Wedding tights, popular models of ivory color and white tips on choosing, photos

Regardless of the month of the celebration,the bride should not show up at the wedding with bare feet. Even if the weather is very hot, delicate, very thin stockings, tights considered a necessary component of the image. This item must be selected to match the dress or shoes. Not forbidden to wear tights with a pattern or a pattern, but it should not be too catchy, otherwise the image will become vulgar. Every detail in the external form of the bride should personify innocence, gentleness and purity. The quality tights better not to save.

Popular models of tights under the wedding dress

Whether you long or short dress,tights - an important detail of the image. Imagine a bride gets out of the car, down the stairs, turned in the dance, the groom removes the garter from it. In each of these moments flashed her seductive legs. It is important to choose the right model of quality wedding tights. To this end, guided by the dress. If it is decorated with an abundance of lace, rhinestones, beads, the tights should be simple, and if order does not imply a rich finish, the stockings can be lace, patterned.

Tights with polka dots for the bride

Wedding tights with imitation stockings

Wedding tights, the design of which simulatesstockings - a good way out for those brides, who are accustomed to comfort, but seduction, beauty and zest do not want to delete. Modern manufacturers in unison female nature offer many fancy models. Each girl finds tights to your taste. Provocatively protruding from under the dress tights, stockings devoid of vulgarity, but not the temptation. The abundance of ornaments in the design of these models allows you to choose any style.

Tights for a wedding with imitation stockings

With imitation garters

Sexy Wedding tights imitatinggraceful garter - terrific choice for today's young girls. On the one hand, they look like the usual tights for us, and on the other - as a favorite stockings garters. This image of the bride rather Picante element. In cold weather, you can not wear stockings, but the tights that mimic garters are available in all kinds of weather.

Wedding stockings with garters imitation

With spectacular picture style tattoo

In some cases, young girls are coming upa variety of tricks and gimmicks to hide the tattoos in the most important day for them. However, designers are advised to act in the opposite direction - not to hide, and put on permanent makeup along with wedding tights. Such models can simulate a variety of patterns on the body. For the wedding is better to choose soft image suitable occasion.

Tights for the bride with tattoo

Tights backseamed along the entire length

Wedding stockings with an arrow or a seam on the backfull-length will definitely catch the attention of men. In some cases, they are inappropriate, but as a complement to the wedding along laconic look very stylish. Dresses style case with a skirt in the shape of a pencil, light silk wedding gowns ideally complemented tights with back seam. Best of all, if the length of the dress will be a little below the knee with a narrow or flared bottom.

Tights for a bride with a seam

Classic design of the finest mesh

The finest mesh tights in classicstyle is very popular among brides, despite the fact that very strong, durable, they can not be called. These models successfully complement your outfit. They are invisible on the leg, do not attract attention. Feet in them look natural. Choosing these tights is for events taking place in the warmer months.

Tights with a fine mesh

As the details of the wedding dress classictights are all the ladies - high fragile lady lush ladies, owners of juicy or skinny legs. Patterns of light tones unnoticeable prying eyes, indispensable in the summer. They give the legs a well-groomed look favorably emphasize outfit, add eye-catching color. If you choose a shade slightly darker than natural, it is added to natural tan. Due to such advantages, tights classic design of fine mesh - a win-win for the wedding.

What tights to choose - white or ivory color?

When it comes to colors, whitetights perfectly complement the dress of the same color. But the modern fashion offers other options: if the dress off-white, ivory-colored tights matched, and bodily fit for any attire tone. Very interesting, attractive look tight tights white, translucent or transparent white with a pattern. Short wedding dress tights successfully underlined with the decor, three-dimensional pattern.

White tights for the bride

White - a classic, but if you want toadd harmony feet, then give preference to the color of ivory, corporal or milk-white coating, pattern. Depending on the material of the dress - matte, glossy, wedding tights can also be the same in texture. You can observe the unity of style throughout the image, or create a noble contrast.

Photo of wedding fashion tights

In creating the image of the bride's choice of tights -the final stage, which should begin after the selection of shoes, dresses and other accessories. This final bar should be in harmony with all elements of the appearance. If the dress is magnificent, the delicate, lacy tights perfectly complement it, and strict elegant outfit with a predominance of classic lines require a smooth product, ideally sitting on the waist. Have prints, volume patterns on wedding pantyhose advantageous to look to the clothes with a cut or short dresses.

Variants of tights for the bride

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