Jars bonbonnieres

The original idea for the wedding candy boxesIt is to use instead of boxes of all kinds of glass jars. In them you can guests to present the jam, honey, biscuits, candies, jellies, cakes and also such unusual gifts as plant seeds, spices and others. Each vial can be provided with a personalized label, inscribed with the wedding date, names and the initials of the bride and groom.

How to choose a bonbonniere

The most important criterion for choosingbonbonniere - it's compatibility with the event theme. This concept may be special color. For example, if a celebration in a nautical theme, and then the gift should be designed appropriately - tied with striped ribbon or filled with seashells, starfish, decorated with elements related to the sea.

Remember that gifts to the guests do not have to be differentfrom each other to avoid conflicts and comparisons (this is typical of certain categories of people). You can only distinguish between male and female surprises by selecting different shades of the same color. To the present, you can attach a small card on which were written the friendly wishes of everyone invited to your wedding ceremony.

Possible wedding candy boxes in the form of a jar

To present at the wedding guests bonbonnieresjars - the latest trend. It is fashionable, the actual trend had to taste many newlyweds. Especially it fits into the theme of celebrations such as rustic, vintage, retro, Shabby chic, rustic, wood. Following the acquisition of cans the couple will have their right to issue, for example, attach a sticker, draw initials, decorate different materials.

Embellished lace or ribbons

Sweet gifts in a jar are very popular. Make stylish bonbonniere, adorning it with ribbons or tape - such gifts fit into the rustic, rustic styles, and even in theme retro style. Choose shade bands or ribbons to match the main color of the celebration or the color of wedding accessories. With these materials you can decorate a neck bow, cover, or your entire bank, creating ribbons weaves intricate patterns.

Bonbonniere with ribbons and braid

Decorated with lace or bright cloth

Decor bright cloth - a very original idea. Especially pertinent matter looks worn over the cap and intercepted a string or a rubber band around the neck. It looks a surprise cozy, home-like jar beloved grandmother's jam. With lace you can in different ways to decorate a gift: your entire jar or only some parts. Such decorations suited for vintage wedding.

Bonbonniere jars with colorful fabric or lace

With personalized label or logo on the lid

Personalized Label - a good examplecustomizing compliment guests. On it you can put the initials of a young couple, the celebration date. At the request of the label write just one line brief but capacious wishes for guests who are not excluded, even his comic form. The logo on the lid will also help you to make a unique jar. Her you can apply acrylic paints, paste or attach another way.

Jars for guests with the logo or label

Jars with cork stoppers

Bonbonniere jars with cork stopperstree look very original, unique and stylish. Such gifts you can fill anything: decorative pebbles, candies, nuts, dried fruit, jelly or jam. Present a guest, you can further decorate the different items, for example, to hang on a neck ribbon strung beads or kulonchiki as a key, birds and others.

Bonbonniere jars with plugs

What can fill the jar to the wedding bonbonniere

Traditionally, candy boxes filled with almonds,covered with icing. This sweetness is considered a symbol of eternal love, over which even time is powerless. Adopted by putting five drops, which symbolize the desire and hope for a young couple and guests - fertility, wealth, happiness, health, longevity. Also almonds, you can give different candies, such as candy, dried fruits in chocolate, marzipan, candies and other colorful.

Honey or jam

The day after the triumph of the bride and groomThey begin their honeymoon. Presenting guests with jam, honey or jam, you remind invitees about sweet love. This is a universal gift that will appeal to everyone. Original, tasty, healthy, it will not gather dust on a shelf, in addition, always trigger wonderful memories and a smile on his face.

To bonbonniere looked interesting, it should beto come up with the original packaging, special design. It can be combined with colors celebration decoration or select a universal option. Excellent idea - to make a registered label, on which you write sweet wishes for each guest, but it is necessary to come up with a single font for all.

Bonbonniere with jam and honey

Biscuits or sweets

Put the jar in a small biscuits, bakedyou personally. In winter, it can be baked with spices such as cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger. Aromatic cookies in the evening over a cup of tea to remind visitors about you and about the day they spent unforgettable. Additional excipients can serve tea bags and unusual, unique variety. The original idea - filled with interesting gifts, delicious sweets. Such sweetness and you can make yourself.

Cookies and candy to fill the jars

Coffee beans

Bonbonniere jars filled with fragrant easilycoffee beans. It is best not to choose the ground coffee as a gift is not as aesthetically pleasing look. Choose a tasty and fragrant varieties, but do not buy too exotic, because it is not to everybody's taste. Additionally, you can put a stick of cinnamon, star anise, clove bud, pea of ​​black pepper and other spices, which is brewed coffee.

Bonbonniere with coffee

Jars with sea salt

Bonbonniere jars filled with sea salt,more relevant to women's gifts. Any representative of the fair sex would be pleased to receive such a gift. The salt can be flavored by different essential oils, but you should not choose a very pungent odor, it is better to buy pine, light citrus flavor. Excellent color will look salt, intricately laid out in layers.

Bonbonniere with sea salt

Photos candy boxes in the form of jars

Bonbonniere See the original jars,interesting and stylish at the wedding table. Such a compliment guests will certainly appreciate. You can choose any filling:. Honey, jam, sweets, pastries, a variety of desserts, a kit for the preparation of cakes, cocoa, biscuits, spices, etc. The main thing - is correct and matched the style of celebration choose decoration candy boxes, so that it becomes a harmonious continuation of the festive accessories.

Ideas jars of sweet dishes