Wedding necklace of beads and beads with your hands: weaving schemes and workshops

A delightful image of a young bride, what is it? Snow-white dress, elegant shoes, unusual bouquet of flowers - indispensable attributes of a beautiful hairstyle, make-up and manicure - the finishing touches. But what about the decorations? They add charm, make a fairy princess bride. Fine, expensive sets are better left for another holiday. Wedding necklace of beads will be a great solution. Simplicity, elegance, unusual this accessory will be a highlight of your image.

What a necklace of beads to choose for your wedding

Thinking over the choice of decorations for the weddingtogether? Common stereotypes dictate the rules: something shiny, with iridescent stones - on the neck, earrings or bracelet to his pair. As a result, some brides are more like a Christmas tree than on herself. Go beyond the standard model, and pick up an unusual, exclusive wedding necklace handmade beaded.

Wedding necklace of beads bride

This necklace looks very stylish andharmoniously if repeating pattern of lace wedding dress patterns. Noble pearl lends elegance and delicate pendants emphasize the elegant line of the neck, the beauty of the bride's neck. Air weave combined with Swarovski crystals, beads and beading emphasizes the sophistication of the dress, shading the fragility of the young "princess".

Beads and crystals from Hollywood stars

Worried that wedding necklace may lookcheap and homemade? This will help dispel misleading picture of work below, offered by leading designers - artists beading. International celebrities, Hollywood stars are not in vain They looked at vintage jewelry, combining a variety of techniques of weaving by beads, pearls and gemstones.

From beads and stones

Elegant combination of stones, beads and beadsmake your wedding necklace unsurpassed. Opals, chrysolite, moonstone, amethyst - excellent material for the bride necklace, especially if the wedding will be organized in a rustic style. Emerald, aqua, purple - they will be refined decor of your decorations. The connection of different weaving techniques, excellent quality and composition of the components creates masterpieces.

Wedding necklace beads and stones

Extremely gentle, will air weddingnecklace, made in the technique of "Ankars" when used in the production of knitting yarns with the addition of stones, rhinestones, beads. Openwork mesh lace handmade with exquisite flowers, material for the manufacture of which is the beads, and large transparent stone in the form of "tears" will decorate the elegant neck of the bride.

In the form of one or more threads

Beads of several strands twistedtow, - beautiful decoration for the bride. Pearls with beads create a sophisticated pattern, bizarrely playing shades of white and cream tones. A large number of strands of beads, free flowing in the upper chest, making wedding necklace exquisite decoration, giving the charm and ease.

Wedding beads strand of beads

The individual strands of beads successfully harmonize withnacreous pearls and clasp made of stone brooches. Necklace created in the technique of "fur" is ideal for a wedding dress, decorated with feathers, trimmed with artificial or natural fur. Beautiful combination will set comprising a necklace and a bracelet of the same weave.

From beads and beads

Dreaming of a bright wedding items toilet? Unusual necklace, spider, in which harmoniously woven beads, crystals and beads azure, emerald green or red colors will contrast accessory, in addition to the bride's dress. Transparent beads of rock crystal in a frame in matt white beads create an elegant ensemble, worthy of persons of royal blood.

Wedding necklace of beads and beads

Necklaces of beads and beads

Large crystals help to set off the eleganceweaving, making wedding necklace iridescent. For wedding dresses soft, creamy-pink shades fit beads, combining white and gold tones. Want to pick up a necklace in the ethnic style, according to the category celebration? Colored beads of various colors, woven into, will add color to your drawing together.

Necklace of beads combined with pearls

Exquisite pearl bordered glassgrains beads, intricately laced fit into the pattern of exquisite colors, echoing openwork decoration of the bride. Some designers offer to do the main emphasis on the wedding necklace pearls of various shades - from gray-blue to pink - sometimes "diluting" their transparent glass beads, white beads.

Pearls with beads in her wedding necklace

Jewellery with a combination of beads and pearls

Satin-ribbon jewelry clasps arein harmony with sheen silk bridesmaid dresses, while addressing a separate element of decor. Silver pearl bead strands are ideally combined with a noble pearls, beads criss-crossing the last bizarre patterns. Delightful pink seafood coupled with a master's hand-beaded shells, beads, corals, form the basis "for the little mermaid" elegant wedding necklace.

Air necklace of beads

Air wedding necklace of beads

Volume necklaces for brides

The most popular among brides arelight, airy necklaces with beads and crystals. The special technique of "knitting" volume loops of fishing line, cord yarn, creating a gentle, elegant decoration. Placers countless small beads, like floating in the air, give refinement, noting the delicate taste of the bride. Air necklace for wedding, for which the multicolored beads, or beads of color "Ombre", decorate the bride wedding dress, made an unusual emphasis on the upper chest.

