Cushion for the rings - a small accessory is an important event

The exchange of rings between the newlyweds - thetouching moment in any wedding. And this little accessory, namely pillow for wedding rings, make your ceremony even more magical and romantic.

Pillow Shabby-chic

Do I need a wedding on this accessory?

Wedding rings are a symbol of love anddevotion. Therefore, wedding portal advises to do so at the wedding ceremony the important thing was exquisitely decorated and tastefully furnished. In this case, you can not do without this lovely small accessories - cushions, which will gently lay your ring.

Ring Pillows

Particularly relevant for the pad ring is atstylized wedding, where all the elements, including accessories and other small parts, must be clearly thought out and fit a theme. Also, do not forget that the photographer will want to capture the entire wedding ceremony. And, of course, pleasant to look at wedding photos, where you can see what a beautiful decoration you have chosen for your wedding rings.

Cushion for the rings in the style of "Shabby chic"


The choice of this important accessory depends primarilyall on your taste, desires and fantasies. Someone will pay attention to the simpler options, and someone will come to this part, with all the responsibility, wants to be creative, and maybe even make her own hands.

In general, a variety of pillows towedding rings does not know borders. Even if you have not found a suitable option, you translate your idea into reality and make the appropriate accessory manual, certainly will.

Cushion in nautical style
Cushion for the rings of green chrysanthemums

What is the difference pads for engagement rings?

It is very necessary element of the wedding, there are four main criteria: shape, color, decoration, and its method of attachment rings. Website offers to consider each of them.

The form

There are the traditional form of pads, that is,square and round, and there are more options for symbolic - in the shape of a heart. But if you want something special, then the wizard will be able to easily fulfill your most unusual and unconventional desire, whether it be an accessory in the form of a flower or, for example, an apple.

Cushion round shape rings
Cushion for the rings in the shape of heart

Color spectrum

Most often, in the manufacture of small partsuse a tissue of white and pastel tones. But really all depends on the color scheme of your wedding. If the holiday is decorated in blue or green color, respectively, and a pillow for wedding rings should be the same.

Cushion for the rings of 2 tiers


Sam accessory made of such delicate fabrics,as satin, silk or velvet. But then he starts decorating. For this purpose, a variety of materials, but the most popular are the ribbons, lace, beads, crystals, pearls and floral elements. Also on the pad can be embroidered initials of the newlyweds. That will have a very nice accessory for your wedding rings which will look stylish and impressive.

Cushion for the rings with their hands
The pad of burlap

The method for fixing rings

This nuance - one of the most important atManufacturing of accessories, because no one wants to ring fell to the marriage ceremony, or it was inconvenient to take. Mounting options are many: a simple recess in the middle of the ring accessory, bows, buttons, safety pins and ribbons.

However, the most reliable fastening will bow. During the marriage ceremony, you just need to pull the ring, and it will be in your hands.

Ring Pillows

It must be remembered that all these four criteria,from the shape and finishing with a way of fastening rings, should be considered in line with the style of your wedding. For such a solemn wedding accessories should be thoroughly thought through. Therefore, never be afraid to show their individuality even if you seemingly so small details. Only on your desire and imagination it depends on how the original is pillow wedding rings on ceremony of marriage.

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