Where can I collect the money at the wedding?

Carefully choose the wedding dress, the masteraccessories for a photo shoot, creating a unique atmosphere at the gala banquet. But what about the tradition of elegance receiving gifts? Make sure that the event was presented with taste and style. To do this, consider the wedding accessory that exactly matches the theme of your holiday. Choose an elegant, original and comfortable "piggy bank" for a young family.

Caskets and boxes

Grab the wedding the old box, whichwith ease instead of the first pair of savings. This is an easy and convenient option. The same applies to the various boxes. However, in this case it is necessary to do pre-decorated cartons. Suit and ordinary boxes, you can paste over the design paper and decorate with special pastes, or paper flowers. Website www.articlewedding.com sure personally made wooden boxes and cardboard boxes in the technique of decoupage will be a perfect accessory for the donated money on the wedding.

Wedding Box for money


Collect wedding gifts in little chest! Like boxes, accessory can be issued in any pleasing style. If desired, make a chest-piggy bank with a slot on the "cap." Decorate chest romantic: delicate butterflies, cute bows, pictures of angels, etc. An interesting variant - chest "antique", decorated with leather, straps, buckles, artificially aged and worn. This accessory can be purchased in souvenir shops. This box fits a wedding in the style of a pirate party or ancient times.

Wedding chest for money


Good replacement for bank money - vases. The principle means of collecting the same, but a beautiful vase look more aesthetically pleasing. It is not necessary to look at all stores an exact copy of the vase, which is presented imagination. Purchase a plain white vase and paint on glass or stained glass. And paint the accessory until it becomes perfect.

Vases for money for the wedding

Trays for money

If you do not want to engage in tediouswork on the design of accessories, note the original trays. Feel yourself as a European monarch who served the important letters and documents on the tray. At the wedding, the tray can hold one of the waiters. Option is good that subsequently do not have long to suffer with the extraction of money from the accessory, as is the case with the vases. All will lie on the surface!

Tray for money for the wedding

Gift bag

On the top shelf of the cupboard gathering dust an old suitcase,who is about to go in the trash? Do not hurry! Through patience and creativity suitcase can be converted into the original wedding accessories. Spray paint, scraps of illustrations, a bit of jewelry - and you're done! The suitcase will fit, and the money and cards, and other gifts. This is one the most "fresh" options for weddings.

Wedding suitcase for money


Today, more and more often use vintage weddingsbird cages. They are beautiful, elegant and multifunctional. Engage the cage as an accessory in the photo shoot, and then put it to raise money. Vintage bird cages - perfect wedding accessory, suitable for both traditional romantic holidays, and for thematic celebrations.

Collect wedding money in a cage

Well for the money and wishes

On the European and American weddings have longput small wooden wells, in which guests can throw envelopes of cash, cards and notes with the wishes. Wedding site offers www.articlewedding.com suitors able to participate in the preparations for the wedding and cut wood original accessory. Well, you can decorate with carved or burnt inscriptions and drawings. Accessory looks particularly good at weddings in nature holidays in the "rustic" style or "shebbi chic".

Wedding well for the money

Money Tree

Grow a garden wedding! Place the tree with fruit, wood for the wishes and money tree. Accessory is quite complicated to manufacture, and the money to fix it is not easy. However, the result will enchant you.

Money tree wedding

A little creativity, and you add the wedding charm. So, in what way you decide to raise money?

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