Wedding invitations for guests

To make the wedding a success, not only invitegreat toastmaster, rent a decent cafe and think carefully about the menu. A good holiday is unthinkable without good company, so no guests noisy celebrations will not work. Hence, it is necessary to inform potential guest of the wedding itself, as well as the time and place of its holding. Ways to do this there are many. You can trite to call and make an oral invitation to the wedding guests. But as you know, some people in "one ear to another - takes off." Probably, someone you call at the wrong time, someone will forget the groom's name, and someone - the name of the restaurant. Of course, in the era of mobile phones refinement of such moments is not a problem, but the event will add nervousness.

You can use the Internet and sendwedding invitations by e-mail. It is very convenient, is not worth a dime and opportunities for design provides plenty. Unfortunately, this method has drawbacks:

  • Firstly, not all have their own e-mail.
  • Secondly, those who have it can simply forget to check the mail.
  • Third, is the basic discourtesy - to inform of an important event, Kojima is undoubtedly the wedding, so impersonal way.

So do not be lazy and to save onnormal writing wedding invitations for guests who should give them from hand to hand. To be sure, will not prevent oral duplicate content cards.

So, with the type of wedding invitations for guests, weundecided. There is another question: where to get the forms for the invitation? The simplest solution - to buy the necessary amount of ready-made cards at specialty stores and kiosks. If their design does not suit you - we turn to the printing press, or to individual entrepreneurs engaged in the manufacture of printed products to order. Cost is, of course, will be more expensive, but a visiting such cards will be remembered for a long time. If you please, and there could not, then only one way out: to collect a bunch of brains and stir crazy hands. Time will go a lot, but these wedding invitations after performing their direct functions clearly not go to waste paper, and will be carefully stored as a memory of an important event.

Importantly, do not forget that at your weddingwill be present completely different people with whom you are in a completely different way. It would therefore be unwise to invite all to a postcard design with the same text. If you are too lazy to plan a wedding and then to seek an invitation to each guest personally, divide them into groups (close relatives, friends, colleagues, distant relatives) and pick up for each group for a wedding invitation. If the time at your disposal enough, the wedding is going to be not crowded, and associated with marriage troubles deliver a fun, you can find unique greeting cards for all delegates.

Such differentiation for wedding invitationsguest is not just design cards, and text. In most of the text of the invitations have already been printed, we can only enter the names of the newlyweds, date and place of marriage. That's just such a "factory" texts, even if well-written, usually too formal and a little fit when referring to loved ones. In any case, you can decide how much time and money to spend on invitations.

Especially it is necessary to talk about those young whoHe holds the knot, not only in the registry office, but in the church. On the wedding rarely called all in a row, often there are going to only the relatives and dear people. Therefore, in the invitations, designed to welcome guests at the wedding, check separately the service and the church in which it is performed. All others invite immediately to the registrar or to a restaurant for dinner.

Finally, the sooner you send out and will givewedding invitations, the better: guests will have more time to plan their business, and make time for your marriage. But also it is not necessary to go to far: can simply forget about sent out six months before the event postcards. The optimum period of a month and a half, the latest - two weeks. Sometimes, especially if the wedding invitations are distributed long before the celebration, it makes sense to make a postscript containing a request for a reply to the invitation. In this case, you will know in advance how many guests to expect.

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