Wedding glasses: both emphasize the solemnity of the moment?

To the wedding took place at the "Hurrah!" And remember all- As the newlyweds and guests, attention to detail is important. Therefore, decorations and wedding decorations should not stay away. On the contrary - the details should be given special attention. One of these accessories - wedding glasses for honeymooners, because it begins with their wedding.

Glasses for the newlyweds - central wedding accessory

Today, wedding fashion offering thediverse decor to design glasses. This is not surprising, after all, this accessory will be especially noticeable on a holiday, festive wedding photo and video materials. Wedding portal talk about fashion trends in the design of wedding wine glasses.

Modern decorators used for decorationglasses of a variety of materials. Very impressive look rhinestones and sequins that sparkle just in photos. It is also advantageous to look in the design of wedding glasses beads, lace, tulle, bows, feathers and satin ribbons.

Very suitable for a romantic wedding decorpink. Bow of satin ribbon and attached to the glass with the help of a small flower accentuate the elegance and sophistication of the wedding decoration.

Glasses for a romantic wedding

As decorations used as drawings,engraving and hand-made inscriptions. This inscription can be very different: you can write or engrave initials of the newlyweds, the wedding date, or any pattern or aphorism to this topic.

Very relevant glasses, dressed in miniaturewedding dresses bride and groom. This is a rather delicate work, which should be entrusted to professionals, if you decide to decorate the wedding glasses just such an unusual way.

The glasses in the costumes of newlywed

Wine glasses for the guests can be decorated in the same style -decorate them, for example, miniature pearl beads or sequins in a heart shape. will also look beautiful colorful appliques, ribbons, or small bows. This style of decoration of glasses - both for guests and for honeymooners themselves - must comply with the decor of the entire wedding party.

Glasses decorated with ribbons

A glass for every action

There will also be ideal if you take care of that,so that at each stage of the wedding and the wedding party was attended by different decorated glasses. For example, during the feast of small home, which is usually carried out after the bride price, it is appropriate to use glasses with Skoromniy but elegant decor. Crystal will look very good with a laconic decorations, which are suitable as etching, crystals or beads.

Glasses with a laconic decor

The main task during the ceremonymarriage in the registry office - make sure that all present have enough wine glasses for champagne. Sami glasses can be quite simple with understated decor, however, they should stand in the same style.

During the wedding walk sometimes accepteddo practical plastic cups, but much more refined will look glasses - in this case of ordinary glass, but decorated with, for example, a ribbon or a small bow.

Young parents met restaurantbread and salt and a tray with champagne. According to ancient tradition, drinking bubbly drink, the bride and groom have to throw on the happy glasses over his shoulder. Wine glasses for such action may also be out of the ordinary glass, but special attention should be paid to their decoration. For decoration you can use lace, sequins, painted sequins, ribbons or refined engraving.

During the banquet, the young have to drink champagne from goblets made of precious Bohemian glass, which is necessary to decorate in accordance with the overall style of the decoration of the banquet hall.

Glasses for the newlyweds for wedding party

Decorating glasses with their hands

Today popular decoration wedding glasseswith his own hands. Make it easy enough - need to glue yourself decorations, a needle and a little patience. The most difficult thing in this case - does not stain the glass glue, so before you start decorating themselves Wedding wine glasses, is common practice on the glasses. Portal believes Wedding glasses decorated with his own hands, look especially cute. They will contribute to the atmosphere of the holiday a touch of home comfort and exquisite poignancy.

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