - a concise practical option bouquet that the bride will be comfortable to hold in their hands the whole photo shoot;
  • Bouquet with a microphone. He usually has a spherical shape, which originally made up of roses of different sizes, and the stems are gathered in a convenient handle to the bride is not chopped hands. This handle is traditionally decorated with pearl beads, colored stones.

Bridal bouquet on wedding

Wedding - is a big celebration in the life of everycouples, so impressive appearance all the beautiful decoration, decor, clothes and accessories of special significance, because it still remains in the memory for many years of a happy life of the spouses. A pearl brings its own special charm and a taste of the event. Let your fiance will give you the old custom, beautiful necklace, which will serve as a symbol of a strong and happy life.

Can or can not the bride to wear pearls and why?

Yes, pearls - Decoration noble, beautiful,Many girls like to wear it. Well, but at the expense of brides: pearl jewelry if they are allowed to wear on their own wedding or not, the opinions are radically different. For example, representatives of the esoteric strongly support the stone's presence on the bride on the wedding day, because it is considered unlucky pearl decoration with the negative energy of the moon. This means that the future of the marriage for women turn to her tears, bitterness, hopelessness.

But the ancient tradition says nothing about thisItem: Pearl embodies the features of innocence, purity, chastity, guard happiness and mutual love of its owner, because the first thing you need to put the girl on her wedding day - a pearl necklace. Many women do not have as much "zabobonov" and boldly wear this jewel with a wedding dress, embroidered with beads corset, decorated with loose hair that brings to their way of celebration, radiance and beauty.

Bride of years ago in Pearl Jewelry

Pearls for the wedding: signs

Pearls - a stone complex and has its ownpopular for a long-long time. Slavic people have a lot of will, which have their roots in ancient times, it has not bypassed party beliefs and pearls. History captured plenty of evidence of this decoration, its traditions and superstitions. For example:

  • There is an opinion that this exquisite stonecan change color, when to happen something bad, in a way, he warns and protects its owner about the dangers and endowed with the gift of prophecy. So many of the girls in the old days wore it as a talisman, especially on such an important celebration, as his own wedding;
    Pearl necklace as a talisman for the wedding
  • According to ancient European traditions, pearlornament tied hands of the bride and groom, to bless on the bonds of the fortress, the inviolability of their union until the end of days; Or ancient Rome, for example, where his bride groom necessarily had to give pearl jewel as a wedding gift. This stone has an association with the wedding and its main decoration. Some are not supporters of pearl jewelry at the wedding, while others associate it with the symbol of the best wedding traditions.