Amulets for wedding

From ancient times to the marriage involves a lot of will. It is believed that the couple should be extremely careful not to draw troubles upon oneself, because on this day the pair is too vulnerable. Our ancestors have long believed that the wedding charms guarding the young, the future will bring well-being of family, love, peace. Let us see what is the kind of thing, as they can be, and what beliefs associated with them.

Slavic talisman svadebnik

Nowadays, there are thousands of ancientSlavic traditions, among which occupy a place of honor charms. The ancestors used them anywhere, anytime. They believed that they have a powerful energy, capable to influence any situation. Thus, during the wedding ceremonies was used svadebnik popular amulet. This could be a ring with the image of svadebnika or medallion that young dressed in a prominent place.

Now couples are honored tradition, choosingrings with this wedding talisman. svadebnik Ring is characterized by soft, flowing lines that embody the warmth, support, softness and comfort that must be present in any of a happy family. It is said that a guardian is necessary for people who are bringing up a child alone without the support of the other parent. This wedding amulet harmonizes the relationship between parent, child, restores the necessary balance.

Svadebnik - a powerful talisman

This wedding will be a great gift amuletHoneymoon, it will emphasize the whole symbolism of the event, will present the family of joy, warmth. For those who have any artistic talents, do yourself a guardian will have no difficulty. Wedding amulet, made with his own hands, will bear even more positive energy.

Meaning svadebnika

Svadebnik - the oldest guardian, whoIt symbolizes the fusion of labor, forming a single unit. He directs all his energy for the welfare and happiness of the new family. In view of this charm, which depicts four rings connected to each other, on the other hand they mimic the two open-loop and eight interconnected. Such elements have been chosen not without reason, because the ring symbolizes the cycle of nature, and eight have a value of infinity symbol.

Pendant with svadebnikom - ward for young

Give this amulet or unmarried girlsunmarried guys is not recommended. No negative effects should not be expected from such a present, but the use of it as a person receives. The main purpose, which performs amulet - is the preservation of peace, warmth, happiness, love and happiness in the family. Flowers svadebnika considered a talisman of blue and red.

Wedding charms for newlyweds

Amulets for the wedding of the ancient Slavs - isall kinds of amulets, signs. Chinese elders came up with their own traditions and elements that protect the young during the ceremony. Not only our great-grandmothers, but we now also have their charms, which do not even think. So, the usual veils, wedding loaf bunch - are the strongest energy and are the main charms at your wedding.

Wedding veil - one of the strongest wards forbride, it protects the girl from the evil eye. Fata has a powerful energy that creates an invisible shield that discourages girls from all the negative attitudes and make it less vulnerable. In the old days of Kievan Rus in the bride's veil was used instead of a beautiful wreath, which were woven heads of garlic to scare away all evil.

Fata - bride from the evil eye amulet

Wedding rings are also considered a talisman foryoung. The tradition of exchanging rings has been around for a long time. It is said that at the time when this happens, young give each other a part of themselves, their energy, which circulates all the time in the ring. It went a belief that can not be given to friends, girlfriends measure your wedding ring or shoot him in the first few months after the wedding. This can disrupt the flow of energy and lead to quarrels in the family, misunderstanding.

Wedding rings - energetically powerful amulet

A popular amulet at the wedding - a loaf. It should stove Mother of the Bride or a close relative who has developed a happy family life. In today's world, many owners of bakeries trusted responsible job baking a loaf just happy married women. It is beautifully decorated as desired young, and at the end of the wedding ceremony is shared by all guests.

Wedding loaf - Charm newlyweds

For the bride

In order to protect the bride from evil eye duringwedding, banquet, there is a huge number of various wards. The most popular is considered a safety pin, which is best attached to the inside of the dress near the breast or in the hem of her dress. It is attached only to head down. Before going to bed the bride should remove the pin and leave it open, if the celebration continues for the second day, you should wear the pin again. Also from the evil eye future wife need to wear a pectoral cross or tie a red thread on her wrist.

Options amulets for brides

The correct wedding bouquet willexcellent talisman for the bride at the wedding. Bioenergy say in a wedding bouquet must be present white flowers, it can be a lily or rose. White symbolizes purity, the merger of two souls, and will give the bride calm and warm state of mind during the celebration. Also for the future wife can be specially made guardian doll, which will keep it from negativity strife.

amulets doll

Amulets in the form of dolls do not just for brides,but also for those who want to get married. Dolls for our ancestors were the main mascot and made for all: for a good harvest, healthy children, a successful marriage and family well-being. Earlier, shortly before the wedding best bridesmaids gathered and started to cook Charm doll for future spouses.

Wedding dolls - ancient Slavonic amulet

Wedding dolls - it is an imitation of the groom with the bride. They have to be tied with a ribbon or string that indicates the formation of a single entity - the family. These dolls, according to ancient tradition, the newlyweds preserve and protect, nourish them with positive energy. Previously, during the manufacture of amulets bridesmaids read special charms to the couple lived happily and gave birth to healthy children. Friends of the bride believed, if sincerely ask for his girlfriend-fiancee, then they themselves will be more happy family.

There are also wedding dolls thatcalled "lovebirds". They represent a strong, happy marriage, in which love and understanding prevails. They do such a doll with one hand, connected to each other. This symbolizes the fact that the couple will be together for life, go hand in hand, and are in trouble and in joy, and nothing they will not be able to separate. The relevance of this talisman is celebrated today, the newly formed couple will appreciate a sincere gift.

Variants of wedding dolls

Amulets to the wedding with his own hands

Each ward will carry even more energy,spouses give joy, happiness, love and understanding, if he made with his own hands, with pure thoughts and soul. In today's world shops overflowing abundance of materials, colors, the scenery of which is beautiful charms can be made. If you want to make an amulet, use good quality paint and medallions can be purchased ready-made at the store, so you will only draw on the present desired item.

If you want to make your doll Charmforces, as a basis we can take the straw or cloth stuffed with cotton wool, and connect your imagination to create decorations. Do not be afraid to experiment, amulet, made with his own hands, in itself, will bear positive energy. However, it will warm not only the future spouses, but also to you. After all, you put part of himself in the ward, and so will be filled with positive and good mood.

Wedding dolls - ward with their own hands

Svadebnik guardian photo

Svadebnik ward