Bridal stole - popular model, a combination of options to dress the bride with photos

Wedding tippet is often found in the collectionsfamous designers. This broad cape, having a rectangular shape, may have a different size - from small collar to a long, wide scarf. The history of this article of clothing started in the 16th century, when a German woman, the wife of the prince, wanted to imagine a luxurious sable cape that protects it from the cold and wind. Modern designers have breathed new life into the stoles. They perfectly complement the chic image of the bride.

Models Wedding Stole

Young bride in a luxurious dress with nudeshoulders looks touching gently. In combination with a bare back or neckline image becomes charm, sexuality. But the weather can make your changes in the apparel. If your wedding ceremony will be held in the not sunny, hot day of the summer, we recommend to look at the diversity of models stoles. This piece toilet is able to bring to the image of the bride notes chic, luxury, elegance. Accessory is made of different materials, decorated with beads, pearls, embroidery.

Wide bridal stole

Wide stole serves as an elegant,warm cape. It can be made from natural (artificial) fur, plush, satin, velvet, organza. The modern fashion is a big wide range of models of wedding capes, made in different colors, using all kinds of fabrics, which are suitable for both summer and winter images. This classic accessory is ideally complement long or short dress. Wide cape can choose to match a wedding dress, or add a touch of creativity by choosing a color cape as a bright accent.

Wide model capes for wedding

shortened model

Shorter stole - a very elegant capemodest size, like a small fur coat. This detail of the bride's wedding image creates a particular style, elegantly complementing the outfit. It protects from the cold, bare shoulders and covers his head while visiting the church. This accessory you can casually draped over his shoulders, fastened a beautiful brooch. In winter, warm relevant model, made from pashmina, high-quality wool, mink, rabbit, swan's down. For summer options used lace, cotton, silk, thin jersey.

Shortened Wedding capes

Stole of lace knitting

Tippets knitted lace relevant for the weddingin the fall, early spring, winter. They are elegantly complement the image of the bride, her warm. Traditionally used for the manufacture of high-quality wool capes, thick yarn. Very light, airy look mohair accessories that envelop the bride weightless warmth. Unprecedented beauty patterns are created through the use of unique knitting techniques. After the wedding, you can openwork cape worn over a cocktail dress at various events.

Openwork stoles for the bride

The elongated bridal stole

Elongated stole the wedding - presentSalvation brides in bad weather. This fashion item is on the one hand gives the practicality and comfort, and on the other - carries decorative load. The long cape dramatically change the image, giving it attractive and luxury. This accessory gently envelops the shoulders gracefully complement any wedding dress. Advantageously looks wedding cape with light dresses with bare shoulders.

Long Wedding capes

From what to wear wedding stole?

Chiffon, knit, mohair, wool,fur stoles at the peak of popularity of wedding fashion. During the Model Selection Guide tinge own hair and dresses. Perfect choice - white accessory, blending in with the attire of the bride. But you can choose other options:

  • with light brown, golden hair combines green, blue capes;
  • brunettes should give preference to saturated tones;
  • blondes - turquoise, pink flowers.

Fur stole with gloves for the bride

Stole round off the feminineimage of the bride wedding. In addition, in the autumn, winter day, it protects from the cold. Also in the room it does not give the air conditioner blow out the bride. During the wedding accessory elegantly cover the head of a young girl. Perfectly matched with the cape gloves, gown, mermaid dresses in the Greek style. Fur accessories fling on his shoulders, and the model of a thin material is used as a scarf, a free one-way down her back.

Tippet can wrap several times aroundneck, forming a kind of gate-necklace to wear. If coattails accessory to pull the hem dresses, it will visually slim figure. In addition, you can secure the mantle zone, which coincides with the tone attire. Fur accessories bundle the front precious brooch, beautiful ribbons. Exquisitely look velvet, satin stoles, trimmed with swan's down or fur. Good choice - wide model of translucent fabric, velvet decorated with printed patterns.

For evening wedding capes models oftenused sequins, crystals, stones, beads, embroidery, painting, pearl as decoration. Natural fur accessories do not require additional decorations as themselves look expensive and luxurious. They perfectly blend narrowed dress and gloves, which creates an aristocratic, elegant image.

Photo wedding stoles for the bride

Tippet - an indispensable accessory to the dressmodern bride. It can serve as a talisman, as a veil, from the evil eye, hiding from the prying eyes of a young bride. If the ceremony is held in the temple, then this piece wardrobe hide bare shoulders, covers his head. The image of the bride with the wedding accessories luxury looks exquisite, complete and solemn.

Options stoles for the bride to the wedding

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