How to make a bag for the bride with his own hands

At the wedding the bride should be the image of allideally. The total order consists of multiple items of clothing, shoes and jewelry. The tone of the whole look of the dress sets, depending on the color and characteristics of which are matched other accessories. Bride Handbag - an optional part of the image of the bride, but desirable. Sometimes when choosing the right dress for a finished accessory having difficulty: No products need to color or material. Therefore there is a need for a bag with his hands.

Handbag-bag with drawstrings

Among a variety of patterns wedding bagsevery bride can choose the one that will fit her image and wishes. Popular models for a wedding this accessory considered clutch, a small bag, purse, envelope bag in the form of a heart or a bouquet of flowers. But the bag bag is among the favorites, and the product is to sew their own hands is not difficult for handy people.

Wedding clutch

Necessary materials

  • Fabric 1 m x 50 cm. For suitable as satin and silk, organza and lace. Choose fabric according to the dress. If it is sewed with a thin transparent material, the same material is needed for the bag. But in this case the fabric must be taken twice. To does not shine through, sew it into two layers.
  • Smaller size zip or button.
  • Decorative elements: beads, pearls, crystals, stones, sequins.
  • Sewing machine.
  • White thread.
  • Needle.
  • Tape measure.
  • Compass.
  • Safety pin.

Accessory in the form of a pouch with strings

Stages of Development

  • With the outline circle using a compass on the fabric12 cm. Cut two such identical circular blanks. Still need to carve out a strip of 15 cm x 55 cm. Fold the two circular blanks to each other inside out tissue. Sew two pieces together by a seam obmetochnogo. If you have a sewing machine, use it, and the edges of blanks treat overlocking.

Prolazhivanie obmetochnogo seam
  • The seam does not lay around the edge, and leave a small hole through which the need to turn round and camouflage seam to close the remaining hole.

Stage create accessory
  • The excised band fabric 15 cm x 55 cm broad side 2 cm bend inwards and to fix a hidden seam. Leave nezashitym small piece, which then insert strings.

The incorporation of a hidden seam
  • The side walls having a height of 15 cm, to connect together a hidden seam or stitching machine.

Preparations for future enhancement
  • The resulting cylinder, which isblank bokovushek future handbags, from the wrong side of fabric sewn to the bottom. By doing this, make a small crease to make a beautiful shape of the product.

The appearance of products without lace
  • The final stage: white lace, a thin satin ribbon ties or self-made with the help of a safety pin to thread the drawstring casing at the top of the product. Sew handle the required length. In use as a handle string, thread or cloth pearls in string tone material. Ready to decorate the bride's purse at his own request: to embroider with beads, beads, stones or other to do embroidery.

The decor of the finished product beads

Wedding bag of satin, beads and flowers

Whatever form is not preferred handbags bride, hermandatory items are delicate decorative elements. For the girls choose the wedding accessories decorated with beads, artificial stones, flowers. Atlas - the traditional and widely used fabric for wedding dresses. For in the image of all was harmony, handbag to this dress is recommended that you also made of satin, and then decorate the product is suitable for the style detail.

Necessary materials

  • Four length satin fabric width of 25 cm and a height of 15 cm.
  • A piece of thick fabric to reinforce the product inside.
  • Decorative elements: artificial flowers, beads, silver or gold cord.
  • Thread.
  • Needle.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Pins.

Materials and tools for satin bridal handbags

Stages of Development

  • Draw on a sheet of paper bags shape the future. Optionally make it square, oval, rectangular or heart-shaped.

Plans for future products
  • We outline the pattern on the fabric. Makes 4 bars of satin material (2 parts go to the front of the product, two - for lining). In the thick fabric cut out two more for the same amount of detail that will enhance the finished product, give it shape.

Process smetyvaniya details
  • 2 a blank for the lining are sewn together,pre-folded face inwards. The remaining two satin patterns combine face with a dense fabric parts and lay them on top of each side. With the machine sew.

Stitching on a sewing machine
  • Removing the workpiece future bride bag, put it in the lining, which is not to turn out.

Connection lining parts and
  • The edges of the body are united, gradually bending theminside. Handle on the sewing machine, do not forget to fix the fastener in the right places (buttonholes) and pen. As a final use ready-made chain, cord or ribbon from the inlay.

Attaching lace or chains
  • Product decorate on their own: sew flowers, embroidered with beads, beads, ribbons, sequins, paillettes.

Decoration of the finished product with flowers and beads

Video tutorial to create bags for the bride

With step by step workshops and detailedinstructions with photos, if desired, every bride will be able to create your own bag for the wedding. The main advantage of such an accessory - it is a complete exclusivity. No one else will not be such a part of the wardrobe as you. Create your own product, which will perfectly complement wedding dress and will be combined with all its elements. To further explore the sewing technique bride handbag with your hands, watch the video below. It experienced handy to share their own secrets.

Photo wedding bags for brides

If you attach a little imagination and spend a couplehours of time, even the finished bag will be able to make an original and unique. Decorate its accessories vivid detail, supplementing their hand-embroidered, loose stones or artificial flowers. This component is handmade wedding dress will become a bright accent the whole way and bring him notes of originality and sophistication. Get inspired to create their own bags with the help of photo collections below.

Accessories made with their own hands

Options homemade accessories for the bride