Clutch for wedding

The event, which is waiting for all the girls in your life- Marriage with a loved one. Image of a bride from the beginning thought out to the smallest detail: the long shopping trips with wedding dresses, discussions with decorators, florists, make-up artists. How not to miss important details? If you do not have your own stylist, the Perform yourself in this role! Pick your way of wedding clutch - functional and indispensable handbag bride.

Models wedding clutch bags for the bride

If you have not decided yet what weddingYou will need a clutch, then decide what you put there. Bride before the solemn day suggest that this accessory is not necessary, because will be a bouquet and dress that you need to constantly correct. But you need a phone to communicate with loved ones, lipstick and mirror fresh and bright appearance, passport, required at marriage. Where to put it? For this purpose there are spacious and miniature clutches, which saves the bride from small problems during the wedding.

After determining the number of enclosing things, you will realizewhat size bag you need. Consider whether you will be convenient to carry a clutch in hand or need strap-chain. The choice of models is infinite bags, different styles. Consider options for envelopes, boxes, wallets, stylish models "pompadour" or other original forms. Wedding clutches are made of different materials - leather, cotton with embroidery, soft satin, lace passionate. All models can be different interpretations of color, depending on the wishes of the bride and dress style.

Clutch in the form of an envelope

Should I stop the choice onClutch-envelope? Depends on you. This model is preferred by women, bridal image that strict and cautious, because trouser suit or jacket with a pencil skirt are also considered formal attire. To determine the material, feel more supple and soft cloth, and then hard, keep in shape. Clutch envelope will be the company to choose a dress, Wedding image of the bride is complete and stylish.

Clutches for the wedding in the form of an envelope

Wedding clutch purse

Have you planned a retro wedding? 50s and 60s filled with laughter and smiles, so preparation is important accessory for a clear view of the selected wedding theme. Wedding clutch purse - retro model perfectly complements the style and image of a bright bride:

  • If you want to focus on red lipstick, do not forget about the color when selecting wedding handbags.
  • If you want to wear a hat, then pay attention to the model with feathers.

Retro allows you to choose not the traditional white clutches and bright patterns with prints, bows or other accents.

Wedding clutches, wallets

Clutch in the form of heart

Date of your celebration coincides with Valentine's Dayor the anniversary of the relationship? Then the symbol of the holiday - the heart. Select it as the main attribute of lovers, focusing on the decor. Compact clutch-heart - a detail that will be combined with mood honeymooners. Delicate, white, air will complement the bride's wedding handbag ivory shade. If you plan a brilliant wedding, then pay attention to the clutch in silver or gold color. In the hands of not too comfortable to hold surround the heart, because the purchase model with straps.

Clutches for the bride in the form of heart

Wedding-clutch box

Luxury wedding dress is embroideredprecious stones and ornaments - your dream? Do not forget to complement her wedding-clutch box. This model is ideal for elegant ceremonies. Box in form compared with the jewelry box and clutch decor often consists of stones and crystals. Traditionally decorated wedding handbag this style artificial pearls. Clutches-purchase boxes with a strap, because the bag becomes bulkier by decorating.


Clutch for wedding round shape

The assortment of wedding handbags large, so beoriginal bride you definitely will! Note the round shape clutches ivory color. They look soft and luxurious, wealth, give them artificial pearls. Rounded clutches can be combined with both the lush dresses, and fitted with the models "mermaid" and "Greek style". Plus, this model is that even if in the usual cocktail dress after the wedding, you take a bag with you to the theater, in the movies, on a date or a walk.

Rounded clutches for wedding

Options clutch decoration on wedding

Each stylish piece chosen brideIt embodies the traits, ambitions, visions of the future. This may seem petty, but even clutch decor plays an important role in the completion of the image. Let the wedding clutch complements your dress, focusing on luxury developments. Traditionally isolated jewelry using beads, rhinestones, crystals, silk and chiffon flowers suitable for romantic ladies, lace and openwork - passionate and emotional brides.

Decor clutch beads, rhinestones and crystals

Clutch decorated with beads and rhinestones, is not suitableOnly a magnificent wedding ceremony, but also to thematic celebrations selected newlyweds. If you are close to the style of rustic, and you want an easy exit from the ceremony a buffet or a picnic, the frugal bride in a peaceful venue perfectly complemented by a luxurious accessory. This style applies bright color accents and your clutch unusual shapes (heart, oval) with beads safely take part in it.

Decor clutches with beads and sequins

Silk and chiffon flowers

Clutch with flowers - versatile accessory toMany styles. If you want to organize a wedding in retro style, how do without contrasting colors, with additions of feathers? Vintage Sheet Music, or bright dudes? You decide. Bride in style Shabby-chic just can not do without the decorated clutch. Favorite peonies on the bag, made of chiffon, will long remind you of a memorable day in your life.

Clutches for wedding, decorated with flowers

openwork lace

Openwork lace fit into any style of wedding, if it is done correctly:

  1. In the style Shabby-chic is often used this stuff? Let your clutches will lace of the same color as other decor elements.
  2. You have chosen a wedding in a nautical style? Then the subject will be in white and blue colors, and your clutch will fit into the image of the sea bride, if you employ these shades (white - basic material, blue - openwork lace).
  3. Provence style involves the use of lavender notes? Wedding clutch with lilac lace harmoniously fit into the celebration.

Laced clutches for wedding

How to choose the right clutch to the wedding?

The main rule for choosing a wedding clutch - notsave. This accessory should not be out of cheap materials. Think of this purchase as an investment in the future, because the wedding dress, you will not be able to put on a second time on the way out, and to take a chic clutch to a cocktail party - easily.

What else there are rules for choosing an indispensable accessory of the bride?

Other clutches for wedding
  1. If luxuriant wedding dress embroidered with stones andrhinestones, stylists advise to choose the modest accessories, that the image has not turned out bulky. Elegant, modest, satin clutch will create harmony in your way.
  2. If the dress has a straight, elegant lines, devoid of decorations, then pay attention to the bright, shiny clutches. Silver and gold color - a great idea!
  3. It is desirable that colors the bride dress andaccessories coincide. But there are exceptions: the bride chooses snow-white dress, and to him a bright pink belt, juicy shoes this color. Clutch time is chosen to match the bright accents.
  4. Select the correct bag form in accordanceyour way. Rigorous and sustained style - clutch envelope. Airy, bright, serene image - handbag, purse or heart. Clutch-box and round models are suitable for any style, the main thing - to choose a material and decoration.
  5. The size of bags depends on the complexion of the bride figure. Petite girls - compact clutches; tall, slender beauties - elongated and big bags.
  6. If you can not find out the accessory of your dreams, do it yourself! In the case of lack of time, refer to a wedding stylist, who will help you in this situation.

Video: Review of the bride Wedding clutches

You have decided on the choice of the wedding under the clutchdress? Its advantages - a complete image of the bride, all the necessary stuff (cosmetics, mirror, keys, phone) is always there, a universal accessory for future output at social events. The only feature - some clutches will be uncomfortable at the same time to keep in the hands of a bunch, but here the designers have tried and thought out in the models removable straps. We invite you to watch a short overview of the bridal clutches for nevesty6