Fata in the comb - basic types and how to attach their own hands, photos

As the main hair ornaments duringwedding, many brides choose the perfect veil. Thanks to our extensive range of models wedding attribute every girl can pick up an accessory to his liking. When you select a style, and bought a veil, at the culprits celebrations question arises: how to fix it on the hair? There are variations of the accessory fixing pins, hairpins, invisible, crabs. For hairstyles assembled or semi-assembled hair ideal way to mount a veil comb, which can serve as an additional decoration image.

Types of combs for wedding veils

Depending on the hairstyle volume and densitygravity hair culprits celebrations length veil accessory number of teeth varies, and its width. For light weight hairstyles that do not have a special pomp, using scallops with a small number of teeth - usually six missing. If a girl - the owner of thick long hair and her veil is heavy, it is necessary to use a wide scallops, which tightly fix an accessory. When unexpected weather conditions, eg during strong wind bracing must be considered and particularly durable.

What is the wedding headpiece on the crest

If the comb is held loosely in the hair orteeth are too short, stylists often additionally used for mounting an accessory to hair pins or invisible criss-cross - it fixes the veil with a comb. In addition to functional differences, barrettes, combs vary in appearance, allowing the bride to create an original image using a certain kind of accessory for the veil. Below we look at some of the most popular varieties of combs for attachment headdress.

Transparent or hair tone

If she chose to veil wedding image,richly decorated with lace, pearls, embroidery or sequins, a variant with a rich scallop design is not suitable. Too much attention-grabbing details will look tasteless, so often brides prefer concise, transparent combs or clips that are suitable in color to the hair. If the hero of the occasion selects the comb in the hair color, it is important to shades combined perfectly, otherwise the mount will not be profitable stand out hairstyles and veils the bride.

Transparent clip-scallops for veils

One color or bright

The future spouses have many options when choosing ascallop for attaching a veil. If, during the wedding want to stand out and add zest to the festive way, she can pick up a comb attachment for the original veils shade or use colored pins. Plain ridge contrasting color, such as blue, red or green, should be combined well with other parts of the image (jewelry, manicure). It is important that the material from which it is made, has been qualitative, or barrette will look ugly.

A popular trend becomes colored veil: if future wife chose this accessory, the crest of the corresponding color - it's not a fad, but a necessity. It is advantageous to accentuate the color of the headdress, the main thing - to find the right tone. Belle addition can choose bright scallops, for example, colored or decorated with unusual details. These ridges are adorned with feathers, decorated with flowers made of polymer clay, decorated with colored enamel. See options for unusual scallops veil on the photos:

Bright options ridges to veil the bride

With the decorations in the form of crystals and flowers

Elegant look scallops, which manufacturersmake out shiny rhinestones. These artificial stones look better than precious, help to create a chic image of the bride's gala. Rhinestones can be succinctly decorate the upper part of the scallop thin strip of neatly laid out stones or be inlaid in the ridge parts (flowers, butterflies, fantasy, metal patterns). Some clips are made to veil with a mini tiara: with accessory hero of the occasion will resemble a real princess.

Combs for bride's veil with rhinestones

Especially popular as a decoratingelement flowers, because they help to emphasize the romantic, touching image of the bride. It may be small, artificial flowers, located on the edge of the ridge or elegant buds decorative roses, orchids and other living plants are used in the design of the ridge, but they decorate accessory is much more difficult:. Pre-need teyperirovat stems, taking care of a secure attachment.

Flowers on the veil for scallops

Master class on sewing faty to comb their own hands

What happens is that hard to find a bride's veil,which would look perfect, but there is a solution: a beautiful headdress is easy to do with their hands. For the manufacture of accessory, as a rule, these fabrics are used: tulle, mesh, tulle, organza. They differ in cost and in quality: for example, tulle hard, dense, and therefore headdress to him in the form will be more luxuriant, and the veil of light, tulle will not the volume. Separate manufacturing cost bride much cheaper, besides, she will be able to choose the most suitable dress to the decor.

The next workshop will help the brideto make their own wedding headpiece, which is attached to the scallops. To make such an accessory, it is necessary to use a pattern rectangular. Veil on the basis of this geometric figure, as a rule, becomes a romantic, lush and beautiful, the pattern with the finished result look at the photos:

Pattern and the final form of the bride's veil

Necessary materials

  • White tulle or net for veils.
  • Colorless comb or comb hair to match.
  • Threads of white.
  • Needle.
  • Satin ribbon or lace for decoration.
  • Scissors.

Stages of Development

  • To create a veil, it is necessary to startdetermine its splendor. The larger width of the fabric, the obtained voluminous accessory. Try different options, cut and get to work (edge ​​can be done with the help of a seamstress, so as not to spoil the material). Completely clean the table or other place where you work. Then fold the fabric in half twice.
  • Now it is necessary to round off the edges with scissorsshotgun. To do this, fasten the layers of fabric, the material does not fidgeting, schedule line that will need to cut the veil of the future. If you are not sure that you can make a neat rounded edges on the eye, you must use the following trick: put on layers of fabric cardboard template. With this tool, make bleed.
  • Cutting the blank veil, refer to the figure: you should have a similar edge.
  • Then again, take the future in front of half veilhow to start the final preparations - get a two-layer enhancement. If you prefer the cascade option, the upper edge should be about ten centimeters above the previous. Check to see if you fit the length of the future headdress. If necessary, cut one of the edges to the desired size of the veil.
  • Proceed to assemble a veil: First you need to decide which way to do it. In the first case, the accessory part can be collected in the second - completely. After partial assembly headpiece is not too lush, after complete assembly - surround. The final choice depends on your personal preferences.Master Class: Creating a veil with comb
  • Start a needle to stitch fabric, collecting it,passing well securing each new seam, the material is not sold. The assembly should have a width of about five centimeters. Try to use the thick, folded in half thread to sew while they are not torn.
  • Carefully sew to a veil comb assembly place.
  • Bridal Veil is almost ready, it remains only slightlydecorate it, if you wish. To do this, take a satin ribbon, sew it to the bottom edges using a sewing machine. Stand back a short distance from the end to the dressing (about a centimeter or two) to the fabric did not disperse. When the satin ribbon will be sewn, cut extra pieces of fabric. Wedding Accessory ready!
  • Sewing veils the bride with a crest

    How to sew a comb veil

    Veil with comb - this is the original, comfortableaccessory that will allow the girl to worry about losing hair. If the bride is going to do a high stacking, which will be covered with a hat, comb is the ideal mount for him. For information on how to sew the veil with a hairpin, it was explained in detail above.

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