Original Wedding Invitations

The wedding day is an exciting event, not only fortwo lovers, but also for parents, relatives, friends. The joy of this momentous day youth want to share with their families, friends, so often a wedding can be quite extensive.

The concept of the wedding includes two or three components (depending on the views and wishes of the young): wedding ceremony, wedding ceremony, wedding festival (feast).

Of course, the wedding should be reportedin advance, so that the invited guests had the time to get ready. Information about the celebration as such, is also divided into several components: notification and invitation. As practice shows, often the young use it original wedding invitations.

At the request of the young may invite guests to the wedding ceremony and wedding, or feast, or even to another. This actually is the essence of the invitation.

Original wedding invitations also varyits content is usually about wedding ceremonies, wedding inform. Having this kind of invitation, which refers only to the date, time, place, ceremony guest can not rely on the fact that it will wait for the holiday table.

Original wedding invitations themselvesbear a notice or invitation. Having a wedding "postcard" a guest may notify that at such a time in such a place will be held the wedding ceremony and invite to the wedding feast, or on the first and on the other.

The information contained in the invitationThere is plenty of subtleties, for example, if in the invitation to the said date and wedding location, but there are no words, "Welcome to ...", then it is only a hint of what the visitor can send to the address present and congratulations. If guests want to see at the wedding ceremony and / or the invitation to the banquet table must necessarily bear the words "Welcome to ... We will be glad to see you ... and so on."

Of course, all of the original wedding invitations different, it all depends on the wishes of the young directly.

Choosing wedding invitations require specialattention, because the invitation, whatever form it may be, is the calling card of the wedding. It is for them guests will assess the level and scale of the festivities. In this case plays the role of every detail: the shape, style, text, paper quality, envelopes, etc.

Of course, you can not tormented with the words invitations and to get invitation cards with prepared text or prepared with sheet liner that can be removed if desired, be replaced.

It is also clearly stated in the invitation, whichIt was invited to one or the other guest, at the wedding ceremony, wedding, wedding feast. In European countries, the practice of inviting the so-title "feedback" when a guest tells whether he will attend the event specified in the invitation or not. In this way, young have a clear idea of ​​how many people book a restaurant for wedding, cars for transportation of guests, etc.

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