Mini - for a bachelorette party and bridal veil for the bride: basic types, photos

Choosing a wedding veil harder than people thinkSome newlyweds. Each girl is pleasant to walk on the wedding salons, trying a large number of long, short, white, color models, but every bride wants to find the perfect style, which will be a great addition to the wedding dress. Mini - veils - is a universal thing, because it is suitable to girls of any height, age, and even her happy marriage to put on a hen party.

The main types of mini - veils

There are four types of short veil:

  • Blush.
  • Bird's cage.
  • The bilayer.
  • Lush layered.
  • Single-layer veil "Blush" covers his facethe bride during a wedding celebration. Bride at the end of the ceremony is to discard the accessory to the bride's face to kiss her for the first time. After that the girl is no longer a transparent cloth covers his face and wears it over the hair. Chief bride accessory called "Birdcage" is made of woven mesh: the veil is attached to the head so that it flows down effectively on the face of the bride. The length of "Birdcage" comes to the chin or to the tip of the nose, lying asymmetrically.

    Pictured short birdcage veil

    The two-layer

    Two-layer veil popular among brides, because itsuitable for dresses with a lot of decoration on the waist, back, or chest. She gently falls on the shoulders, without diverting attention from luxury finishes, perfectly complementing any wedding dress. The two-layer version of the veil is perfect for a bachelorette party when you want to focus the attention of others on a beautiful evening dress.

    The two-layer universal veil

    Multilayer lush veil

    Mini veil in several layers looks great,and its layers may be the same or different lengths. This is an informal option, so this accessory is perfect for a bachelorette party and, for the wedding. Lush bridal veil is in harmony with the dress A-silhouette dress "fish" or with a wedding dress with a fluffy skirt. Under such a versatile wedding accessories make any hairstyle and hair length is not critical.

    Round-layered veil mantilla

    Why mini dress - veil on a bachelorette party?

    Traditionally, the bachelorette party - is a fun holiday, inwhich is attended by bridesmaids and itself. A common phenomenon is considered to be a dress code where all the girls are dressed in the same style or color scheme. Using a small veil will allow to identify a reason for a party, moreover, it will be able to put on all, not just the hero of the occasion.

    Often for such purposes acquired girlfriendcolored veil and the bride - a snow-white. Some of this accessory is decorated with artificial flowers, buttons, ribbons or beads, and wildest girlfriends put on top "devil's horns". Fata select no more than 50 cm, as the long product to have fun and dance will be uncomfortable.

    For tailoring veils almost always usedtransparent material: chiffon, organza, tulle, tulle and fine lace with a satin sheen. The shape and the width of wedding accessories depends on the density of decorative fabrics. By the hair of the bride transparent veil attached:

    • hairpin;
    • scallops;
    • put on the rim;
    • via pins.

    short veil for hen party

    Can I wear a mini - wedding veil on the bride?

    Mini veil can create a refined andrefined image of the bride, so it has recently prefer bride. The advantages are many short-transparent veil: it looks great, modern, and in addition it is perfect for any style wedding dresses. This important accessory bride allowed to wear in monovariante and with a hat, decorate a headdress with artificial flowers and pearls, as well as wear on the bachelorette party and any other theme parties.


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