bonbonniere bags

You can not have a good wedding without guests. There is a tradition as a thank you invited people for attending the festival handing candy boxes. The gift is a bundle or box in which are placed the goodies. Ways to give a lot of candy boxes. You can arrange them before the start of the celebration on a separate table or next to the name cards to give out to the banquet, upon its completion, during the change of dishes or dessert before serving.

How to choose the bags for candy boxes for wedding

Materials for production of bags aredifferent, but the appearance of different sweet dishes should not. An exception may be only the desire to make a different newlywed gifts for men and women, then the bags are carried out in different colors. The decision on the amount of sweet dishes based entirely on what is inside. By the rope, closing bag, you can attach a card with wishes.

Possible wedding candy boxes in a bag

The idea to give guests bonbonnieres came to usrecently, though symbolic gifts from the newlyweds existed before. Depending on the imagination of the newlyweds and the wedding theme, they can be of different shapes, but the most common, due to ease of manufacture, always had candy boxes in the form of a bag. Materials products are selected based on themes and design activities, weight and size of the gift.

From brocade

Newlyweds in the choice of material for the creation ofcandy boxes are often used brocade. This may be a tissue to create the pouch decorated with a bow or ribbon for decoration. Due to the density, through the product will not be seen content that will increase visitors interest in souvenirs. Brocade used in the presence of the gifts of sharp corners or stylized antique weddings.

Brocade for bags, candy boxes

Of Organza

Creating bags with organza -not an easy task. This soft and translucent material should be approached as close in size to the present, otherwise it will give presents unsightly sagging appearance. Sam gift should look good, so that through the material could not see his shortcomings. For example, take the sweetness. Organza Gift on colored weddings.

Organza bags for creating, candy boxes for wedding

Of silk or satin

Due to the appearance of silk and satin, evensmall gifts are watch worthy. This cloth is used to make bags to the classic white wedding. From silk and satin in various shades makes gift bags, candy boxes for the thematic and colored weddings. These materials often decorated with sequins or large beads.

Silk and satin bags for candy boxes,

linen bags

A simple but unusual gift will bonbonniereflax. This material is suitable for any wedding. Such bags are used in the future mistress to store anything. They are often decorated with lace at the wedding color. If you have free time and the desire, the bride can decorate their own embroidery.

Linen bags, candy boxes for wedding

From burlap

Ingenious solution is to useburlap to create sweet dishes. Properly beating its appearance, you can make this characteristic dignity. In such bags put candy and other sweets, and decorate them like linen, lace. Good will look applique from the same material with a smaller or weaving flax. If necessary, burlap crumble in a different color.

Bonbonniere burlap

What can you put in a bonbonniere

The first candy boxes made of leather, crystal,porcelain. They invested five candies, symbolizing the family fortune, prosperity, luck, longevity, love. Over time, as the material began to use tissue paper, gift now serves every detail. Most newlyweds in bonbonniere put items related to the season of the year.

Autumn - a romantic time with a lot of fruit. Starting from this, guests are presented with apples, pears, and as the leaf is attached wishes. The original will jam or marmalade jar at that time, but this is not suitable for a large number of guests. It will either need to buy what will be costly, or cook yourself, spending a lot of time.

In winter, it is appropriate to put in bagsvarious types of biscuits with tea bags, and instead attach the name of the newlyweds photo. If the wedding is necessary for the New Year or Christmas, give a ball painted with wedding date or made using wool angels. A good solution will be embedded in the candy boxes decorated with ribbon and tangerines that will fill the room a pleasant smell.

Options for filling bags, candy boxes for wedding

Spring in candy boxes will look gooda small flower in a pot. In the summer gather little herb with a pleasant odor, such as juniper, sage, mint, rose, vanilla, lavender, lime, and make offers handmade soaps, preparations for which are purchased in the store. A good idea to play on the marine theme, but a suitable gift for the wedding or blue shades, or to the standard white.

Universal presents given to finalizationgreater preference. These include a variety of office supplies: notebooks, notebooks, on the main page that shows the couple. With such images can be cups and keyrings. Standard gifts in the form of towels, too, will always find a use. The main thing that it was given to the soul.

Video: making candy boxes in the shape of the bag with his hands

Bonbonniere - seemingly smallgifts, but they can cheer up the guests that certainly will impact on the holiday. These cute prezenty acquire particular importance if the newlyweds are made by hand. The easiest, fastest and cheapest way to produce these gifts - the creation of bags. Thanks to its sturdy fabric, they can withstand considerable weight gifts.

Benefits of creating candy boxes newlywedsis obvious: it is unique, the selection of the size and style of the wedding gift. But how to make them and what materials to use, knows not everyone. The video below will help you understand the nuances of creating sweet dishes and ways of their decoration, so you could easily create their own works of art.

Photo Wedding candy boxes bags

Demonstrating imagination, due diligence,attention to detail, you can create an original bonbonniere, which will long be remembered guests. Ready gifts look good in the photos, which are then decorate your wedding album. To select material and decorations, view examples of candy boxes, bags on the photo below. If necessary, modify these ideas, you can use them for their products.

Variety of bags, candy boxes for wedding