Wedding capes and fur coats - how to make your own hands, pattern, photo

Wedding capes for brides

Indispensable attribute of the bride in the seasonCold weather wedding wraps are, after all, not all celebrations are held in the summer, most of it falling in the fall. These capes by using warm materials, perfectly complement the wedding dress future wife. Cape so well fit into the wedding fashion that they were manufactured using lighter materials and wear in warm weather. They demonstrate the nobility, grace, beauty, bride, underscore her modesty, purity. Important in its choice - to choose the fabric and style, appropriate dress.

Wedding cloak

Fur coats and capes on the wedding dress

The choice of wedding style cape depending on the timeyear, when it will be a celebration, style of dress, the overall wedding entourage, bride's personal preferences. In order to feel warm and cozy in such an important event ideal cloak created by fur or swan's down. No matter what kind of material was used for sewing ceremonial capes, it is the following configurations:

  • Shuba. Elegant coat with natural or artificial fur, which will help the bride to feel warm, confident, even in the cold winter. This will allow it to easily engage in a long walk in the wedding photo shoot. bride fur coat
  • Bolero - a small cape-jacket with long orshort-sleeved, open and emphasizing the chest area. Ideal wedding capes for moderately cold weather and warm weather. Bolero can be made using virtually any fabric: lace, cashmere, organza, satin. It will add the image of the bride nobility, elegance, modesty (indispensable during the wedding), beauty, elegance. If necessary, hide defects perfectly arms and back when choosing sleeveless dresses. Festive bolero
  • Sweater - cosiness wedding image of brideadd a sweater. It is solid, wide open, with the smell, or white, pastel and bright colors. It would be the best to look not only at the ceremony in the style of minimalism, country, rustic, but also in the elegant, exquisite weddings when properly selected style and color sweaters.Sweater for a wedding
  • Boa - a short fur cape thatworn on the shoulder and connects brooch, decorative pin, tape or bind the ends. Reminiscent of the collar, but because at the ends can show off legs and muzzles of animals. This status retro element that would be appropriate to look at any modern wedding. It adds elegance wedding dress, high cost.Superb boa
  • Boa - medium-length scarf created with feathers, fluff. Effectively looks combined with a wedding dress of the bride, emphasizing its lightness, airiness.
  • Tippet - a long, wide scarf. Often made with the help of organza, satin, velvet, satin, lace. Ideal emphasizes finesse, elegance bride, used in winter and summer, as well as after the wedding. It can be bright or matching wedding dress, depending on the feasibility of the entire decorative celebration. Sophisticated stole
  • Coats - accentuate the elegance of the entire weddingcomposition and reliably protect the bride from the cold. It can be combined with long and short dress, have different styles: with and without collar, long sleeves and extra fur trim and classically minimalist?. Wedding coat
  • Winter fur

    Wedding cloak for the winter - it is a necessity. However, arranging it correctly, the bride can decorate your outfit, make it even more delicious. Natural fur capes meet all necessary requirements: warm the bride, add expensive, charm her way, can have a variety of stylistic solutions (boa, fur coat, fur boa or bolero). Compared to the products of artificial fur, Natural fur products will look solidly, elegant, expensive, will be a long, reliable service to her mistress, giving her warmth and beauty.

    Fur boa wedding

    Cushions for the fall of the swan's down

    Cushions for cooler weather for the autumn weddingYou need not be particularly warm. To emphasize lightness wedding image, making the appearance of the fur of the bride dress, accessories manufacturers are using swan's down on the lining are not blown. His villi from resemble fur, but the product comes out not so warm, but rather to air, light. If you still have in mind the wedding swan symbolism, this cape is particularly appropriate at a wedding.

    Wedding boa of swan's down

    Wedding cloak with his hands: Pattern

    The wedding cape the bride easily donewith his own hands: saving at work, spending money only on the material; having made such a habit that will want, especially if there was no suitable stores.

    We offer you the pattern and step by step instructions for sewing capes, boleros that perfectly accentuate your wedding dress:

    Wedding bolero

  • Select, purchase fabric. For this type of cloak will suit any fabric, but it is desirable that it was a bit of stretching - then it will be easier for the bride to wear. It can be knit, faux fur lining with elastic, velvet, lace and others. Need otrez 150 by 50 cm.
  • Cut the item according to the pattern. The dotted line on it are specified portion of the article (sleeve) that can be sewn separately.
  • Cuffs, collar - decorate fur swanfluff or tissue that is trimmed wedding dress itself. All of this is appropriate only if the bolero is not transparent. Sleeves can carve out of a different material.
  • Pattern bolero


  • Overlochte top, bottom capes.
  • Fold in half along the widest part, sew along the curves.
  • Sew sleeve length or leave it as it is - is a little sleeve.
  • Overlochte bottom sleeves, add decorative elements.
  • Cape is ready! See how it looks is the bolero can be the example of the collection of wedding products BELFASO 2014:
  • Wedding coats and capes photo

    Wedding coats and capes

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