How to choose a necklace for wedding dress

The choice of form of wedding necklace depends on the model,style dresses, fabrics and decorative items used to create the bride's toilet. Beads, pendants should follow the shape of the cut. Massive necklace or air combined with a corset bodice, strapless, to focus on the neckline surrounding area.

The combination of necklaces and wedding dress of the bride

Newlyweds in unusual jewelry

Concise and easy to cut lines predeterminepossibility to choose more "saturated" decoration - rich large beads, stones or crystals. Openwork products perfectly in tune with lace dresses, elegant repeating pattern. Beads - a self-contained material, so choosing a wedding suite, give preference to a pair of earrings or a bracelet.

Master class for creating the wedding necklace of beads

Wedding necklace of beads made with their own hands

Produce exquisite necklace for wedding youYou can own hands. Perseverance, diligence and patience will help you to make a necklace with beads and beads imitating pearls. So you definitely will be sure that your neck at the wedding ceremony will decorate an exclusive product. See detailed diagram, a list of necessary materials, a photo description and step by step instructions below.

Necessary materials

Materials for the manufacture of jewelry

To make your wedding a necklace with your own hands, you will need:

  • Czech beads pastel shade (beige, pink - depending on your preferred shade of pearls and necklaces as a whole) size 11 or 9;
  • beads with a gold core "light" - 11,
  • beads beads off-center;
  • pearl beads - 4 mm in diameter;
  • monofilament (thread) for stringing together;
  • needle;
  • elegant elegant clasp.

Driving and weaving stages

Prepare the workspace by expanding smallDetails - beads and beads - in shallow containers. Spread a small piece of dark cloth. The contrasting combination of white and dark background materials will not be lost accidentally falling crystals. Let's start:

The scheme of creating the wedding necklace of beads

  • To make a base-eight chainTake the line (thread) and type 8 beads, starting with the "spark" that the diagram is highlighted in yellow. Close to the bead ring back needle first, as shown in the diagram. Making the turn of the upper part of the Group of Eight: recruit two ordinary beads, a "golden" one routine. Threaded needle in a bead at number 7, closing the circle. The following are strung beads 5 and connect them with the one with the "golden" middle. We get the figure - eight. Continue braiding until the end to get the size of the part.

Master class for creating a necklace of beads

  • To create an elegant pendants with pearlPass the thread for weaving in the fifth (the center on the bottom of the Group of Eight) bead. Type 3 ordinary beads, a pearl and a "golden." Last will surround suspension-pearl: its braided fishing line, as shown in the diagram, and pass it through the gem back. Again, type 3 beads falling in the bottom fifth of the last row. Continue until the end of the basics, acting on the basis of the scheme.

How to make the wedding necklace of beads with your hands

  • To make loops of beads with the displacedcenter fix "gold" bead threading beads of the upper thread between the "eight". Follow this sequence: one regular, one - off-center again ordinary. The last in this pattern will be "light", to be attached to the "eight" brick stitch, as shown in the figure. These openwork loop continue to the edge of wedding necklaces.

Driving rasshivaniya product finishing second layer

  • To decorate, use eight chainsrasshivku products: Apply a second finishing layer of beads on the substrate. You can choose beads, slightly different in color from those already used in the product - cream, peach, pink, silver. Embroidered with the upper part of the Group of Eight with three beads, connecting the "golden" and ordinary beads. More details jointing process is shown in the steps below.

Driving rasshivaniya the bottom of the necklace bases

  • To create a second level of suspension, it is necessaryembroider the lower part of the base. You will need: 4 ordinary beads, 2 "spark" and 1 off-center. Arrange them on a thread in the manner described below, attaching the suspension to the middle bead bottom eight. Continue to the end of the necklace.

Ready for the wedding necklace made with their own hands

  • Attach prepared by locking (with crystalsSwarovski or pearl) to the necklace. Congratulations! Exquisite, exclusive wedding necklace set. The warmth and love of the soul invested in its creation, will warm you in the happiest day, protecting and preserving the tenderness of feelings.

You want to experience their own strength, creating a necklace for the wedding itself? The process of creating any masterpiece - it is long, please be patient.

Photo wedding necklace of beads

Stylish and unusual wedding necklace,made by the hands of professional master or your efforts will be refined accessory for the bride image. The contrast or blend harmoniously, necklace set off an elegant outfit, accentuate the taste of owner, forcing others to die with delight exclusive work of art. To pick up a unusual, exquisite jewelry from beads, check below with a selection of different style wedding necklaces.

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