Bouquet for a witness on hand

Wedding bouquet - it is the prerogative not onlybride, because the tradition of decorating flowers future wife and her friends stuck with it since ancient times. But floral composition need not be in the hands of women. It is better if they are attached to clothing or the hand - so faithful companion will be easier to help the bride in her festive bustle. To learn how to make a bouquet for a witness, which is mounted on the arm and that it will serve as an alternative, it will be described hereinafter.

Options bouquets on hand to witness

Bouquet of the witness on the arm can be madewith the use of any colors. The basic requirement - buds or small size of the whole composition, since too product volume will interfere with the girl, clinging to objects and passers-by, and it will lead to disruption of its integrity and a nice appearance. Better to bouquet was small, 1-2 fingers go beyond the wrist shape, tightly to the arm is securely fastened to the belt - so go with him to be the most convenient.

Natural flower arrangements look oncharming hand, naturally - as it should be at the wedding. Creating such bouquets, using roses, alstroemeria, chrysanthemums, peonies, orchids, freesia, hydrangea and other flowers. What to choose - depends on the style of wedding, colors decor venue of the celebration, the colors of the bride dresses and friends of the newlyweds. Choose the desired song can only people with a delicate taste, so it is best to seek help from a professional: florist will help keep the flowers fresh throughout the day.

Arrangement of roses

into the hands of bouquets of roses on the basis of - it's a greatway to emphasize the femininity and tenderness of the bride's friends. Because roses come in different colors, using them easy to make a bracelet that will be in harmony with the dress of any color. Small and standard-sized buds will look equally appropriate and elegant. They combine with decorative ribbons, herbs, crystals.

In the manufacture of accessories using liveColors must always contact a specialist (Wedding florist), because Rose - whimsical flower, but must spend considerable time without water, without losing its beauty and freshness. An alternative to the natural flowers can always be a product of tissue paper or other media - such roses will look no worse than the present.

Bouquet bracelet with roses for witness

Bouquet of peonies on hand

Bouquet on the basis of peonies - a worthy replacementpink compositions. This floral ensemble looks nevychurno more relaxed and lovely. Different colors of petals makes it versatile, suitable for any color dress. In addition to the beautiful appearance, peonies still smell great, and if guests or the newlyweds are not allergic, they will surround bridesmaids delightful floral scent plume. Such compositions are decorated with satin ribbons, small crystals, beads and other decorative details.

Bouquets on hand to witness with peonies

From freesias

Freesia - a flower, which has a special, strongaroma. He is pleasant, but it can be allergenic, because you need to know if there are any allergies bridesmaids and guests to the pollen of this plant. His beautiful, graceful, but dense buds longer than roses, retain moisture and remain fresh. The petals can be of different colors (from white to reddish), and therefore perfectly fit into any wedding image. The buds of this plant is often combined with other colors in the formation of flowers for the bride and her friends.

Flower bracelet from Mills for witness

Bouquet of orchids on his hand

Orchids - very beautiful, but demandingplants, they should be specially processed, before being fastened to the belt on the wrist. They almost do not smell (if it is not the wild variety), so perfect for a bridesmaid bouquet, which is experiencing discomfort from the effects of pollen. Orchid bracelet looks gentle, noble. There are many varieties of this flower colors ranging from pastel beige and ending outrageous tiger. Decorate a composition ribbons, twigs perennial grasses.

Orchids in bouquets on hand to witness

From hydrangeas

Hydrangea - bush-like lilac. The plant can be of different colors: cold (blue, blue, violet) and warm (purple, pink, beige). Hortensia is ideal for the formation of bouquets, boutonnieres, which are not only companions of the groom, but also witnessed the making wearing a flower arrangement as comfortable as possible. Tapes - the best decoration of the bouquet, it is better to pick them up so that they were the same color as the petals, but in different shades - so the ensemble will look harmonious, moderately complete.

Hydrangeas in bouquets, bracelets for wedding

From chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums - lush with lots of flowerssmall petals, yellow heart. They resemble wild varieties of plants, so look at ease. They are often used in wedding bouquets bride or bridesmaid, because They symbolize joy, happiness, success, reminding the sun. Chrysanthemums are perfectly combined with other plants, acting principal or background colors in the composition. They are decorated with any décor - ribbons, cloth, beads, stones.

Accessory of chrysanthemums on a friend of the bride's hand

From roses

Alstromerias - flowers that resemble orchids, haspetals of different colors within their own species, and as part of each individual bud (three inside are leopard coloring). Gives the impression of elegance, nobility and tenderness. They are spectacular, original, suitable to the dress of any color, style. Decorated with crystals, stones, transparent fabric (tulle, tulle, organza).

Bracelet on hand to witness with roses

Who should pay for the bouquet of the witness?

Bouquet of the witness, as well as other boutonnieregroom, newlyweds bought only fall on them all the costs and responsibility. Choosing the floral arrangements, the couple should pay attention to using any herbs and flowers to order an accessory, ask in advance of future witnesses if they have allergies to such plants. If health problems can occur, it is better to refrain from buying such an option, to replace them with models based on a more neutral color or fabric articles.

Alternative bouquet on hand

An alternative to fresh flowers in a bouquet witnessmay make such compositions or paper tissue type. Nowadays specialists make such accessories indistinguishable from natural. Tissue specimens are stored for a long time, almost did not spoil, do not change any of its kind during the celebration or after staying a wonderful souvenir from the wedding of her best friend.

An alternative to the bouquet on hand in the form of his other configurations are:

  • Classic bouquet - like a wedding, only smaller, different colors. It can be made with the help of colors, fabrics, ribbons or paper, act as understudy bride bouquet.
  • Bouquet Bracelet - composition with natural or artificial flowers, which completely encircles the arm pals.
  • Boutonniere - is female, has the same design as the men, but often larger in size, with a feminine design.
  • Wreath - woven with natural colors, at least - artificial. It can be replaced flower in her hair, or a small flower arrangement.

With the exception of the traditional bouquet, allvariations listed free hands friends of the bride, and this is very important, because it is its main assistant during the ceremony and celebration. Which option to choose - it depends on the style of wedding, wedding fashion trends, outfits the bride and her "entourage" of whether you want to throw the hero of the occasion offers a bouquet or bunch of understudy.

Video tutorial for creating a bouquet on hand

Bouquet on the hand does not necessarily buyspecialized stores - assistant bride can make it yourself with the help of an ordinary fabric, threads, beads. It is simple, only it needs to be done with felt some flowers, put them together and sew a ribbon, which will be put on on the wrist. It will take only half an hour, and the beauty of the resulting products eventually not give store bought enhancement. This bouquet will wither do not and will not change its appearance during the wedding. To learn how to create such an accessory, watch the video master class:

Photo bouquets witness on hand

How was it possible to make bouquets speciesinto the hands of the witness very much. They differ not only in appearance but also in the configuration, and this gives a large field for the realization of ideas and fantasies, experiment with colors, shapes. If you have already purchased a dress for a wedding and friends know how you want to look at the festival, proceed to the selection of this important attribute, and photo galleries, which we have prepared, you will be sure to help you.

Flower bracelet on hand to witness