Wedding Accessories from "A" to "Z"

Wedding Accessories - important components of anywedding celebration. With their help, the wedding acquiring individuality and distinctive features. What wedding accessories are essential for a modern wedding, you will learn from an article prepared by the wedding portal

Wedding accessories

Bridal accessories for brides

The most important point in the bride's shopping list is to purchase a wedding dress. But what else is needed to make the image of the bride's gentle and elegant?

  • Fatah or any other headgear (crown, cap), hair accessories (barrettes, tiaras, etc.), gloves.
  • Fata in the image of a bride
  • Wedding shoes, which should be beautiful and comfortable, so you can hold it all day long.
  • bride Shoes
  • A small bag for the wedding essentials. It can put powder, lipstick, napkins. Handbag can be made in the form of a pouch with lace handle, elegant clutch and others.
  • Clutch for nevsty
  • Jacket, cardigan, bolero, shawl or other cape, which will protect delicate shoulders of the bride, if the street is cool.
  • Wedding decorations. When the rich decoration of wedding dresses to choose the best decorations barely visible, so they set off and emphasized all the beauty of the bride. Conversely, if rather simple dress the bride can choose a more luxurious jewelry for themselves.
  • Jewellery for the bride
  • Wedding garter - juicy detail image of a wedding bride.
  • Beautiful wedding lingerie for the wedding night.
  • Lingerie for the Bride

Wedding accessories for the bride

In addition to buying a wedding dress for the groom, should take care of creating a unique masculine style with eye-catching accessories. What do I need to buy the bridegroom:

  • Necktie, Butterfly or cravat. The choice of enhancement depends on personal preference. If the bride - a creative person, then it will suit cravat, for men with classic preferences ideal option would be a strict tie.
  • groom Butterfly
  • Shoes, which should be in harmony with the costume of the groom.
  • Vest - great for summer groom image. Taking off his jacket, the bride will be stylish and elegant.
  • The style of the groom
  • Hat and gloves, which will help create a themed image.
  • The bride in a hat
  • Boutonniere, which should be in harmony with the bride's bouquet.
  • groom boutonniere
  • Watches, which will show the status of the groom, and will not allow to miss the ceremony.
  • Cufflinks and pin, tie clip.
  • Cufflinks for the groom

Wedding ceremony accessories

Make a ceremony of marriage special and unique will help the following accessories:

  • Cushion for wedding rings.
  • Ring Pillows
  • Confetti or scattering flower petals for honeymooners obsypaniya.

Wedding Accessories for banquet

To remember the triumph of your guests for a long time, you need to pre-purchase the following accessories for the wedding and stuff:

  • Invitations.
  • Wedding invitation
  • Bonbonniere as a thank you to guests.
  • Banquet cards, seating plan guest rooms and tables.
  • The numbering of the tables
  • Book for recommendations.
  • The top of a wedding cake, and knife blade, a support for the cake.
  • Tablecloths, napkin rings.
  • A trunk in which to develop "cash" gifts and greeting cards.
  • Chest for money

Taking into account the advice of the portal, you organize the perfect wedding. Good luck!

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