Wedding ribbon for witnesses

Wedding - an important and significant day foryoung and for invited guests. On the wedding day everything has to be carried out at the highest level and in many ways the success of this day, and literacy organizations will depend on the witnesses, the best man and groomsman.

These four right hand of the bride and groom,therefore each of them should look to match the young. Pre-pick dresses and suits for them not to get a cheerful rainbow. Each outfit must be in harmony, and in particular to approach the color of the bride's wedding dress.

But be that as it may, the witnesses and friends perform at a wedding a little different functions, the witnesses - the constant support of the bride and groom can say in their wedding day they shadow.

Therefore, the witnesses, as well as their important role, must be isolated from the whole crowd. Special wedding ribbons for witnesses have been developed for this purpose.

Tapes for witnesses often representsatin, a wide strip of red or white, which is thrown over the shoulder and is attached to the side of the pin, pin or tied bow.

Tapes for witnesses very similar tapegraduates, differ only in the inscriptions. Often the word "marriage witness," "Honor witness" is applied to a golden color. In addition to the inscriptions on the ribbons packed image of wedding rings.

If the wedding tape witnesses you somehownot properly fit or simply do not like, you can identify the witnesses by using small wedding bouquets and boutonnieres. As a rule, they are hung on the chest on the left side.

Boutonnieres as the groom and witnesses, palsand the best man should be in harmony with the dress and wedding accessories bride. Often, the groom's boutonniere made of the same flower, which is assembled from a wedding bouquet. You can try to make boutonnieres on their own, this can not save bad, but outsource it can only be the one who really knows the art of flower arranging.

As a rule, boutonnieres, and ribbons for witnesses acquired together with the dress, veil and accessories bride, so you can immediately pick up on the site of what is needed when choosing your own taste.

If the wedding WALKING two or more days,the second day, according to tradition, the bride's hair adorn buttonhole red, as well as the groom's lapel. Guests can also attach ribbons red. Since ancient times, it is believed that the color red - the color changes, the entry into a new life.

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