How to make a wedding stole his hands

Capes - a traditional element of the femalewedding attire, and they have become especially important in recent years. When choosing attire and accessories for him, the bride often opt for stoles - rectangular cloak made of fur, wool, mohair, and other materials. Palatine throws down, he wrapped his neck and shoulders. Carefully chosen accessories will give the image of a bride complete form, it will be useful during a visit to the church, warm in cold weather. Do you want to learn how to tie their own hands stole? For needlewomen it will not be difficult!

Wedding stole for the bride

Stole Wedding Dress connected on spokes

Warm wraps or shawls are relevant forwedding in the autumn-winter period. They not only complement the image of the bride, but also prevent it from freezing. Traditionally, these products are made of thick yarn, high-quality wool. To create beautiful patterns of knitting technique used on the needles. But not only the kind of wedding wraps can be related to the spokes: With this technique, you can make the delicate openwork detail of the wedding wardrobe of his hands.

How to tie a wedding stole needles

Necessary materials

  • For the manufacture of the product size of 70 cm to 155 cmYou will need 150g of white yarn. It is advisable to use a yarn consisting of a mixture of silk and superkidmohera 70/30 required thread density 212 m / '25
  • Spokes number four.

Circuits, and steps of knitting

For a start it is recommended to get acquainted with the schemeknitted stole, symbols. Figure product consists of two basic patterns - "border" and "openwork". Along the edges of tippet used common garter stitch, which is carried out under the scheme: 1st - the alternation of right and wrong hinge, the second row - facial hinge.

The scheme of knitting needles Wedding Accessories
  1. "Openwork" is done according to the scheme: provyazyvaem loops before rapport, rapport and then drawing (from the distinguished traits to other features), then complete the loop indicated after rapport. "Openwork" provyazyvaem tall by 12 rows. Each series of the first loop is removed, and the last provyazyvaem wrong - this edge loop, they are not included in the description of the scheme.
  2. "Border" is knitted according to the scheme with repetition rapport. As in "openwork pattern", the first and last number of loops do with edge.
  3. you need to decide before you start working withdensity knit. For "Openwork" recruit 18 p., 20 p provyazyvaem. . Should get a sample size of 10 cm x 10 cm in the same way we proceed with a pattern of "fringe": recruit 18 p, 22 p provyazyvaem.. As in the previous case, we obtain as a result of mating square sample width of 10 cm. If this did not work, adjust the density of breeding.
  4. Getting Started. On the spokes 136 loops and recruit provyazyvaem 8 rows of garter stitch. The following 276 p. knit according to the instructions: 1 bead loop, 3 sts garter st, 128 loops "Openwork", then 3 sts garter st, complete the number of edge loops... After 276 series provyazyvaem 8 p. garter stitch. The following are 14 rows of the scheme:.. Bead loop, 3 sts garter st, 128 loops "fringe", 3 sts garter stitch, bead number completes the loop. In 307 p. all the loops are closed.
  5. To complete the assembly of the product at shortthe width of wedding accessories recruit 136 loops. Next knit according to the scheme: bead loop, 3 sts garter st, "fringe" loops 128, paragraph 3 garter stitch, final - bead loop... So provyazyvaem 14 p, and in the 15th close all the loops.
  6. The finished product is recommended to spread onsoft surface, around the edge perimeter of each clove and secure rim pins or needles. Liberally sprinkle stole warm water using a spray bottle. Leave to dry completely.

Wedding stole hook

Particularly gentle look stoles relatedhook. Through this technique it is possible to create original openwork patterns. Finished products are attractive. They serve as a great decoration, in addition to the wedding dress. Choose these stoles for the spring or summer wedding. To give the product extra shine associated optional accessory can decorate with beads, fringe, satin bows.

Crochet stole for the bride

Necessary materials

  • Yarn desired color composed of a mixture of merino wool and polyamide in a ratio of 50:50 - 200 g
  • hook №1,75.

Driving and the stages of knitting

At the beginning of work on the stole should be familiar with the instructions and symbols.

Scheme of the basic pattern for a crocheted stole
  1. The basic pattern constituting the loop, the number ofwhich is a multiple of 35, plus 6 p. and one edge air lift loop. Knit pattern must be according to the scheme 1: knit the first time with the 1st to the 12th row, all remaining times pattern repeat with the 3rd to the 12th district. That is, the first two rows no longer repeated.
    Driving the fan curb to crochet stole
  2. For roping accessory fan-borderyou must perform the basic pattern, but with the changes indicated in the Scheme 2. In the corners cape to be fan-shaped motif: from the 1st to the 5th district. If the edges are not to tie, they may be deformed.
  3. Before the production, it is recommended Stoletie a small sample to determine the density of breeding. Bound sample should have a size of 10 cm by 10 cm and composed of 8.5 to 21.5 and rows of loops.
  4. Getting to perform work: recruit 112 stitches. Knit basic pattern under the scheme. Once the product will have a length of 180 cm, finishing work.
    Knit wedding robe hook: Symbols
  5. At the request of undergirding the entire perimeter of the fan-shapedborder or decorate only short and one long side of the article. On every corner there should be a fan-shaped motif. It must perform in the second row of the pattern 11 instead of seven columns with nakida further proceed similarly.
  6. Trailing edge wedding accessory thatstayed neoformlen fan-pattern and tie the ends of the curb next to "shells": 1 bar without nakida, skip, see figure, and then with 7 columns nakida, which are mounted in the base of the loop 1, see the figure again skip and repeat.

Photo wedding stoles for the bride

Using wedding stoles in the imagebride - the idea of ​​a fashionable and original. Among the variety of wardrobe items, each girl will be able to find the one accessory that is ideal for the silhouette of her gown and is in harmony with the rest of the dress. Even factory tippet can decorate their own hands and give it originality. To do this, use the shiny ornaments, beautiful application, do the insert fabric from which sewed clothes, articles suture tie openwork pattern. In search of new ideas, see a selection of photos.

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