Wedding accessories - little things that create exclusive wedding image

Every young couple wants to make their weddingIt was not like the others. To create a unique celebration there is plenty of opportunities. The big fashion now the wedding celebration in a particular style, which makes the holiday especially memorable. Style always determine fines, and at the wedding such trifles become important wedding accessories.

First of all, it's - wedding glasses, padsfor engagement rings, wedding towels, candles, "home." Not a small role wedding baskets, figurines of the bride and groom for the wedding cake, car ornaments, ribbons and badges to witnesses, garter for the bride, wedding locks, bags whipping glasses. Wedding table certainly decorate clothing for champagne bottles and bright stickers on the bottles, candles for the parents.

Wedding glasses - This is probably the most important weddingaccessories. Spectacular handmade glasses will accompany the bride and groom all the wedding: after the bride price - for the very first toast to the young, on the steps of the palace wedding glasses beat of happiness, a walk and a photo shoot, and finally, at the wedding banquet. Therefore, it is desirable to acquire more than one set, because the break, exactly gentle lace, designer glasses not raise a hand. And you can use a more simple in design, standard dishes to comply with tradition. Perform a ritual and do not leave behind a pile of broken glass help bags whipping glasses. And beautiful, and clean.

Wedding accessories

Pads for wedding rings - A pretty little thing, from which can not refuse, no bride. And though it participates in the ceremony did not last long, but it is much decorate the situation and future pictures.

Wedding towels will not only bright accessory, but also become part of traditional ceremonies. Their beautiful embroidery is also a wedding talisman, guarding the family-giving wealth and fertility.

Candles "home" - A modern interpretation of the ancientpeople worship fire, as the basis of the house, that keeps warm and protects from external adversity, gives confidence in life. This is a very beautiful big candles, the appearance of which you can choose the style of the whole holiday, respectively. They are decorated with molded flowers, roses, very impressive look candles decorated with pearls. These candles are lit mother of bride and groom, as the guardian of his family happiness, of which they pass on to their children for a long married life. And this candle as a symbol of life-giving home fire will burn on the table newlyweds all the celebration, additionally decorating the wedding themselves. Candles for parents, with the help of which they kindle a fire on the newlyweds table are in one set with candles, "home", and you can pick them up separately.

Wedding basket usually decorated with ribbons bows, fabric flowers. They have different purposes: small baskets used for the rose petals that showered newlyweds and large picnic baskets can be used if desired, depending on the wedding plan. In these baskets can take the champagne and fruit for the newlyweds and their guests at a wedding a walk, and you can really make a small wedding picnic.

What is a wedding without a wedding cake! It is a symbol of carefree, sweet life that awaits the young in the future. Form cake can be very different, but the most popular high-rise cakes. The top tier of the cake is always crowned figurines of the bride and groom, Emphasizing a feature of this confection.

Marriage, as it often happens, crowdeda celebration in which not all people know each other well. And if the bride and groom can be seen immediately, that such important people at the wedding as a witness, and the witness to find at first sight quite difficult.

Tapes for witnesses. badges and rosettes for them to help distinguish them from other guests.

Wedding accessories, selected respectivelytheme wedding, make your celebration memorable and interesting. Tasteful, the important stuff decorate and diversify your wedding ceremony. Wedding decoration which is made with a good taste - it is a stylish wedding.

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